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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baker's Dozen

Sweet Little Samuel...

Little brother to 11...

Getting ready to be big brother to 1! :-)

Another Little Lockwood is due to arrive February 2011!

Saw his/her little beating heart at my last appointment. And what an amazing story this little one's already had. Maybe someday I will share here.

When we first got married, Daniel (who's one of 12 siblings) use to always tease that he was going to have 13 children. And with a smile he would always say, "Nine boys and four girls" :)

Hmmm....we do have 9 boys...

We would love to have a girl, but boys are the best too.

The wonderful thing is that you always get one of the two! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Camp and Staying Refreshed

Family Camp, 2010

We had our third annual Family camp in the capital city of Baja Sur, La Paz. It is a big event for our little church and one we have come to look forward to. We took the long 3 and a half hour trip in our big yellow church bus, and enjoyed the time singing songs, visiting and even catching a nap. Last year we broke down three times on the trip there and back, but this year we had no mechanical problems… we were very thankful to the Lord for His protection and a great time.

Family Camp here is full of fun activities, games, good food, laughter and singing late into the night. We had three different churches involved with their pastors, and we were blessed getting to know others in the faith. It is always an encouragement to the local believers to meet others who share our beliefs. We played volleyball, soccer, and spent lots of time in the pool, which is a favorite of everybody due to the heat. We had three preaching services… morning, afternoon evening, challenging each in personal devotions and family devotions, and being separated from the world. At the end of the three days, we were spiritually refreshed, had made new friends and were totally exhausted. Time well spent.

The campground (Campestre Maranatha) has been around for about 50 years and is very complete with kitchen, dormitories, houses for the couples, game areas, even RV parking, and a pool. The owners are very kind people and very gracious to those that come to their campground, and we always enjoy are our time there at their facilities.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family and the church here. I am looking forward to updating further about our ministry here.

In His Service, Daniel

For our Mexican friends that read our blog I thought I would translate…

Tuvimos nuestro tercer Campamento Familiar en la ciudad capital de Baja Sur, La Paz. Es un evento grande para nuestra pequeña iglesia y uno que esperemos. Hicimos el viaje de tres y media horas en nuestro autobús Amarillo, y disfrutamos tiempo de cantar, compañerismo, y echando unos sueños J. El año pasado nos descompusimos 3 veces en el camino, ida y vuelta… pero este año no tuvimos ninguna falla mecánica,… y estuvimos muy agradecido al Señor por su protección.

El Campamento Familiar aquí esta lleno de actividades, juegos, buena comida, mucha risa, y cantando toda la noche. Tuvimos tres diferentes Iglesias juntadas con sus pastores, y fuimos bendecidos en conocer otros de la misma fe. Siempre es un animo para los creyentes locales a conocer otros con la misma fe de nosotros.. Jugamos voli, futbol, y pasamos mucho tiempo en la alberca la cual es favorito de todos debido al fuerte calor. Tuvimos tres predicaciones al día, mañana, tarde, noche, retándonos en devocionales personales, familiares y separándose del mundo.. Después de los tres días, estuvimos animados espiritualmente, conocimos a nuevos amigos, y totalmente cansados J. Tiempo bien gastado.

El Campestre Maranatha tiene unos 50 años de existencia, y esta muy completo con cocina, dormitorios, casas para las familias, áreas para jugar, alberca y aun parking para los RV’s. Los dueños son muy amables y bondadosos a todos que lleguen con ellos, y siempre es un placer estar allí en su campestre. Que Dios los bendiga grandemente.

Daniel asked me to post a few pictures of our time at camp. His idea of a few and mine are probably very different :-) but how can I choose when I like so many of them ??? :)

Nehemiah has his froggy and blankie so he's ready to go!

Starting to load up the bus

After the long, hot 3 1/2 trip, we had a quick lunch, opening meeting, and then when asked what everyone wanted to do for an activity that afternoon, and the vote was unanimous!

Benjamin's dollar tree shark made it unpopped until the second day :)

They had a little shallow pool for the smaller children....

...the children loved it when Daniel and Brother Juaquin got in too :)

I think I hear "Mommy! (Or Hna. Rebecca...what the children call me) Watch!" about 100 times :) I never tire of watching...they are so cute!

Dinner is cooking on the big stove...beans, rice, and potatoes with ground beef...
and a good, spicy salsa of course!

That campground where we have gone for the last 3 years is just beautiful! In the mornings before it gets too hot, the children loved playing in the little play area.

The men braved the heat and played volleyball and soccer

After watching the children play for a while, I went over to the palm thatched shaded area and went to visit little Abraham and Hna. Leticia

Three times a day, we had a preaching service. Pastor Juan has been blessed with much musical talent and he played and sang before each message.

Pastor Alvero pastors in San Jose del Cabo and we were so glad he and his family and some young people from his church were able to join us this year. He brought us the messages each service.
Every evening ended in good food and much laughter and fellowship before we'd gather around the campfire to sing.

I just love this man! :)
Our 6 oldest boys slept together in one of the giant teepees
Getting out of the pool after one last swim before we had to leave. I stepped into the shallow end to get my skirt wet thinking it would help keep me cool for the ride home...but about 40 minutes later, I was completely dry. :)
We took a quick group picture before we headed back home. :)
Tired and happy!
Singing on the way home....

My turn! :-) (Jaynee)
Since our return from camp, I've been cleaning and washing and washing and washing! I think everything we took got dirty...3 days worth of clothes (play clothes, clothes for the services, and swim clothes for 14 people), blankets, pillow cases, and even Mr. Froggy! I've washed so much, we ran out of water for a bit yesterday...well, between my washing and the children's water war :) Karla, a young lady from our church and her sister Karen came over today to help! They washed windows, ironed, washed dishes, and swept and swept and swept. I think we brought back several square meters of dirt from the campsite! Rogelio, another young man from our church, helped Daniel and the boys out in the yards. We didn't get home until early Saturday evening and Sunday there is no time to do anything at home as that day is dedicated to serving the Lord in our church. So when I got home from the store on Monday morning and saw Daniel cleaning the dining room...well, if Daniel notices the place is a mess, it's really a mess! Ha!
So between the blessing of my washing machines, my sweet children who can easily be motivated to continue on for a popsicle :), and my dear helpers today, the house is back to normal! Never passing a white glove test...but back to comfortably home! :)
Yes, it's been hot! The heat didn't seem to arrive as early has it has in prior years, so we were very thankful for a bit more of a break. We are also very thankful for the big blessing of having air conditioning this year!!! Of course, it's not free to run, so we mainly reserve it for the children's nap time or for bed time. In the mean time, we are thankful for our big water tank that keeps us supplied with running water each day and the children are out by the hose every afternoon after chores are done playing and cooling down.
Jesus said to the woman at the well in John 4 that He is the living water...and if you drink the living water, you will never thirst again. As we go through the trials and hardships of the field, my heart often longs for the sweet refreshment of God's Word. Don't let a day pass by without drinking fully from it! How He keeps my soul from being dry and as He so gently leads me beside the still waters, I know I can trust my gentle Shepherd no matter what comes along. He is so very faithful and good! May He continually refresh you as you walk with Him!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New email!!!

We haven't forgotten about the blog here! :-) It's been a busy summer...but a good summer! I only have a couple of minutes, but I want to share a few quick thoughts/updates.

*Effective immediately, we have a new email address:

*As I've been praying about, planning for, and talking with Daniel about our upcoming school year/schedule, we have a new plan for the blog here too. Starting soon, Daniel will be giving regular updates on the ministry here and I will continue
to write about the family. Hopefully we'll be able to do more regular updates this way.

*We are leaving tomorrow for our church family camp which runs through Saturday.
Praying for safety and a fun and blessed time together as we fellowship and listen to the preaching of the Word.

To close, here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks:

Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies...Not only did Benjamin put on a pink apron, he let me take a picture of him with it! :)

We are only about 45 minutes from the Pacific ocean and just over an hour from the Gulf of California, yet we don't make it out there too often. So when we do, it's a
special treat!

I plan on using the family room for all my one on one teaching time this coming year. Last year I began by teaching in the living room, but I couldn't see the children's desks from there and some of them need close supervision to make sure they are staying on task with their assignments :-)
I then switched to teaching right in the dining room at the kitchen table, but then my talking was distracting to those trying to work.
So our plan for next year is to have them work independently at their desks, but come to the family room for teaching time. I've always wanted the big, blank walls in there to have something on them, so I picked up a few school decorations at the Dollar Store when we were up north, and we think it looks much cheerier! :) I'm getting excited about doing school again already!

Don't worry...the family room does not normally look that clean! :) Anybody like to iron? :)