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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

New Year's Eve....Daniel and 7 of the children went to a New Year's Eve service at church. Abigail stayed home with me and the 3 littles ones. The dial up connection here seems to be a bit faster tonight, so I thought I'd try to blog and give an update.
It has been a tough week. And today was a really hard day. Sometimes the rain comes and sometimes it pours. And I continually remind myself that as the trials fall, so much more abundantly does God's grace.
I walked into my doctor's appt. today with a heavy heart. As I sat in the waiting room awaiting my turn, I silently talked to the Lord as I know He tells us to cast all our cares upon Him for He careth for us (I Peter 5:7). But in reality, when my name was called to see the doctor, I was still carrying many burdens myself.
I felt like I was on the verge of tears and just quietly listened to the doctor as he talked and answered any questions he asked. He ordered me more blood tests and told me that I need to get down to Sacramento to get a Level II ultrasound ASAP. As he helped me up from the exam table he said, "Jaynee, I am scared...I am really scared. I don't say this to my patients...I think I've only said this a couple times in my entire medical career." I told him that I wasn't scared and assured him that I really do understand how serious and complicated this pregnancy is. But I know and rest in the very God who is forming this precious baby boy inside me.
Daniel had the children but was unable to come pick me up right away as he was dealing with some vehicle difficulties, so I walked down to the next building to have my blood drawn. The plan for the day was to go home after my appt. so the children could work on their school, take a good long nap, and then get ready to attend the special New Year's Eve Church service. But due to more unexpected vehicle difficulties, we didn't get home until after 6 pm.
So while I really wanted us to all be together this evening, I knew that #1- the little ones had been in the car ALL day with no naps and were very over tired and #2- the older ones were very excited about going to church after being in the car ALL day too. So I stayed home with some and Daniel left with the others.
We ate supper, and I held Eliseo while laughing as I watched Abigail play hide and seek with Susannah and Nehemiah (Nehemiah always runs a few feet and covers his face with his hands thinking nobody will be able to see him :) ). We did baths, pj's, teeth, story, song and prayer time, and then the house seemed lonely and much too quiet! But it's given me some quiet time to again go to the Lord...and how He strengthens our heart as we wait on Him. Waiting can be so hard, yet it is such a simple thing He asks.
I cannot say thank you enough for your prayers. May I share a few specifics on my heart tonight for which we covet your prayers?
*Mommy and Baby- little guy is doing great; I'm 22 1/2 weeks along now.
*Continued wisdom especially for Daniel and the doctors
*Housing- we are needing to find a home to rent SOON
*Family health- we have all been struggling with winter head/chest colds since we've been up here in this WONDERFUL cold weather! :)
*Working out vehicle problems
*For our brothers/sisters in Christ in our church in Mexico; that Daniel would be able to go down to spend some time with them soon
*Just that the Lord would encourage my heart as it is hard being away from "home", routine, ect... that we would be able to settle in as best as possible under the circumstances
As I look back over 2008, I am truly amazed at the Lord's love and mercy in my life. I can see His hand so clearly; His tender loving care so gently protecting, leading, and sustaining us. Oh, He is so faithful and so good. May His wonderful love fill your hearts each day throughout the New Year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Box Distribution Slide Show!

Merry Christmas! Sorry to take so long to update. All is well...we just don't have any internet connection at the home in which we are staying.
We are over at Daniel's brother house today and I wanted to post a slide show of passing out the Christmas boxes. Saturday, the 13th, we drove around our town to many of the poor areas and went house to house handing out boxes and New Testaments to each child we saw.
Then, Sunday, the 14th, we handed out a box to each child that came to church that morning. We had our special Christmas service which was wonderful howbeit a bit difficult not knowing when we will be back with our people again.
One of the big burdens on Daniel's heart was to take some of the boxes to a new village or two in order to hopefully open up the door for him to begin preaching there. But with the urgency of getting me north, he was unable to take the trip into the villages. So we set aside about 60 boxes and as Daniel plans on taking a trip back to our home/church each month (the first one being planned for the beginning of January), he and Brother Macario plan on handing out the remaining boxes in the villages at that time. I always loved a "late" Christmas gift as a child :).

I don't have much time before we have to go, but I wanted to give a quick update on mommy/baby. I saw the doctor the day I got in town. He was an answer to one of our prayers. While I do not know if he is a Christian, he was very kind, respectful, and came highly recommended. He told me, "The goal is to get this baby into his mommy's arms safely".
He is very concerned as it is a very high risk pregnancy and he clearly yet gently explained the things that we need to be prepared for and expect. The most important thing is that I stay near a hospital and with my history of so much bleeding so far, it is expected that I will have much more in the future and may need to spend much of the pregnancy in the hospital. But we are of course praying that little baby spends as much time as possible inside of mommy and that mommy spends as much time as possible at home :) We are so thankful that the Lord has so clearly directed our every step thus far, and when I just think over His faithfulness through each and every trial thus far, I know we can fully trust Him. And when I begin to worry or complain, He is so good to encourage me through the promises in His Word.
We've been busy visiting and catching up with family and friends the past week; but in the days/weeks ahead, I will try to update 2 or 3 times a week. Thank you for praying...thank you for your emails. What a blessing you are to us!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Final update before we leave

Update 2: Daniel and the children arrived safely around 4:00 pm this morning. My dad is taking me out to where we'll all be staying in a bit. :) Thank you sooo much for praying for our safety as we traveled separately.
Also, I was able to see the doctor yesterday...looks like I will be staying here for a while. I'll post about the appointment later.

Update: I arrived safely at my parents home late last night. Daniel and the children are about 2 hours south of the US border and should be here late tonight/early Tuesday morning. I'm waiting for the Dr. to call back with my appt. I miss my hubby and babies but am so thankful the Lord has kept us all safe thus far. :)

Again, I just want to thank you all so much for praying. I wish I had the time to share how the Lord is so clearly leading thus far. When I get overwhelmed with the countless details that lie ahead, He so gently reminds me how He's cared for us so far...every little detail. I am reminded of how He's taken us through trial after trial...and oh how much He loves us! I just need to trust and rest in Him.
This is just a quick update before I unplug and pack up the computer. Tomorrow will be a busy day as we pack up, hold our special Christmas service/fellowship meal, and then immediately leave to take me to the airport. I will not have the computer with me as I cannot lift very much. I'm bringing my purse and Noah lent me his backpack so I could bring my Bible and a change of clothes to tie me over until Daniel arrives with the children and the rest of our luggage.
I am not sure when I will have internet access next, so do not worry if you do not hear from us for a while. The Lord is holding us in His ever merciful, loving hands. We do appreciate your prayers and have been so encouraged by each sweet comment and email sent. God bless you for blessing our "little" :) family.
Daniel called a while ago and told me that they were able to pass out most of the Christmas shoeboxes and will pass out the rest tomorrow to the children who come to the service. Pictures and update will be posted as soon as I am able!
Well, it is late and I need to oversee the packing for 13 (soon to be 14) people for what may be an extended stay. How do you do that while on bedrest? :) The Lord is so good! May you all have a blessed day in Him! And if you don't hear from me beforehand....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! love, Daniel and Jaynee, Timothy, Elijah, Rebekah, Benjamin, Abigail, Isaiah, Josiah, Noah, Susannah, Nehemiah, Eliseo, and Baby Boy :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Lord's hand seen through more complications

Change in plans...
While Daniel was out of town today, I had another bad bleed. I was praying it would slow down as I did not want to go to the hospital myself, and the Lord answered. When Daniel got home, he took me right to the doctor. The doctor said the baby is still doing good, but I'm needing to get to better care. He wanted to hospitalize me, but the hospital here can't do much and would most likely send me to the capitol.
So I'll be flying to the USA on Sunday. Daniel, Daniel's brother who is here and the children will be coming up right behind me in the van. A highly recommended doctor in our hometown has said he would see me next week and we'll take it from there.
So we covet your prayers again in the week ahead.
Due to having to go to the doctor, we decided to hand out the boxes tomorrow instead of this afternoon. Sadly, I won't be able to go, but my brother in law said he will take my camera and take lots of pictures for me :) And I will just be here at home, resting and praying for the Lord to open the hearts of these sweet children and their families to Him.

A few quick updates :)

Today is the day! This afternoon, we get the joy of taking the Christmas shoeboxes that you all sent and putting them into the hands of a little boy or girl! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!!
Everyone was up early with excitement for the day ahead! I will try to post about it tonight before bed, and then again Sunday evening as we will be handing out a box to each child in our Children's Class at church that morning too.
As Daniel has been praying about my care for the pregnancy, he asked me to contact a sweet friend of mine who was my OB doctor for my 2nd and 3rd babies when we lived in the states. She was so kind to email me several times and give her advice. Right now, Daniel is leaning towards taking steps towards having me deliver in the states. We are asking the Lord to make our paths straight and clear if that be His will; and if not, that He would lead us otherwise.
One thing my OB friend mentioned is the importance of me establishing care and getting a plan for my care/delivery there in my hometown as soon as possible.
As I am considered high risk, this will be important in finding a good doctor who will care for me. I told my friend that I'm not high risk; I've had lots of practice having babies, therefore, it should be easy :)
So the plan is for us to leave next week to head north. We will spend Christmas with our families and then Lord willing, find a doctor there to see me at that time. If we do have the baby up north, I know I will eventually (probably by 28-30 weeks at the latest) need to be up there, so hopefully, I can get seen, and then talk with the doctor about what he feels I should do (plan for my care, when we need to be north ect..). We will come back home here, Lord willing, the beginning of January.
Please pray that if the Lord wills, we can find a good doctor who will take me and that the Lord's leading would be clear as we have so many decisions to make.
To answer a couple questions from some commenters in the last post: The girls night caps are just so sweet! They just love them! The one Nehemiah is wearing in the picture was actually a cap to a dress I had when I was little (my mommee made it :) ). One of the caps was given to us (I don't remember when) and the 2 others I bought for Beka and Abi for Christmas last year.
I found them on ebay and I think the proper term for them, if you want to find some, is "mob cap".
They are not too hot and I don't know all the history behind them...whether the sole purpose was for keeping ones head warm or for other things as well. But they are not too hot (according to my girls), and they like them not only because they are so cute, but because they say it helps their hair to not get too tangly at night.
The girls pajamas are homemade, but I did not make them. But I do now have the pattern to make them!! Each year, if we are able, we love getting each child a brand new pair of pajamas. We give them to them on Christmas Eve night. Those were the ones I ordered for the girls last year.
Also, we have had several people asking about the weather here especially during this time of year. Basically, from May through October, it is hot. Hot during the day and very warm at night. July through September are VERY hot! March and April and November are more mild...warm in the day and then cool at night. December through February is the best :) The weather actually does get pretty chilly....we will even get down to freezing a few times and normally, in the evenings, it will be in the 40's, especially by January (this morning it was 50 outside when I got up). In the daytime, it will warm up to the 70's and sometimes 80.
The difference here is, there is no heat source in the house. So when it is cold outside, it is cold in the house. And because our house is cement, it tends to keep cool inside all day even after it warms up outside. So you might see the children wearing coats/sweaters and then a t-shirt all in the same day depending on the time of day and if they are inside or outside :)
Finally, a couple things from the past couple days. Daddy and his carpenter friend here finished what they have been planning and working on for months. Book shelves/cabinets and desks for our home schooling!! We home school in the dining room and Daniel designed desks for 9 children and I to wrap around that wall with books stored in cabinets above. Everyone (Timothy down to Susannah) has their own desk (mommee too :) ), with their own drawer and door down below with a shelf.
While our children don't mind sharing anything and everything, they love having a little spot of their own. They are just so happy and they spent all morning Wednesday organizing their desk. I thought it was funny how even when school was over for the day, they asked me for some more :) I'm not sure how long that will last, but it was cute.
And finally, Nehemiah who we lovingly call our bullfrog as he LOVES froggies, turns 2 next week. Since we will be needing to travel north at that time, we had a party for him last night. The boys helped me make him omlets in the morning (he loves eggs!) and then we made him nachos for supper (one of his favorite meals).
The girls helped me decorate 2 froggie cakes too :)
When we went around the table to bless Nehemiah and tell him how much we loved him, several of the children mentioned how sweet he is and how he just loves to play with them.
Daniel and I just praise the Lord for this little guy whom we were not sure would even live his first year of life. But this year, he's growing so big and strong and has been so healthy! Thank you Lord for our little Nehemiah!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pregnancy Update and Other Happenings :)

Daniel and I and our children thank you all so much for your prayers for us and our little baby boy. We've spent much time praying ourselves, asking the Lord for wisdom as we make some important decisions. We know the Lord will lead us in His time as we seek to do as He wills and it is so comforting to rest in His precious promises.
I thought I'd first give you all an update on the pregnancy and answer some questions we've been asked. I am 19 weeks along today and while I'm still having some bleeding, I've been taking my vitamins/iron and am feeling good for which I am very thankful. The doctor has given me, at this point, the "okay" to be up a little bit provided I do no housework, lifting, or a lot of walking. I am thankful as this allows me to sit in the dining room or living room as I teach the children each day, or sit outside and visit with our neighbors. Every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I first wake up, our little baby boy is quite active, and I just love every little kick (since he's small still, they don't hurt yet :) ).
We appreciate those of you who have encouraged us in saying that the placenta can move and are praying to that end. We too have asked the Lord if it be His will, that He would take away the problem as well. But due to the fact that I have had 2 big bleeds so early in the pregnancy (normally, bleeding with placenta previa doesn't happen until the end of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd trimester), we were led to go to the hospital in La Paz and there found out what the problem is. Daniel feels the Lord was gracious in allowing us to know this early so we can seek His direction and have time to plan accordingly. It is true that many if not most placenta previas do move; the placenta doesn't actually move, but as the uterus grows, the placenta goes with it and tends to migrate over to where it should be. But with complete placent previa, especially the position of the one I have, it is very, very rare for it to move at all. So while we do know the Lord can do anything, we also want to "take care of mommy and baby" and so with the knowledge we have, we are asking for the Lord's direction.
What we do know is that if the condition stays as it is, I really need to be by a hospital that can care for me and little guy, at the latest, by 28 weeks...possibly sooner. I will put on complete bed rest around that time as well. Since the hospital here isn't prepared to give blood or care for a preemie, our options would be to either have the baby in the capitol city here or go back to our home town (Redding, CA). We are leaning toward going to the USA as we don't really know anybody in La Paz (the capitol), would have to find a place to rent ect... While in the states, we have family/friends/our church who are always such a blessing and encouragement and we would most likely need help with at least child care at some point...since we have a few children ;). But we just want to do what the Lord wants and He's always so faithful as we seek Him to guide us accordingly.
We received a few comments that we chose not to publish as they were quite sad and unkind. But I thought I'd address a couple of concerns:
*Placenta previa can show up in any pregnancy...whether you've had 0, 1, 3 or 19 children. While those who have had c-sections do tend to have more previas than those who haven't, there is a very wide variety of ladies who have had this. The doctor told me that just because you have had one pregnancy with a previa doesn't mean you will have another.

*We are thankful that this is the first high risk pregnancy I have ever had. While I had a complication during labor once with Susannah, my pregnancies have always been very easy (so to speak :) ). While the hospital here in our town is nothing like a USA hospital, we know the Lord has wanted us to have our last 3 babies here. I am very thankful that they have been able to deliver those children and for the Lord's gracious hand in caring for us.

*We've had some people tell us things as sad as we should terminate the pregnancy (kill our son) due to the risks. You know, the wonderful thing is, that even when the Lord allows difficult things into our lives, or even if things happen that are sad or we would never want, God is still God and the truth is still the truth. And while I want to be here to be a helpmeet to Daniel and mommy to our Timothy, Elijah, Rebekah, Benjamin, Abigail, Isaiah, Josiah, Noah, Susannah, Nehemiah, Eliseo, and new baby boy more than anyone else does, I know God loves me, I'm in his hand, and nothing can happen without Him allowing it. So all that being saved, please just pray for the Lord to direct us in the days ahead and of course, for mommy/baby's safety. _______________________________

Well, there is more happening in our little neck of the woods than just a pregnancy. :) My husbands brother, Jonathan, came down last week bringing Daniel a little pick up truck that a man gave us for use in the ministry here. Daniel is so very excited because he goes so many places by himself without the whole family and if he isn't walking, he has to drive the van which likes to drink a lot of gas! We are so very grateful to have this truck!
It's been a blessing to spend time with Uncle Jonathan who many of our children did not know that well. We have lived in Mexico for almost 5 years and Jonathan was in the Navy for 5 years, so even when we made it "home" to visit, we didn't see him.
He's been a tremendous help around here with the many never-ending projects, and it is especially helpful for Daniel to have another man around. There are some things that the children and I just can't do :) The other day, Uncle Jonathan, Daddy and the boys took an afternoon trip to the ocean and Uncle Jonathan speared us a big fish for supper! Our older boys have now been spending some of their free time working on making themselves a spear gun . :)___________________

I think last count, we have received over 230 boxes! And some more have still come in this week! And don't worry, even if a box comes in "late" we will make sure to get it into the hands of a little boy or girl here once we receive it.
Thank you so much for your labor of love in putting these gifts together and your generosity in giving the postage as well to send them. I pray you will all be blessed just as much as the sweet boys and girls into whose hands we will soon place these boxes.
We want to also thank those of you who sent some special treats for our family. We were so very surprised and brightened our day. I am again and again reminded how the Lord cares about even the smallest things. We had been without baby wipes for several days last week. They were out of stock here in our little store, so we just made due. :) Then, in the middle of the week, we got a box of shoeboxes with a few extras for our family~ included was a package of diaper wipes...which lasted until our little store got some more in stock! :)
Yesterday, Daniel made his weekly visit out to the village of Jesus Maria to preach and as there are 3 children who have been coming out to each meeting with their parents, we brought 3 shoeboxes with us for them! Somebody sent their shoebox items inside of backpacks. One of the boys, Israel, travels from his little home in the middle of the desert out to the village each week to go to school. He stays with a family in the village and goes home on the weekends. Daniel has been picking up Israel's dad and mom on his way into the village each week as they want to hear the preaching too. How special it is to see Israel's face lite up each time we drive into the village with his parents. Daniel thought we should bring one of the backpack "shoeboxes" out for Isreal as he has to travel and doesn't have anything to carry his things in other than a plastic grocery bag. He was so happy. His friend that also comes to the meetings got a little train whistle and Timothy said that he ran off to play and you could hear him blowing his whistle for an hour. The little girl, Julisa, got a box with 2 little baby dolls in it and she wouldn't let them go. :)

This Friday, we go out to deliver the majority of the boxes. Daniel wants to go to the poorest area of our town and deliver them house to house. He also wants to use this as an opportunity to make contact with a new village or two. We are praying about which ones to go to. And then finally, we are having a big children's Christmas service Sunday morning and we will be giving out a box to each child who comes. If we have any left over after that, we won't have any trouble finding a home for them too :) So look forward to some pictures soon of some very special boys and girls who will be so very blessed to receive what may be their only gift this Christmas. And please, most of all, please pray for the children who receive them, that they may one day receive the greatest gift of all~ Jesus Christ!

When your sisters get you ready for bed, you just may end up with a night cap :)
Uncle Jonathan speared a fish!
Taking the shoeboxes from our bedroom and loading them into the trailer. Our bedroom now looks so empty!

Isaiah is always a very cheerful helper!

Loading them up to be given to many new homes this Friday! :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We are having a little baby..................

Yesterday afternoon, I took the bus down to the capitol city to see a doctor at the hospital where Daniel was treated earlier this year. We knew I needed to be seen soon as problems were continuing, and so when Daniel called and they had an opening for that evening, we prayed about it and decided I should go. We have prayer meeting Wednesday evenings so Daniel and the children stayed.
I was a bit nervous traveling and seeing a new doctor by myself, and I was so thankful that the Lord made the way smooth and blessed the trip.
The doctor was so nice. I am use to the doctors being cold, harsh, or even getting upset with me for having so many babies, but this doctor was very kind, gentle, patient, and very thorough in everything. His nurse stayed with me the entire time and the hospital there is so very clean, they have updated equippment, and once I got in, I wasn't nervous much at all.
I got to see every little part of our precious baby. This little one is measuring perfect, has 10 fingers and 10 toes, and is truly fearfully and wonderfully made!
The problem is complete/total placenta previa. The placenta is completely covering the opening of the uterus stretching out equally on both sides. The doctor said he had never seen a placenta like this correct itself and that as the pregnancy progresses, normally the bleeding does as well as the growing uterus stretches and the placenta is pulled away. It can be very dangerous for mom and baby and so we are praying about what to do as the time draws near.
The hospital that is close to our house (about 30 min. away) does not have a lot they can do. They do not have blood on hand nor the ability to care for a pre-term infant. The doctor said the goal is to get me to 37 weeks, but often times, especially when there has already been bleeding, they need to take the baby sooner.
It was a lot to think about, but we are glad to know what the problem is and are just asking the Lord to give us and the doctor wisdom in the days/weeks ahead as well as protect mommy and our sweet little SON :)
Yes, little Lockwood #12 is very much a boy...the ultrasound even gave me a 3D picture of his face and wow....he is sure a handsome little man...looks just like his daddy.
I LOVE BOYS! I love girls too! Which is great...because I always get one of the two! :)
So we can really name this one Justin Other Lockwood :) j/k
Any name suggestions? Here's what's come up in the Lockwood household thus far:
Ezekiel, Abraham, Mordacai, and Ezra
While it is always fun to think of and talk together about names, we love to ask the Lord to lay upon our heart the name for each child.
We are so encouraged and thank you for your prayers. As difficult as it has been to not be able to do all the things I normally do, it's been a blessing to my heart to see the children pull together to cover all mommy's chores. It brings such joy to my heart to see them learn the joy of serving others.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


December already! When I think over the past year, I am just amazed at the Lord's provision and the grace He poured out in our lives each day...good days and difficult ones. One thing that the Lord impressed upon my heart this year is how to have JOY. I'm sure many of you have heard the saying that JOY is putting Jesus first, than Others, and then You. But isn't it so true?
To live, we must die. To get, we must give. Whoever loves their life will lose it, whoever loses their life will find it. So very opposite to what Satan and this world tell us.
I know many people comment about how wonderful it is that we are serving here or bringing up all these children. How wonderful it is to see the children working and serving together ect...
But one thing we have never wanted is for someone to think that we are "special".
When I say that I am so undeservedly blessed, I truly mean it. I marvel that the Lord chooses to allow me to serve Him here. I don't know why he chose to give me so many precious little lives to rear. Daniel and I both have so many faults. When we work with what some think of as the "truly lost sinner"...ones who have never known the Lord, who drink or take drugs each day, who leave their wives to be with others ect..., we truly feel for them. We know how it is to have our hearts heavy with sin and guilt and the sheer joy of forgiveness! We so want them to know and love the Savior as we do!
Our children too...as much as I love them and and sweet as they can be...are just like their mommy and daddy...sinners in need of a Savior. And for as many days as we all work well together and they sweetly play and help together, there are just as many days when I think to myself and remind them, tomorrow is another day...God's mercies are new every morning! Lots of love, patience, dicipline, instruction, training, and praise...All Day Long!
I am very selfish so often. While I may do what needs to be done, often, in my heart, I would rather be doing something else. I have thought how much easier or happier I would be if I only had time to do this or that, if I could only sleep a bit more, if I could only eat my meal when it is hot just once ect...
And do you know what? I have sadly gotten these things. I say sadly not because it is wrong to do something I want, or sleep in, or eat my meal when it is hot, but because of they way I got them. By "mentioning" these things to Daniel in a "sweet" way. How I complain in my heart sometimes! And then when Daniel feels badly and gives me "what I deserve"...do you know what? The happiness that comes from them is FAR less than I anticipated.
What the Lord has shown me this year is the joy of serving. When I choose, with His neverending grace, to put my desires away, and look for ways to joyfully serve all those around me, I am SOOOO HAPPY! In fact, I have MORE energy and often times seem to be given those special blessings that I truly don't deserve, but the Lord gives anyways. He knows when I need more sleep. He knows when I maybe need to be up thinking and praying as I rock a fussy baby. Daniel is so much happier too when I am joyfully serving him and my family without even a word of wishing it were otherwise. And the Lord truly honors obedience I believe. As I choose to obey and serve, my heart just LOVES it!

Yesterday, Daniel came back from preaching in Jesus Maria. He looked so tired and I know he's burdened that they will not come to Christ. They continue to faithfully come to hear the preaching and it seems some want to believe, but just aren't sure. Please keep praying for them. We will be taking some of the Christmas Shoeboxes out to the village with us next week.
I'm praying I'll be able to go too. I've been having some more problems with the pregnancy this week again. Daniel is calling down to La Paz today and schedule an appt. with the doctor there. I am comforted just to know so many of you are praying.

I'll close with some pictures of the past few days. Here is our new trantula that the boys brought back with them from the village yesterday. Isn't he a beauty?

Here was my soup pot turned into trantula home with our two furry, creeping, crawling pets :)
The children continue to work away at their school work each day. With the pregnancy complications and just normal morning sickness, we've gotten a bit behind schedule, but we're plugging away :) Daniel is putting in book shelves to hold all our homeschool supplies! They are so wonderful!

Here's a sneak peek of the manger scene the children are making this week. Beka's working on "blow drying" the glue from one of her wisemen...who weren't actually at the manger...but we are making them anyways and they can be placed in some far distant land :)

Okay...this is really fuzzy, but I had the strangest thing happen the other day and wanted to just put this out here to caution others. That is a picture of my very burnt arm. The other night, I was heating some water in a mug in the microwave. When the timer went off, I reached in to grab the handle of the mug. As soon as I touched it, the water literally exploded everywhere. The force was so great it threw the cup out of my hand (which thankfully didn't break as it was my favorite mug...I say "was" because Susannah accidently dropped it yesterday). After running water over my arm, I looked up online to try to find out what had happened. Apparently, it is very rare, but sometimes, in really clean smooth cups especially, the water get's superheated and yet the bubbles don't rise to the surface like they normally do when they boil. So the water is actually hotter than boiling and once the cup is slightly disturbed (me grabbing it) that water instantly releases all that energy and explodes.
Well, Daniel laughs at me now when I heat up water in the microwave and first poke the cup with a wooden spoon at a distance before grabbing it :)