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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Joy Comes From Within :)

The past week was hard.  True, we were tired, the children were cranky, the days of driving were long,  some physical ailments and we were all home sick.  But the hardest part wasn’t caused by my circumstances but by my attitude.  Unkind words,  anger, selfishness, and a heart that was  anything but submissive make for some miserable days.  Daniel always says that no circumstance, no situation, no trial is so great that it can cause you to lose your joy for joy does not come from our outward circumstances but from within.  Joy comes from the Lord.  And the Lord NEVER changes!   And I’m so thankful for Gods forgiveness. 
Once I confessed my sin to the Lord, I felt so happy!  And nothing had changed...other than me!
And today, after driving 770 miles yesterday, we are back in California!  From coast to coast.  Over 15,000 miles.  And we are almost home.  The Lord is so good!
We drove for days and days and He kept us safe.
He provided for our every need.
He gave us such sweet fellowship with so many dear families who love Him too.
Families provided so many meals for us.  And our family can eat in one lunch what some families  eat in a week!!  And as we think of the love and sacrifice of those with whom we were blessed to stay, we are so very grateful.
Daniel and I learned more about each other.  And I’m more thankful than ever for the man that the Lord has given me to be my husband.  I love him sooooooo much!
We learned more about each one of our children.   I love them soooo much!
We got to pick up supplies to meet some needs for our family/home/ministry in Mexico.
We saw so much of God’s creation and as great and intricate as everything was our eyes beheld, it is just a drop in the oceans  compared to how great our God is!
We heard preaching that refreshed our souls. 
We were impressed again and again and reminded of how children are a blessing.  As our family went to each church and the children would sing and visit with the people, we saw it on their faces.  And heard it over and over again.  They loved the children. 
All the hardships, sickness, miles, heat, cold, unknowns, being out of our home...it is such a small sacrifice compared to the joy the Lord gives us each day in just knowing Him! 
There is so much for which to be thankful!  I complain, I whine, I get discouraged, and get angry.    And Daniel will try to encourage me and let me know that quite frankly, my attitude stinks!  And of course, I KNOW that I am right!  I feel that what he is saying isn’t fair or true.  And I continue to be “right” and miserable! 
And then the Lord usually brings His Word to my mind.  “Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord.”  “Every way of man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.”    And once I admit that I am wrong  and humble myself, confess my sin, repent, and get my heart right, I then see how very wrong I was and I’m so happy!! :)   Funny how that works, huh?  The Lord’s ways are so pure and true . 
It’s been a wonderful 3 months.  We are almost home.  Wherever the Lord has us is the very best place to be!

Oh, and for those that have been asking about the Christmas Boxes for this year, we'll be posting about that early next week!!
Playing in the puddles after a rain in New York

Fun at the Kerschner Home

Pen Pals for years finally meet in person!

Beka and Gladys....Beka's first pen pal ever

Saying good-bye :(

Cinnamon and I have been friends for almost 15 years.  I taught piano to her oldest son, Garrett, when he was 9 years old. :)

Miss Sarah sent us a Dairy Queen gift card :)

One morning, our hotel offered a restaurant breakfast for 2 people per room.  We had 2 rooms, so we had 4 vouchers for free breakfast.  The girls got up early and got ready to have a breakfast date with Daddy :)  

We went out for Mexican food and were all sooooo homesick afterwards! :)

The Brompton Family took us for a ride on a cart pulled by oxen! 

Fun on the ranch!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Prayer for Health

I'm not sure how many stomach bugs we have had on this furlough. Four or five?  Sometimes I'm not sure if it is the same bug or a different one or if it is from all the different food or water.  Traveling, we are around many, many people and many new places.  I think I've cleaned up more "sickies" the past 2 months than I have in the past 5 years...in the car, in a home, in a parking lot, at a hotel.  Last night, I was up all night long as the 4 youngest took turns getting sick all night.  Sooo thankful to be staying where there are 2 washers and dryers.  Thankfully, they seem to be much better this morning.  We have a long day of driving ahead of us and I think getting sick in the van is my least favorite place to clean. We are leaving NY today and heading to Michigan where Daniel is preaching Sunday.
I haven't mentioned this less than pleasant side of our travels much to anyone.  But this morning I was thinking of how many people pray for us who read here.  And so would you please pray for health for our family.  I am so thankful that neither Daniel nor I have been sick and the Lord is so good to give strength each day even when the nights are long and there is little rest.  What good times to pray those long night watches are!
Time to load up the trailer and head out.  First stop...Walmart for more zip-lock bags (for sickies), diapers, and wipes.  :-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Furlough Update in 26 pictures :)

Busy couple of weeks!  But I want to update and not miss anything...but I have 12 children running around and a few loads of laundry to do before we leave for our next church this afternoon, so Daniel had a good idea....To just post some pictures with a few words beneath each and let them tell the story.
We spent the Sunday before last at Calvary Baptist Church in Mena, Arkansas.  This church wasn't on our schedule, but the Lord had it scheduled for us. :)  We loved staying with Billy and Dawn Lea and had such sweet fellowship.

Thought you might enjoy a look inside our trailer.  Last furlough (2006) we had 9 children ages 8 and under.  Daddy was a bit on his own with most of the loading/unloading.  This furlough, we have lots of helpers!

One of the best parts of furlough is just being with Daddy!

I was snapping pics of the kiddos while the older boys were loading the trailer at our hotel.

Anytime we go anywhere, we walk in a line so we don't block traffic!  :)  Daddy always leads and Mommy follows everyone to make sure we don't lose anyone :)

This is a regular chore of traveling!

Last Thursday, we took the children to Washington D.C. on our way to New York.  We got there late, but after 6:30 pm the parking is free and we walked for about 3 hours looking at the White House and the various monuments.

Noah lost his very first tooth! :)

We hit New York at the PERFECT time!  Fall!!!!   All the leaves are turning colors and of all the places I've ever traveled, I think Upstate New York is the most beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Adams took our family to watch apples get pressed to make Apple Cider!

Then we went back to their house and the children played around on their farm.

Sunday, my first baby turned 15!!!!!!!!!   Happy Birthday, Timothy!  After morning services, a man from church here offered to take Timothy for a ride on his motorcycle as a birthday treat.  :)  

Monday, we met the Audet Family who had come to see us from Vermont.  We went to this beautiful park, visited, played and they treated us to pizza!  Yum!

The children enjoyed skipping rocks!

The colors are just so beautiful!  The Lord is so amazing!

Last night we drove a couple hours north to meet my dear friend Amy!  They were having a mission's conference at their church that night, so we went with them.  Of the 4 pictures that Amy and I took together, well, I'm not sure we should post them! :)  ha!  I was taking this picture of Abi and 3 of Amy's girls and Daniel jumped in :)

Tonight, Daniel is preaching in Bath, NY and Friday morning, we head to Michigan.  Thank you so much for praying for our safety!  I can't believe that we'll be back home in about a month!
Thank you for praying for my Daddee too.  He's doing better today, but may have a long road of recovery.  I can't wait to see him when we are back in CA the end of the month.

Time to get the church clothes out and ready for our trip this afternoon.
Thank you so much for all the encouragement and prayers as we've traveled. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prayer for Jaynee's Dad

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my sister.  My dad had awoken Sunday morning not feeling well.  He was dizzy and nauseous.  A stomach bug had been going around, so they thought maybe that was what he had.  Monday morning, his face was numb and he was unable to walk.  They took him to the hospital where they determined he had suffered a major stroke.
Please pray for my Daddee today.   Pray for my Mommee too.  I know how hard it is to see your husband...the one who is always so big and strong and serving...now so weak and in a hospital bed.   I know between my emergency last year and when Daniel was so very sick, it was far easier being on the patient side of things. 
Thank you so much for praying.  The Lord is so faithful and so good.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Journaling Furlough- Special Friends

This was the week for being with friends!
This trip, we have been overwhelmed with the sweet hospitality and kindness of so many.  Some we had never even met before.  So much love,  thoughtfulness and kindness in these different homes.  How much I have learned in caring for those whom the Lord gives us the opportunity to have in our home!

Tuesday night, we were at the Burnett's home.  We were suppose to be there Monday night, but after a delayed start, heavy traffic due to an accident, and a hot day requiring more than the normal amount of stops, we finally realized that we weren't going to make it.  So we called their family and they were so understanding and offered to take us in the following day/night.  
We played our instruments together and sang, the children played, we learned new games, read books, washed clothes (and dear Mrs. B even folded everything for me!),  ate delicious food, and then stayed up between 2 am and 4 am (depending on who it was) talking and drinking coffee. :)  

On Wednesday, we were with the Morris Family.  I met Cindy almost 5 years ago when her little boy Joel was sick with cancer.  The Lord took him home a short time later, but the testimony of his life and his family's faith and stand on God's Word through their darkest hour has reached and continues to touch hearts and lives everywhere.  She has been a dear friend, encouragement and blessing to me even though we had never actually met. When I was in the hospital last year after losing our baby, Cindy and I chatted on the computer.  I was so excited to finally meet her and 11 of her 13 children.    They live on a farm with goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and lots of room to run around, ride bikes and play.  We had bbq burgers/hotdogs, chips, and cookies/cake (yum!).  We laughed and enjoyed singing and reading God's Word together before we went to bed.  

Thursday, we were invited to go have lunch at the Duggar Family home.  I think this is the first time we have been with a family larger than our own and it was SUPER fun!  They asked us to stay the night and you can only imagine the children's joy.  Their children are so much like ours, and they made quick friends!  They played and played! 
Their entire family is so sweet.  On Friday, the older Duggar girls made lunch and watched all the children for a couple hours while Jim Bob and Michelle and Daniel and I went out on a double date! :)  What a special treat!  We are so thankful for the Duggar's testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ and the encouragement they give to families all over the world.  
 Memories and friends made this week that we'll treasure forever!

Friday night we arrived with the Lea family in Mena, AZ.  After the church in KY canceled, we didn't know where we would be this Sunday.  This week, the Lea family wrote us and said that their church was having a special outreach in their community on Saturday and an emphasis on mission's that Sunday.  They had earlier invited us to stay in their guest quarters and told us that their pastor would love for Daniel to preach too if we were able.  
We again thanked the Lord for directing our way and have so enjoyed getting to know this dear family and their church.  And I'm up late again tonight doing what???  Laundry, of course! :)
Amidst all the driving, moving from place to place, unloading, loading, trying to keep the van clean, the clothes clean, the children clean and keeping track of everyone's shoes, this furlough has been far sweeter than I had ever imagined.  
The Lord is so faithful and so good!