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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hello :)

Hi! :)  Not knowing where to start or what to write has kept these pages blank.  Last year, on my 42nd birthday, Timothy bought me camera.  He (and a few other siblings) mentioned how much they miss seeing pictures and "reading about our family".  That was almost a year ago.  This week was my 42 11/12 birthday...in Jaynee language, that means I am 42 and 11 months old now (why do we stop celebrating monthly birthdays after our first year of life????).  

So where to start?  So much has happened in the past couple of years!  So much has happened in just the past couple days!!  Sharing what the Lord has taught me/is teaching me inspires me to write.  Pictures of growing children, a look into family life, recording memories, sharing joys and struggles...the time taken to write those entries yields priceless treasure years later when on a rainy day, children sit gathered around the computer in the living room reading and viewing joys and  memories of days past..

I considered continuing to write for just our family...a personal journal of sorts just for us...one we could print up, bind into a book and pass on to our children someday.
I thought about making the blog "private" inviting just some close family/friends into this little place where we share part of our lives.
And so I prayed and talked to Daniel and really pondered whether to keep writing an "open" blog that anyone could see.  It's not so much about what I want to do or don't want to do.  It isn't about what others want or don't want.  And it isn't even about whether or not writing can help or bless or encourage someone.  What does the Lord want and what would bring glory to Him?

Whether ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.  I Corinthians 10:31

Our God is so faithful and so good!  And amidst all the hurts and heart ache and the unknown, there have been great joys, healing, growth, and ultimately a deeper more intimate relationship with our holy, righteous, loving God!

Some things the Lord has laid on my heart to share in the days ahead....
*Update on the children....They've grown soooooooooo much!
*Glimpses into daily life happenings
*How the Lord has worked in our lives
*Update on the church in Mexico
*Home schooling/Scheduling ideas that are working for us right now
*And wanting to know if any of you have any questions you'd like to ask.... I may or may not be able to answer, but I'm open to hearing what you would like to know. :)

So today, I don't have any pictures to share...just one of me I snapped with the laptop camera as I sit on the edge of my bed typing.  I know it's not the best shot (but it was the best one out of the three I took, if you want to know the truth ;) ).  Just wanted to say hello :) And all posts have to have a picture, of course, right?    I don't have time to write much more.  My man should be home from work soon, dinner is cooking on the stove, one of my college boys is serenading me on the piano, the other just got off work, half a dozen other kids are playing with their neighborhood friends, a couple others are still finishing schoolwork, and I'd better go check on everyone and get back to doing what I love best...caring for my family :).


Sunday, May 08, 2016

Coming soon...

I'm not sure if anyone still checks over here.  I've missed writing and sharing.  Coming back soon! :)