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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I want to be with You

I have so many favorite parts of my day. 
Even on Monday.  I have always thought it would be better to have Monday only once a month instead of every week.  But I suppose Tuesdays wouldn't be as sweet without them.
I love cooking meals for my family. I love baking breads or cookies with my girls.
I LOVE teaching!  All ages!  All subjects! 
I love playing piano, singing, trying to play guitar with the boys or violin.
I love cleaning.  I love Pine-sol.
I love doing laundry.  I do not love ironing.
I love organizing.  I love reading.  I love reading to the children.
I love playing.  I love talking.  I love writing.
I love serving.  I love preparing for my Ladies' class.  I love preparing for a children's class. 
I love sharing Christ with others.  I love visiting another.I love helping someone.
 I love being with my husband.  I love being with my family.  I love being with our church here.
But most of all, I love being with Jesus!
The backbone of every other part of my day is the time I spend with the Lord.
It is my very favorite time of all.
Sometimes I don't take that time. 
And then all those favorite parts of my day aren't as good anymore.
Sometimes I don't notice it at first.
I'm so busy.  My heart is set on my work rather than on the One who gives me all things.
When schedules get off, there are days of travel, bedtimes are all over the place, sickness comes,
and all the "distractions" this life offers quietly, subtly turning our focus away from where it should...
it isn't that I need Him more during those times.
I ALWAYS need Him.  Every hour of every day! 
I need to be with Jesus more than I need anything else.
Sometimes I feel ashamed.  I leave my Best Friend for something else.  I neglect Him.
Or I hurry through my time with Him with my mind and heart not set completely on Him.
And when I come realize that the day or days have gone past without being with Him,
I almost feel ashamed to go back.
The word "devil" means accuser.  He stands there ready to show me how I have failed.  How I don't deserve mercy or grace or help from my Lord when I have put Him by the side.
Sometimes I feel I might need to "make it up" somehow.  Maybe if I read more or pray more.
No, that isn't at all what my Lord says.  He says, "Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."
He says, "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you."
He is quick to forgive.  FULL of mercy and grace!  His mercies are new EVERY morning. No matter how I have failed.
He is love.
He doesn't need me.  He existed fine before He ever created me.
But He wants me.  He loves me.  He desires to have sweet fellowship with me.  He wants to clean me, fill me, and carry my every burden.
All he wants is a humble, willing, trusting heart.
He is so faithful and so good!!
I'm reading in the book of Mark right now.  The other day I read chapter 5.
Jesus crosses the sea and comes upon a man full of unclean spirits.  A lunatic.  Mad.
Living among the dead in the cemetery.  Unable to be helped by any man.  Unable to be tamed.
Unclothed.  Ashamed.  Cutting himself.  Crying.
No man could bind him, no not even with chains.
Yet he was bound within needing desperately to be free.
No man could help him.  Did any man even care?
Then came Jesus.
Jesus cared.
He ran to Him and He set him FREE.
Sending those demons into a herd of pigs which under their control, perished.
The news spread.  The people of the town came.
Their pigs were gone.
And that man who lived among the dead
sat clothed, in his right mind...Free.
The story was told them.  How Jesus did what no other man could for this man.
How their swine were gone, but their fellow man was saved.
But their swine were gone.   What they probably valued most.
And the town begged Jesus to leave.  To depart out of their coasts.
Jesus didn't stay. He is always longing for and seeking the lost.  But He doesn't go where He is not wanted.
  I'm sure His heart aches each and every time He is rejected.
Aches because of how much He loves us. 
And as He entered back into a ship, that man who had been possessed with those devils wanted only one thing.
He wanted to be with Jesus. 
He wanted to go with him.
He didn't want to live apart from the One who saved him.
But Jesus had a job for this man to do.
It is the same job He has for each and every one of us to do.
He told him, "Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee"
He told him to go and tell others what the Lord had done for him.
Look at where I was and where I am today!
It is because of Jesus!
And He wants to do that for you.
Bound by sin.  Living among the dead.  Dead in trespasses and sins.
Needing exactly what that tomb dwelling man needed.
Needing to be freed.  Needing to know the One that can and wants to free them.
The Lord has done wonderful things in my life.  I want to be with Jesus.
And someday I will.
But for now, He tells me to go and tell others what He has done for me.
Has Jesus freed you?  Has He done a great work in your life?
Do you long to be with him?
When he takes something you value away, do you ask Him to leave you alone or do you run to Him?
Are you telling others what the Lord has done for you?
He wants to use you to bring another to Him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Our breakfast table is looking a bit less lonely.
We had our best ratio yet yesterday.  
4 really sick ones (as in unable to get out of bed)
4 in recovery mode (as in not sick enough to want to stay in bed but not 100%...little ones whiny off and on)
4 pretty much recovered (a bit of lingering cough but pretty much back to normal/goofy seeming only to have slight relapses when it time for school)
And 2 that have stayed well.

Something I've noticed.  Sickness can produce closer relationships.
Siblings worried about each other.  Praying for each other.
Taking care of each other.  Covering each others chores.
Cooped up together (with little to no energy to squabble over those "little" things) leads to lots of talking.
Sharing blankets.  Letting brother sleep in your bed for the day so he can have a change of scenery.
A new appreciation for being healthy.

In everything give thanks.

Yesterday,  Abi and I made cookies for our new neighbors.  Susannah offered to wash the dishes.  
From my bedroom where I was folding laundry, I could hear her sing.
Joy from within.  Something so sweet.  
I quietly walked into the kitchen behind her and captured a bit of this memory.

Do you sing when you work?  Do you dance a bit with your broom?
Do your children SEE the joy there is in serving? 
I want mine to see that in me.
Just like I see it in Susannah. :)

He heals the broken hearted and he sets the captives free
He made the lame to walk again and He caused the blind to see.
He's able, He's able, I know He's able.
I know my Lord is able to carry me through.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catch Up

Proverbs 17:22
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

I remember the ideas I had of missionary life when I was a child.  Romantic tales of heroism, pouring out one's life for others, sickness, hardship, faith, seeing God do what only He can do, joys, tears, love.

I absolutely love to read.  I have often told people how apart from our family and friends in the USA, the thing I miss most from our homeland are chocolate chips.   And I do miss them sooo.  
But there is something I miss even more.  Books.
I love reading.  
I have loved reading as long as I can remember.
Accounts of the lives of missionaries who gave their all to bring the gospel to a far away land were my favorites.  I think they still are.
Oh, to have a library here.  Of course, if we did, it would be in Spanish :).  But still! 

We are blessed to have the books we have.  I have read of them over and over.  I've noticed that as I've recently re-read many of the missionary biographies that I read as a young girl, I understand them in a whole new way.  My love for missionary work has only grown exceedingly.  But my idea about the entire thing has changed completely.  My heart understands their joys, sorrows, hopes, discouragements, weariness, encouragements, desires.  
I see them differently, too.  Though I know many if not most far surpass me in their faith, they are like we are.  Normal people who simply have been given that burning desire and must go.  
Wives that say to their husband, "Where you go, I will go.  Your people will be my people".

I'm so thankful the Lord called us here.  It isn't easy sometimes.  But it is through those hard times and trials that our faith grows.  
And to be serving the Lord together with my very best friend here on earth...the one I love.
Someone to laugh with, cry with, and share my life with.  
My prayer is that the Lord will use us.  That He will use our children.
He is so faithful and so good!

It's been almost a month since I last wrote.  I always have such good hopes of updating more regularly, but there just doesn't seem to be a "regular" day anymore! 
After our bout with the stomach flu, I came down with a horrible cold/cough.  We have been traveling so much the past week between the process of renewing my visa and doctor's visits that all the "togetherness" in the van led me to share my cold with Daniel.  
And then the kids started to get it.  Only theirs seems much worse....more like a flu.  High fever lasting 5-7 days, no appetite, cough, headache.  All week, our table has been so empty and quiet since it's mostly the younger half that are down right now.  
Between traveling, then caring for all the sickies, along with keeping up with schooling those who weren't sick and the regular house/ministry work, I feel a bit out of sorts!

But there is so much going on for which to pray/thank the Lord.
First, the Lord answered a long time prayer of Daniel's a couple weeks ago and provided us with a "new to us" van.  Our first time in it all together was at the Walmart parking lot in La Paz.  I had to snap a few pictures.  With Timothy 16 now, I know it won't be too long now before these children of ours begin their own lives/families.  This may be the last 15 passenger van we need.  
As we drove around testing everything out, I realized within short order that this vehicle has down right cold working air conditioning!  Sometimes I feel the Lord is too good.   
My handsome driver ;)
And a dozen wonderful kiddos.
Don't worry...yes, I'm only counting 11 there too.  I think Nehemiah was bending over.  We did make it home with them all.  

There have been so many exciting things going on in the ministry.
First, we've had 4 people now come to Christ out in the fishing village of Ensenada Blaca.  This past Sunday, Daniel took all from our church here who wanted to go and held the Sunday evening service out there.  
Abigail was really sick that day, so I stayed home with her and the younger ones, but the micro was packed and they had several new people come to hear the preaching.
Keep praying for the work there.

And this Monday, at 7 am, something exciting happened.  
We started digging to prepare building on our church property.
Our church has been in 5 different places since we've started...homes, rented buildings, loaned buildings.
Last year, our church purchased it's own property and have been praying that the Lord would provide for us to build.
The current building where we are meeting has been loaned to us for the past almost 2 years.
Last month, the owner came over to tell us she will need the building back in June.
So with no where else to go, we will soon be moving out to our property!

Right now, we are working on building a bathroom and storage room.  A bathroom because, well, you sort of need one. :)  And the storage room because we need a place to securely store things.  
We have the plans drawn up and are praying for the Lord to continue to provide.
We'll be out there in about 3 1/2 months.  
Whether it's under a tarp or we're able to put up those block walls, it will be our church home.
A place where the gospel of Jesus Christ will always be preached.
A place where God's Word will be taught week after week.

A few random pictures to close from the past few weeks...

A volleyball game with friends.

Someone who's just about has handsome as his Daddy :)
Benjamin's giant pumpkin!
All cooked/puree'd and ready to make into delicious pies, muffins/breads.
Breakfast in our hotel room during one of our recent travels.
Someone who's just about as goofy as his mother :)
Writing thoughts in her new Bible Notebook.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Siblings that share or Pass the Bucket

I wasn't sure what to title this post. 
 When you are traveling, away from your own home, without your washing machine, with just the luggage you packed, without your pine-sol, away from your own bathroom and spending hours in the van without a bathroom, and 11 of your 12 children get the stomach flu,  you have to find someway to laugh (while holding your breath or nose).
It was definitely a trip we will most likely remember for a long time. 
We certainly made some memories.

We left our home early Tuesday afternoon to head down to Cabo.  
We stopped at Walmart in La Paz so I could buy some pull-ups (don't want any accidents during the night when staying at someone else's home), shampoo, and wipes for the trip (great for washing up hands and faces or any other sticky situation while traveling.)
Those wipes and pull-ups came in handy much more than I'd anticipated.

We arrived in Cabo that evening, and Pastor Alvaro took us to our host's home.  Hno. Leonardo had 2 spare bedrooms all ready for us, so we unloaded our blankets and pillows and went straight to bed as we had to be up and ready by 6:45 am for our blood tests.

The children did GREAT for their tests!  Knowing that a few of our crew have a significant fear of needles, we tried to prepare them ahead of time.  I gave out many, many tiny, little pinches when asked over and over again, "Mommy, show me how much it will hurt again."  
We emphasized how much less it hurts when you don't tighten up all your muscles and cry (or scream or try to escape).  
I thought it would be wisest to go oldest to youngest as I knew the older ones would be fine and therefore bring security to the younger ones.  As Timothy went in for his test, he teasingly whispered, "Hey, Mommy, want me to scream really loud?"  ha!  
He was a champ and when he walked back out into the waiting room with the eyes of 11 younger siblings staring at him he gave them his winning smile and said, "Hey, that was really fun!"  He let all the little ones see how the hole was so small you couldn't even see it.
So we made it through without hardly a wince or whimper.  
 Apparently we were suppose to do a first morning urine sample as well, but since we didn't know that and most everyone had already used the bathroom,  we brought the containers home with us to do the next morning.

We went to Pastor Alvaro's house for breakfast and then Daniel and the 4 oldest boys went to go help him pour a cement roof for a man in their church while I visited with Hna. Diana and the other children played. 
Later that afternoon, after the "men" got home, we had a spaghetti lunch.
Daniel and Pastor Alvaro went over to the church and then the fun began.

First it was Samuel.  He'd laid down for a nap a few minutes prior.  But he was now up, standing in the room, crying with that look.  Somehow I knew he was about to get sick, so I just scooped him up and ran him into the bathroom just in the nick of time.
Hna. Diana gave me a bucket.  I sat near Samuel on the bed to help him avoid any unnecessary messes.
Less than an hour later, it was Noah.
And then, poor Rebekah.  It hit her hard.
And then Susannah.

We got back to the house where we were staying with only one "mishap".  With no way to really clean up, it was just sort of get everything into a garbage bag, tie it up, and deal with it later.
We got everyone settled into bed with the bucket near by.
Every cough, hiccup, whimper, sound sent me sitting straight up in bed ready to act.
Finally, around 2 am, I fell asleep.
And then at 3:15 am, Josiah woke me up.  "Mommy, Benjamin's sick."
Yep, it was mishap #2.
After helping Ben get cleaned up, new blankets, new pillows, and another garbage bag, I crawled back into bed close to 4 am.
Daniel was suppose to take the "morning" tests in at 7 am, so I set my alarm for 6 am and it felt like just seconds later it went off.  I woke each child up, one by one, and helped them back to bed.  Daniel took the samples to the lab and most of the kids just stayed in bed all morning and slept.
Elijah woke up around 8 am and went right back to bed saying he didn't feel well.
Nehemiah got the bucket around 10 am.
Timothy was feeling so-so.  And I couldn't tell if I was getting sick or just feeling sick from everything.
Finally, by later that afternoon, things had calmed down, and the doctor wanted to consult with Daniel and I.
After that visit, we decided to start heading north.  We had to be at the immigration office in La Paz Friday morning to begin the process of renewing my visa, and Cindy (the lady who runs the camp where we take our church for family camp each year) offered to let us stay in the dorms there for the night.
It was a 2 1/2 hour drive.
Isaiah started to feel sick.
And then Abi needed the bucket.
Thankfully, it seemed to only be a 12-24 hour bug.
By the next morning, everyone was up and playing/walking around the campground...well, everyone  but Eliseo.
It was his turn, poor guy.  He was the 3rd and final time someone missed the bucket.
Somehow, Josiah managed to completely miss out on all the fun.

Well, today, Daniel is back in La Paz with the youth of our church (4 of ours included).
The children are back to normal (ha!).
And I spent my day doing laundry.  A lot.

The doctor will be going over our tests this coming week and be calling us.
Praying for wisdom for her.
We'll be going to La Paz again on Tuesday for my visa.
Monday, Daniel will be out preaching in Ensenada Blanca.
Oh, last week, a lady there accepted Christ as her Savior!!
Our church here is getting more and more involved in reaching the people out there, too.
The last two weeks, 9 people from our church went with Daniel...2 complete families and a man with his son.
Well, it is late, Daniel and my "big kids" will be home soon.
And I have a bit more laundry. :-)
In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.