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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Meet Our Family (2009)

The Lockwood Family

Daniel and Jaynee

Meet Daniel and Jaynee, married July 22, 1995...

Daniel and I met when we were 9 years old and went to school together from the 5th grade on.  While he had a crush on nearly every girl in our class, he never noticed me.  Of course, I grew so fast, I was a head or more taller than he was most of our school years. Our sisters were best friends and since we went to the same school and church, we saw each other often. We were both involved in many of the same activities together at church (missions trips, choir, working with children) and became good friends around the age of 16. He has since  told me that during Chemistry class our Junior year, he had decided he was going to marry me.  I'm glad he didn't tell me then because I think he would have scared me! :)   I'm not sure how it all happened, but he soon became my best friend, had finally caught up with me in height, and apart from all the reasons I loved being with him, I thought he was pretty cute. What attracted me most to him was his sincerity.  He loved to serve the Lord and even when he would "mess up" like we all do, he was quick to admit it, ask for the Lord's forgiveness, and he'd go on.
At the age of 21, he asked me to marry him and I said, "Yes!".  Eight months later, shortly after my 22nd birthday, we became husband and wife.  I still have my Safeway Club Card that I signed up for at the local grocery store down the road from our first little house, and I was so proud to sign it "Mrs. Daniel Lockwood", a pride that has only grown more over the years.  A little over a year later, we became mommy and daddy.  And just over 7 years and 7 1/2 children later, we moved to Mexico where the Lord called us to share the gospel.

Daniel is outgoing while I'm more shy.  He is strong and sure while I can be so easily driven by my feelings.  He works hard, knows a little about everything,  and isn't afraid to ask questions.
He's honest, open, and forgiving.
I love the fact that he can design an entire house and  yet sit down with a child on each knee and teach them to draw a tree.
He's patient with the children, teaches them from God's Word faithfully each day, and firm yet so loving.
He spoils me, holds me when I cry, let's me talk, yet always gives me the advice I need....not just what I want to hear, but what I need to hear no matter how hard that may be.  And how that makes me feel loved. 
I've seen him grow to know and love the Lord, follow His Word no matter the cost, and lead not only in word but example.
How patient he was with me when I was far from being the wife I should have been. 
No, he's not perfect,  but I know he loves the Lord, wants to do what is right, and when the Lord convicts him of something, he can't rest until it's taken care of.  And most importantly, years into our marriage, I realized that I was not giving my husband the respect the Lord wanted me to give him, so I began to ask the Lord to change my heart and help me think of all the ways my husband blesses me.  And not only that, but to help me see my areas of weakness.  And has the Lord ever answered that prayer!
Daniel loves to preach, talk about the Lord, and be with me and the children.  He doesn't have many outside hobbies as he's busy pretty much all day long working in the ministry, but he loves to work with wood and when he does have free time, simply talking with me or being with the children is at the top of his list.

Me...well, I'm a wife and mommy..and I'm so happy!   I have loved children for as long as I can remember and grew up wanting to have 19.  My mom taught me to study and work hard,  to play piano and sing, and was amazing at organizing and self discipline (both which the Lord knew I would need in bringing up so many little ones).  My dad taught me to be frugal, to listen, and to have fun. 
If you could be a fly on the wall of our home, you would see me teaching, cooking, cleaning, and washing; you'd most likely see toys and papers all over during the day, people drop by at all hours for help or to visit, and by the end of the day, my clothes might still be clean but my apron quite the mess; you might find me hiding behind the couch during hide and seek, having a race to see who can get the highest on the swings, putting on a wig to make the boys laugh, or licking cookie dough from the bowl with my fingers;  at night, you'd see me writing, planning or sewing and running to the window at every sound of a car to see if my man had gotten home.   After 15 years, my heart still skips a few beats each time I hear that front door open and hear, Daddy's home!"  You'd hear me get impatient, see my grouchy days, see me go to my room to cry or kneel and pray, and hear me ask for forgiveness from those that I love the most (the Lord, my husband, and my children) yet through all the hard times, hopefully you could see the joy in my heart that comes from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ has paid for my every sin, there is no condemnation in Him, and while we are far from the perfect family, we truly love each other,  forgive, and are just so abundantly blessed! 
I'm not at all creative, but love to copy! :)  I enjoy cooking, reading, writing, sewing, playing piano, teaching, playing, holding hands with my husband, being with our church here, and want to give my life, as small a gift as it is, to my Saviour, who gave His life for me.  He is so faithful and good!

Meet Timothy Daniel (13), our first child and oldest son...

He fills the role of "oldest to many" so well. He is patient, kind, helpful and slow to anger; his younger siblings can count on him to solve their problems, get a hug, or simply have fun. Wiry yet so strong, he's Daddy's right hand man. He's very outgoing like his father and loves to make new friends. Coordinated, brave and adventurous, he's only broken 1 bone so far. :) When we first began in the ministry, Timothy (age 5 at the time) was diagnosed with a tumor in his neck which we were first told was cancer. After surgery and 3 weeks of radiation, he was given a clean bill of health, and the long, faint scar on the back of his neck reminds me of how much the Lord loves us. While he's never seems to be a "deep thinker" :), his poems amaze me. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized when he was 11.  For as long as he can remember, he has wanted to be a missionary to Brazil.

Meet Elijah (12), our second child...

I still remember the day Elijah began reading out loud...from an encyclopedia...at either 3 or 4 years old. I had never taught him to read. The Lord's given Elijah a sharp mind and how this boy loves to learn! He's the one child I've never had to encourage to do his school work. :) Very responsible, I know that I can count on him to carefully carry out any instruction given. If I ever need to remember something, I just ask Elijah. While Timothy's outgoing and loves to be with others, Elijah could could happily spend all day in a book. While I don't bat an eye at Timothy's daring feats, when Elijah attempts them my heart speeds up a few beats. While Timothy puts most everything off to the last minute, Elijah's done days in advance. They are so very different, but have always been the best of friends. He's loves to play piano, and I love to hear him play. Elijah wants to be a missionary to Russia and loves to study Russian in his free time...only Elijah :). He was saved and baptized with his brother, Timothy, when he was 9.

Meet Rebekah (10 1/2), our oldest daughter and third child...

Fun, outgoing, full of energy and life, and ironically, our only child with brown hair.  :) While she use to break down in tears constantly when she would say or do something that made no sense, the last few months, she's "growing up" and it's so sweet to see her be able to laugh at herself too :). As much as it's against her "grain", she tells me, "I have to study and learn all this school because I want to teach all my children someday".
She loves to teach, loves children, loves to cook, and what a help she is to me! She loves to be with her daddy and just beams with joy whenever she has the opportunity to serve or help him. She is sensitive and so often sees a need that nobody else has noticed and meets it. She has always had a tender heart, says she's sorry when she's wrong, and loves me to pray with her.
 She had such a sweet change in her heart when she gave her life to Jesus 2 years ago. 

Meet Benjamin (9 1/2), our fourth child...

I love to talk and laugh; Daniel likes to talk and laugh even more...and louder :); we have a dozen children most of whom seem to talk and laugh non stop; we have 2 that are quiet. Benjamin was our first quiet one. I am always mindful to plan time to spend with him, because he simply doesn't demand attention like most of the others.
He takes meticulous care of his things and is one of the few children that I can pass down his clothes to the next one without them full of patches and mends. He's my only child so far that would probably rather have a tooth pulled than read a book and could happily live each day outside in his garden or near his tool box either taking something apart or putting something together. He's creative, independent, and patient. He has a tender heart for the littlest ones, and right now, loves to take care of Eliseo. He's always making secret codes, plans, and inventions. I've got to keep a close eye on him because he tends to "disappear" from his work, but we're improving slowly :) He's my earliest riser and loves to make breakfast with me; I look forward to that time with him each morning too. 

Meet Abigail (8 1/2), our fifth child...

Girly, sweet, joyful, and always smiling! We would always tease that for as much as we were telling Beka to look in a mirror and comb her hair, we were telling Abigail to get away from the mirror...she could not stand for there to be one stray hair or the slightest bump in her pony tail. :) While Beka is very easy going, Abi is very particular about things. They balance each other out well. While Beka loves to be outdoors, is always moving, and loves to go anywhere she can, Abigail likes to read or sew and often chooses to stay home when given an option to go or stay. She's loves babies like Rebekah, but while Rebekah is often seen with a baby strapped in the sling on her back, Abi's inherited a bit of my ability to trip over one's own feet; so we're always reminding her to play with them on the floor or hold them on the couch which suits her just fine.

Meet Isaiah (7 1/2), our sixth child...

The best word to describe Isaiah is simply good. Always good natured, always obedient, always careful, always kind, always neat, always quiet...I didn't even know children came like that until he came along.  Sure, he has his moments, but they are really few and far between. He's definately slow and steady. You can't rush him. I'll ask him a question and he has to think...and sometimes it takes a while...but think he does and then smiles and gives me his sure answer...whether it's a math problem or simply asking him if he wants an apple or orange for a snack...he thinks it through :).
He has a sweet smile, loves his brothers, and love to draw. 

Meet Josiah (6 1/2), our seventh child...

Okay, if there are any children that are as opposite as can be, it would be Isaiah and Josiah. Before someone gets to know our family well, they always get these too mixed up because they are just a year apart, both with blond hair and bright blue eyes. But they are as different as night and day.
Josiah=impulsive, impetuous. While Isaiah is think and then do, Josiah is do and then think. :) How many times a day we say, "Oh no, Josiah!". And he has a regular expression of "Uh-Oh" that he often wears. Just thinking about it now, I wonder how many times a day I say, "Isaiah, hurry up!" and "Josiah, slow down!".
Josiah is not quiet, full of energy, and the family clown. We are constantly laughing with him or at him. He's often like a bull in a china cupboard!  But he's a hard worker, eager to help, makes everything fun, and I must say, it would be boring around here without him.

Meet Noah (5), our eighth child...

My goal for most of this child's life had been to get him to smile. So serious he was! Still is...and determined too! But I see lots of sweet smiles on him now days. Noah was our first child born in Mexico and therefore has dual citizenship. He is the owner of our property and home, and when we jokingly would ask him if we could live here, he...in true Noah fashion...would give it serious thought and usually say, "Yes". :)
Noah started Kindergarten this year and sits promptly at the couch as soon as breakfast chores are over with his books waiting for me to teach him. He's as serious about school as he is about everything else. If he makes a mistake, colors out of the lines, or makes gets a hole in his paper from erasing, he wants a "new one".

He loves baby Samuel, is so gentle and sweet, yet has a bit of a temper, which we're working on ;). But he always comes to me when he's done something wrong.  He crys tears of sorrow, wants to make it right, and always prays.   He loves going to church and soul winning and always wants to dress just like Daddy.

Meet Susannah (4), our ninth child...

Since clearly boys run strong in the Lockwood line, I have always been sweetly surprised each time we've had a girl and Susannah was no exception.  She was also born in Mexico and due to severe placenta abruptio, an emergency c-section saved both our lives. 
Susannah loves to chatter!  She loves to snuggle!  With bright blue eyes, and hair so blond it's almost white, she truly stands out here in Mexico.  She loves to be with her sisters and do everything that they do, yet she also spends hours playing with Noah and Nehemiah.  If it's ever too quiet, you can be sure those 3 are up to something! She's very agreeable, loves to help, and goes back and forth between holding babies and dollies and rumbling and tumbing in the dirt or climbing as high as she can with her brothers.  She's loves to climb right up into your lap, get herself all cozy, hold tight onto your neck, and just squeeze. 

Meet Nehemiah (3), our tenth child...

Silly, cute, loaded with personality, and hair that is as wild as he is, Nehemiah keeps me laughing and running all day long.  I think he got spoiled a bit when he was young.  You see, when Nehemiah was born (also here in Mexico), he was very sick.  He wouldn't wake up much, would not eat, and nobody knew what was wrong.  How we prayed feeling very much like the Lord was going to take this little guy home.   After 9 days, he began acting more normal...eating, having awake times, and seemed to be fine.  But a few weeks later, he got sick and struggled with his breathing for months.  After doctor visits, hospital stays, and many tests, there was no clear reason for the cause of his trouble.  So for over a year, he slept with Daniel and I as we were afraid he'd get into trouble during the night and need our help.  For his first few months of life, all 12 of us were living in a travel trailer while our house was being built, so he was normally scrunched right up next to somebody and  still loves to be touched.
Thankfully, shortly after that first year, he began to improve and is a healthy, happy little boy today!  He still thinks our bedroom is his own :), and he has charm and knows how to use it to often get mommy to melt.  But I'm getting tougher and so is he :)  He loves to go with Daddy anywhere and everywhere and even big, strong Daddy gets wooed by Nehemiah sometimes. :)

Meet Eliseo (2 in April), our eleventh child...

Little Eliseo with the big blue eyes is not very little for his age.  We call him our gentle giant.  He has all the ladies and girls at church wrapped around his little finger as he is a big snuggle bug, loves to speak Spanish as much or more than he does English, and is just plain sweet.
He was born here in Mexico and is our only child (so far) that has a Spanish name.  Eliseo (pronounced el-ee-say-oh with the accent on the 'say') means Elisha in Spanish. 
He loves to sing and knows several of the songs we sing in church by heart. Recently, I flew to the USA with Eliseo so he could get a surgery he needed to correct his eyes. 

Meet Samuel (1), our twelth child...

Our little miracle baby turns a year old in March.  I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa and increta  early on in the pregnancy.  Born at just over 32 weeks, he spent the first 44 days of his life in the NICU in Redding, California and then later spent 16 days in the hospital here in Mexico.  One night, Daniel and the doctors stood around Samuel's bed for 2 hours as they thought he was slipping away and there was nothing they could do.  How much we prayed for this little boy and like his name means, "God heard". 
Born 3-12-09 and weighing 3 lbs 12 oz., Samuel today is a 20 lb chubby baby boy who is hardly lacking for attention. :)  He's got the most funny laugh and biggest brown eyes.  While holding Samuel the other day, I looked over at Timothy and said, "I don't understand it.  You were just the most precious sweet baby there ever was, yet they just keep getting sweeter and sweeter."  He smiled and said, "Yeah, Mommy,  when can we have another one?" :)  When and if has always been up to the Lord, and how good and faithful He is!