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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Service

I said I would try to update more regularly here this year and I really intend to! 
I only have a few minutes this morning, but I wanted to finally put up a few pictures from our church Christmas service.  

We had our regular morning and evening services on Sunday but with some special activities as we celebrated the Greatest Gift ever given...Jesus Christ!

We have several children that come to church each week, most of them without their parents.  One of our greatest joys is being able to share the gospel with these little ones week after week.  
Our first hour Sunday Morning is our Sunday School hour.   We all meet in the main building to pray and sing a hymn and then everyone goes to their class.
Daniel teaches the men and young men.  I teach the ladies/young ladies.  And then we have classes for both the older and younger children.
I remember the first years we were here.  I was the Sunday School teacher for all the children.  Little by little, as people got saved and grew in the Lord, they began helping me with the children.  And little by little, they began serving the Lord in the ministry of teaching children themselves.
Now, we have many men and women who love the Lord, love these children, and give their time each week to teach them from God's Word, pray for them, and continually point them to Christ.

After our Sunday School hour, we have a 15 minute break and everyone visits, drinks coffee :), and we prepare for our next service.  
Christmas Sunday, Karla and Miguel, two of our young people who teach Sunday School, planned some fun games for the children after their class. :)

Afterwards, we all met back in the main building for our second service.
Exciting Side Note:  The past month, our building has been FULL!!  Last week, we have had to bring in some little benches to sit the children up front and there were still people standing in the back. 
What a great problem to have! :)  Plans have been drawn up to take out the back wall and extend the building another several meters almost doubling it's current size.  It will be a long, skinny tunnel....but one where the gospel will be preached and God's Word will be taught here in this town every week!!

After several hymns, announcements, welcoming visitors, and the offering, the children again go to their classes for another hour of teaching.

I'm not usually in the children's classes Sundays (I teach on Wednesdays) but today was the day we were giving out the Christmas boxes to our church children  and I wanted to share with them who sent the boxes, why they sent them, and share the Reason we have Christmas once again.

Sunday evening we had another service.   We had several first time visitors, many parents from the children of the special ed school we'd gone to earlier in the week to hand out the boxes.
The ladies had prepared a special to sing and the children's choir sang as well.
Daniel preached a salvation message and after the service a lady talked with Daniel for almost an hour with concern over her soul.
We ended the evening with a special meal, fellowship, and sipping coffee around a bon fire.  It was such a blessed day all because of Jesus!

The day after Christmas, Daniel, our four oldest children, and several other young people from our church drove 6 hours south to a church in San Jose del Cabo for the annual youth conference.
Young people from 4 different churches came, many with unsaved friends, for 3 days of preaching, singing, games, food, and fellowship.

These 3 young men from the town of Santa Rosalia asked Christ to save them that weekend.  The two men in blue came to Christ during the conference, and the young man in the gray/black shirt asked Jesus to save him right here in our living room as they had stopped by here on their way home from the conference to get a bite to eat.
Daniel was teaching them to sing "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus."

Breakfast anyone? :)
They young man next to Timothy is David.  He was one of the men in the blue shirt in the picture above.  Timothy was so excited to have made a new friend who is now his brother in Christ!
These two sweet girls, Joceline and Lorena, never got their picture posted on the Christmas box picture posts as I had this pic on my cell phone and just now found it. :)

A bit choppy and a few weeks late, but an update at last :)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend in the Lord!