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Monday, July 28, 2008

Going to a new village

Daniel has always had a burden to reach out to the many villages that surround our town. While working here in our town keeps him busy, we will almost weekly come across some one who has come into town to shop from a village. We always enjoy asking them about their life there and are so sad to know that there is no church...no gospel at all where they live.
This weekend, we loaded up the van with some New Testaments, tracts, and some bags of clothing that had been given to us while up in the states, and headed to a small village called Maria Jesus. We drove down the main highway about 30 minutes and then turned off onto a dirt road that went east off into the desert. About 30 minutes later, we found the village.
We stopped by several homes to introduce ourselves, let them choose the clothes they could use, give the older children and adults a Bible and tract and give the younger children a coloring book.
The first home we went to, we met a lady who had a little 6 year old boy. She was very grateful for the clothing and we gave her a Bible and tract. She said her husband was a drunk. He earned about $30 a week and would drink it all away. She and her son never hardly ever leave their little house.
The next lady we went to had 3 children. We were able to open the Bible and share the gospel with her and 2 of her children. She was born in the village and had lived there all her life (42 years).
We came to the main part of the village where there were about 7 homes. While the ladies sorted through the clothing, Daniel went over to where the men were and was able to share the gospel. They seemed very receptive and the door seems to be open for Daniel to go out there once a week to preach.
Satan does not like it when the gospel comes into his territory. Please pray for Daniel as he preaches, pray for our family as some of us or all of us accompany him each time, and pray for the people of Villa Maria Jesus.

One of the homes in the village. You can see the adobe bricks and the palm leaf roofs.

Here are some of the ladies and children going through the clothing. Afterwards, I was able to give them their first Bibles.
This picture is a bit blurry, but I laughed so hard when I saw it. Look closely at Timothy...can you see what he is holding? Those are Nehemiah's shoes which are on his feet which are connected to his legs. I'm not sure what Timothy is doing or why he has Nehemiah upside down...I just thought it was very cute :)
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  1. What an incredable chance to spread the Word! I love your blog.I would love to be able to come serve along side you. Short of that, is there anything those of us who read your blog can do to help?

  2. How awesome that you received so much clothing to help spread God's word!

  3. Jaynee, glad you all made it home safe~ What a great photo of the "feet". How exciting you guys are getting to go to other villages! Keep up the great photos~

  4. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a couple of months and praying for your family. I don't remember how I found your blog. Anyway, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity to take God's word to those who need to hear it. I will continue to pray for your husband, his work and your family.

  5. Im praying for you and your family as you travel into this village to spread the good news. May God keep you all safe.

  6. Hi Jaynee, I'm glad your trip home went well. It's always good to get back home, isn't it! It was so good to see you, even briefly, and to meet little Eliseo. How exciting to reach out to the village! I do appreciate the time you spend on this blog, keeping us all up to date.
    Blessings, Linda H

  7. So glad to hear you made it home safely! May God bless your ministry there :o)

  8. D~
    Things that blog readers can do to help:
    1- PRAY!! How we covet the prayers of God's people. I cannot emphasize enough what a spiritual battle it is here. The true hardships are not what many think living in a developing country. We know the Lord hears and answers prayer and we so appreciate those who go before His throne on our behalf.
    2- We have had people send Spanish Bibles and/or donated clothing for the people here. Usually they will send it to my parent's house in the USA and we pick it up when we make a trip north. If anyone would like to help in that way, they can contact us through email

  9. Hi Jaynee! Thank you for the comment! It's always so good to hear from you! :) I'm glad you guys made it back home safe and sound. I love that picture of the feet! haha... Too fun!


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