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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Sunday on our own property

Today we met together for the first time as a church on our own land.
It was a very warm Sunday morning and we still don't have a roof over our heads,
but like Daniel said this morning, 
"Many here use to spend all day Sunday sitting in the sun to watch a soccer game.
Today we sit here in the sun to hear the Word of God preached."
Many were out of town as clam season opened up last week and many move out to the beach for the next few weeks as they make over double killing clam than they do working in the fields.
But it was still a sweet service with those who were able to come.
Brother Juan, his wife, and their four children got up early hoping to be able to hitch hike/catch a ride (a very common form of transportation here) into town at least in time to come to the evening service.
A man hitch hiking next to them told them to not bother that it would take a family their size 4-6 hours to find a ride.  Leticia told me that a couple minutes later, someone stopped, picked them up, and dropped them off right near our church.

Daniel and Timothy got home after midnight last night.
They were so hoping to finish at least the roof yesterday, but went home thankful for all that they and the group who came yesterday were able to accomplish.
Walls put up, trusses built and put up, front doors built and hung, pews moved inside our beautiful dirt floor, and one outside wall painted.

As I sat next to Nehemiah in church this morning, he began swinging his feet back and forth kicking up dirt/making a cloud of dust arise.  I patted him to sit still and thought of when God said to Moses, "Take off your sandals for you are on holy ground."
I told the ladies this morning as I taught how this land itself isn't special.  It is just like any other plot of dirt here in our town.
But it's purpose is VERY special!  Either a dirt floor or a lush carpeted building, the Lord Jesus Christ is in our midst as we meet together in His name!

 Hopefully the roof will get put on tomorrow or the next day and by next Sunday, we should have some shade over our heads.  By the end of second service, my head was "boiling" (to use an exaggerated word as my children would :) ).  My dark brown hair readily absorbs the sun and heat.  I touched Eliseo's blond head and it was hardly warm.  
The sweet dark headed children in front of me must have been "boiling" too. :)
But I didn't hear any complaints, although I know we will be all the more grateful for a tin roof next week.

Want to meet our "guard dog?"  
This is Licorice.  He's been a "part" of our family for the past few years.
He was getting into quite a bit of mischief at home.  He like to fight with other dogs.  He's as nice as can be to all people.  He'll let anyone come into our yard with "open arms".  But many people, who don't know us, don't walk into our yard because he "looks scary".  

With all the material and building supplies out at the property, we decided that for now, Licorice could live out there to protect everything.  He wouldn't hurt a fly (unless the fly happens to be another dog), but his "looks" help keep the place safe. 
 We had a bit of paint left over from painting our house, so right now, one wall of the church is yellow. :)
 Right now we don't have anything for our children's classes, but since the bathrooms and storage room aren't finished yet, we are using them right now as classrooms for our children's classes and ladies class.

And since I've updated two days in a row (that's a new record I think!),
I'll end by sharing a neat opportunity that the Lord gave me yesterday.
Karla is a young lady/college student in our church.  Her sister had a baby boy, Mateo, last month.
Her mom asked if I would come to his baby shower and give a devotional.
Karla's family is very well known as her father is a very well to do business owner.  
Several ladies came to the shower....maybe over 60.
A doctor's wife, the principle of the junior high school, several girls from the local high school...of all the ladies there, I only knew a handful.
And as far as I know, only 5 of them know the Lord.

 I don't speak perfect Spanish.
I didn't feel at all able/qualified to speak to them all.
But I knew that the opportunity was given to me and I don't know that these ladies have ever heard the gospel.  I don't know if I'll ever have the opportunity to tell them again.
I called Daniel and asked him to pray and then I simply asked the Lord to help me to fear not, but to know that He has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.
Power/authority of His Word.
Love because He loves every one of those ladies so much.
And a sound mind that knows the truth of His Word.

I spoke for about 15 minutes.  It was sure different than teaching a group of ladies who all know and love the Lord.  But they all listened.  I wanted them to all know that today they could come to Christ.
I wanted them to know that the price has been paid!  Jesus has done it all!  There is nothing that they can ever do or have ever done that can bring them peace with God.
I wanted them to know that this life is so short.  What we can see...the material...the physical...is so fleeting and of little value. 
The eternal...their souls...have such an immense value.
 That the Lord would use us here as inadequate as we are.
We are weak but He is strong!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Building the Walls

In May of last year, our church here purchased land.
In February, we began construction.
And soooo much has happened in the past several weeks.
I really should have been updating every few days or at least once a week, but the times when the most is happening is the time when I can't find time to write!
We've moved everything out of the building we were loaned for our church for the past 2 years and moved it out to the property.  We cleaned and gave back the building to the owner with very grateful hearts for the time we were able to be there.
We had the Murphy family from Oklahoma come visit us for several days giving of their time and money to not only come see us/the ministry here, but providing for the work, working in the dirt along side us, and being a tremendous blessing to our family and church here.
We had a group from the bapitst church in  Los Cabos come put up walls for the bathrooms and storage room last week.
We have a group from the baptist church in Constitucion here today working on our temporary church building which we will use until the Lord provides for a permanent one.
Daniel has been at the property from early morning until past dark every day for over a month working.
On the home front, we've been working hard at school, I'm doing my best to hold down the fort here while Daniel's working at the property, the boys are out to help Dad as much as they are able,  and I'm still working on getting my permanent visa and renewing my passport require many trips south.

Whewwww... :)
So since so much has happened, I thought I'll just take some pictures from off my camera and phone and let you see into a bit of our lives these past few weeks.  Sorry that they aren't in in order.  I only have a few minutes before I need to make lunch, do some errands, and take the girls to a baby shower, but I really want you to see what the Lord is doing!

Tomorrow will be our first church service held on our own property.

We filled the land in with 19 dump trucks of dirt to keep it from flooding during hurricane season.

The Murphys brought new crayons for our children and our Sunday School classes.

Digging ditches for sewage and water.

First VBS held in the fishing village of Ensenada Blanca

The Murphys with some of our church who came to help with the VBS

Sorry I forgot to flip this one!  But my BABY turned 4 last month!!!
And these "babies" are both taller than I am and GREAT helps to their Dad.

School days



Feeding the men's group who came from Los Cabos to work

Hoping to get done early so he can get out to the property

Newest/youngest "member" of our church....Sweet Isabel

Helping Daddy move out of the old building

Sweet Mateo...Going to his baby shower today!  Keeps me from missing the  "baby days"  too much since I still have a while before I'll be a grandma.

Daniel bought some burritos from Hna. Rosa for breakfast on the way to work
Hna. Rosa's husband is almost 70  years old and has been out working with Daniel  helping in all he can.
Brother Ramon served the "bottle" for 43 years getting drunk every day.
Now he serves the Lord Jesus Christ.

Diaper cake I made yesterday for Mateo :)

Eating breakfast out at the work site this morning

Bathrooms and Storage room...going to be used as Sunday school rooms tomorrow.

This is what the men are working on today...our temporary church building.  Walls made of pieces of plywod and sheet rock we had put up in our former building.  Dirt floor, tin roof (soon), preaching God's Word here every week!

Yea for new crayons!

Writing a letter...one of our favorite activities
We LOVE getting mail and sending it too!

Nehemiah and Miguel...Miguel is a 16 year old young man that got saved and baptized last year and has been Daniel's "right hand worker" during the day while the boys are in school.

More letters

And Pictures

A letter received from his pen pal!  Goofy Noah in the background and exhausted, hard working Daddy too.

Just hanging out with my big brother while he does his school work.

The day the floor of the bathrooms/storage room was poured

Moving dirt

Building the walls!!!