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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Eliseo's home, smiling, playing and even eating!  He woke up from surgery screaming and ripped out his iv, but once the anesthetic wore off more and he got a couple popsicles, he calmed down.   Once home, he's been back to his sweet, happy self.  Thanking the Lord for bringing him through so well!

In Surgery Now

Our little Eliseo was just taken into surgery.
Daniel and I are in the waiting room and expect to hear from the doctor within the next couple hours.
He was crying when we left him :(, but hopefully by now he's in sleeping.  
Thank you so much for praying for him.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Journaling Furlough and Prayer for Eliseo

We arrived in our home town, Redding, CA, safely this past Wednesday! And with so many family and friends to see, it's been non stop all day and late into the night most every day! :)  
We are staying with Daniel's brother, Joel; he and his wife just had their 8th little one.  So what do you get when you have 20 children ages 14 and under in one house?  Lots of crazy fun!!!
On the way up to Redding, we stayed at my sister Julee's house and so enjoyed being with her as well as seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins!  
Since we are here in Redding for another 2 weeks before we take off across the country, we are taking care of some medical needs.
Eliseo (3 years old) will be having surgery early tomorrow morning to remove his tonsils and adenoids and getting tubes put into his ears.  
We sure appreciate your prayers for him.  This will be his second surgery.  My sister says he's going to dread coming to the USA if he has to have surgery every time he comes! :) 
Well, this was short, I know, but with 20 children running around...well, I'm sure you understand!! :)
Thank you all for praying for our family!

Feeding squirrels on the way to Aunt Julee's

Playing croquet at Uncle Ron's work

Aunt Julee!!!! :) 

My sweet first cousin, Olivia, who is the same age as my Susannah!  

How do you feed 20 children?  You make lots of food and get a really long table!

Susannah and Cousin Ellie

Setting up our display at our home church

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Journaling Furlough- August 12-14

Family Picture 2011
August 12-
Daniel was finally able to replace the bearings in the trailer wheel.  They kept giving him the wrong part, so it took a few extra trips to the auto parts store.  The older boys worked with Daniel while the girls and younger ones stayed in the hotel until check out time.  Then we all got into the van and shared some cold water and a soda while waiting.  Finally, we were on our way.
About 3 months ago, a dear lady who reads our blog emailed me offering to open her home to us as a place to stay during our travels.  We did need a place to stay between our Wednesday and Sunday appointments, and were so appreciative of this family’s offer.  We had never met before, but after spending two days together, we didn’t want to leave.  How wonderful it is to meet new friends! 
Our family is more loud, and theirs more quiet.  We have 9 boys and 3 girls.  They have 6 girls and 2 boys.  It was quite the mix! :)  But, soooo much fun!  The first night, they treated our entire family to a play at their local Lifehouse Christian Theater where their two oldest daughters were preforming.  We’ve never been to a play before, so had no idea what to expect, but it was excellent!  The redemptive message of the gospel was the highlight of it all, and we not only enjoyed it thoroughly, but our hearts were touched as well. 
We enjoyed such delicious meals together and I told Mrs. Manson that I think we’re going to get worse gas mileage now since I think we all gained about 20 lbs. :-)  We enjoyed participating in their families hymn learning time, Bible time, and spent hours visiting, playing games together, and the children swam.  Daniel and Timothy pulled out the guitar a couple times and we all sang together, too. 
Mr. Manson offered to take our family picture before we left!  The last picture we had taken, Samuel had just gotten out of the NICU and now he’s a healthy, happy, active, determined little boy. 

August 14-
We arrived at Western Avenue Baptist church about 6:00 pm Saturday evening.  The church had bathrooms, showers, and plenty of space, and we had a wonderful night’s rest.  Before each service, Daniel spends time alone with the Lord with an open heart as to what the Lord would have Him to share.  The plan was for the family to sing and then for Daniel to share our slides and preach a message during the Sunday school hour and then share another song or two and give a quick report during the main church service before Pastor Ted gave the message.
As Pastor Ted put it, he had plan A, B, and C for that morning, and the Lord chose plan D.  At the end of Sunday School, Pastor asked Daniel and I to both briefly share our testimonies of how we came to Christ.  He asked if we’d be willing to share our testimonies in the main church service.  Neither one of us can share what Christ did for us without tears and what a precious service it was!  Three people accepted Christ that morning!! 
What is most beautiful to me is how the Lord can take the sin, hurts, “garbage” of our lives and not only clean us and make us new, but use it all to bring honor and glory to His name!  He uses all the things that we have to offer Him...broken pieces of our lives...and then uses it all where He calls us!
We visited Iglesia Bautista Fundamental “Getsemani” in Escondido, CA in the evening.  As poor as my Spanish may be, I miss speaking it and more than anything, miss our church family back home.  So it was a joy to spend an evening with this church.
We are heading to my sister’s home for a couple days in Morgan Hill, CA.  Can’t wait to see our families!! :)

Noah's great smile :)

Drying off a bit with Daddy

Samuel loved this little slide

Listening to/Reading the Bible on DVD after breakfast

Getting ready to go on a walk around the neighborhood

New toys are always so fun! 
New Friends
(Left to Right) Back Row:  Brooke holding Dunlin, Autumn, Rebekah, Ivy
Front Row:  Susannah, Sage, Abigail

Eating Brunch at Denny's

Samuel was far too interested in those pancakes to smile for a picture :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Picture

We have had the most wonderful week!!  We haven't had internet much, but I've been journaling it all and will share as soon as I can.  But for now, I had to share this! :)  We stayed with the most dear family (Hi, Mansons!!! :-) ) and the father, who is an excellent photographer, offered to take a family picture for us.  As we were looking through the ones he took, we found the "perfect" one...everyone looking right at the camera and 11 out of 12 children smiling :-)  We'll probably get that one printed up large to hang on our wall.  But then I saw this one.  It isn't "perfect", but so many of the children's personalities are shining through and I just LOVE it! 
Keep praying for us as we travel!  The Lord has been SOOO good and our hearts are so full.
I'll share more soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Journaling Furlough- August 11th

Thursday, August 11-
We made it here to Victorville, CA yesterday afternoon about 4 pm.  We left AZ a little later than planned, but we didn't’ need to stop too much and arrived about the time we’d planned.  The night before we left, I had all the children shower/bathe, and then put on their clean clothes for traveling the next day.  Daniel, the older boys and I loaded the trailer/van that night and so when my alarm when off the next morning, all we had to do was change diapers, put on shoes/socks, and comb our hair.  Rebekah and I ironed all our clothes we’d need for church and set them all aside, so when we arrived at the hotel, we just grabbed our toiletry bag and the church clothes, and everyone was able to freshen up and change without having to unload all the suitcases.
Pulling out of Regeneration Ministries in Arizona Wednesday morning
A dump truck inside of the back of a dump truck! :)  The children loved this!

Real life shot. :)  Everyone came into one hotel room so I could make sure they were all ready...hair combed, shoes on the right feet ect...  We were getting ready to walk out when I snapped this shot.  Eliseo was fussing and Josiah was making funny faces in the mirror :)

We had such a blessed time at Bible Baptist Church last night!  It was so good to see some familiar faces as well as meet new friends.  Timothy and Elijah are in charge of our display table.  I need to remember to take a picture of it.  The back drop has pictures of the people/ministry in Mexico and then on the table we have Mexican candy for daring ones to try, toys,  our pet horned toad, and other things from our area.  The boys enjoy answering questions and visiting with those who pass by.  We hope to pick up our prayer cards this Saturday. 
After service, some dear families, one of whom knew Daniel and I when we were really, really young, took us all out to supper.  We laughed, talked, and stayed until the restaurant closed.   We got a great night’s rest and the hotel had a delicious breakfast bar which we all enjoyed...coffee, juice, milk, cereal, yogurt, breads, eggs, waffles, fruit.  And it ALWAYS tastes extra good when I don’t have to cook it :).  I don’t know why, but even a peanut and butter sandwich tastes better to me when someone else makes it.  Daniel thinks that’s strange, but it’s really true! :)
We are all packed up and ready to load up and head to a home of some new friends, but we are having a problem with another one of our trailer tires.  Daniel loaned our trailer, a few months ago, to the high school in our town.  They were taking a trip up the peninsula and back with some of their students and needed something to hold the luggage.  On their way back home, they were in an accident and while they were so good to fix all the damage we knew of at the time, we found some more problems this trip.  Thankfully, Daniel has been able to make the needed repairs thus far and we trust the Lord will help him this morning as well so we can be on our way soon.
Something that I had forgotten about when traveling is the sometimes difficulty of having personal quiet time with the Lord.  Very late nights make it a bit harder to get up early.  At home, if the little ones get up when I’m reading /praying, I can have them play in the play room or give them a snack in the kitchen while I finish.  But in someone else’s home, I have to make sure they aren’t disturbing anyone or getting into every “new” thing they see.  :)  So I was asking the Lord this morning to help us to all do all we can to make that most important time a top priority.  To not let the busy-ness of traveling take away from what is most needful.  I need the Lord each and every day!  I need to hear Him, give Him my cares, confess to Him my sins, and ask for His grace and strength. Just as today’s meals are not sufficient for tomorrow, that time with the Lord is needful each and every day!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Journaling Furlough- August 5-9

August 5-
The past couple of days have been so fun, productive, tiring and relaxing all at the same time!   The children continue to enjoy playing here on the property.  The gym has been a big hit!  Volleyball, basketball, ping--pong, foosball, scooters, pogo-stick, roller blades!   Last night, we went up to Uncle Tommy and Aunt Cindy’s house and laughed, played, ate and talked waaayyy to late!   Wednesday morning, we went into town and got groceries.  All the things I’d forgotten about that I guess I can really live without, but what a treat!  Otter Pops to help cool you off in the heat, corn dogs, bbq chips, pickles!!!, cheddar cheese, English muffins, grape jelly, and root beer.   Yes, I got real food, too. :)  And you know what the children were craving last night for supper?  Tacos with beans, rice, and salsa.  So that’s what we ate!  
Daniel flew up with Tom and Pastor Murphy to Whiteriver to minister in the prison there yesterday.  The children and I cleaned, organized luggage, washed clothes, wrote letters, practiced music and played.  The sickies were on the mend and today everyone woke up feeling much better.  I told them that today they had to take it easy so they don’t get a relapse.    No running around just yet, so they’ve been up out of bed, eating at the table with everyone, and playing games/puzzles or reading inside where it’s nice and cool. 
Eliseo and Cousin Grace

Born in Mexico and proud of it :-)

We enjoyed a couple thunder storms!

My Good Morning Bunch! :)

Daddy and Uncle Tommy enjoying good fellowship 

Good thing I brought my hair cutting kit! :-)

Playing games with the cousins

August 9-
We’ve been here for a week and are getting ready to head out early tomorrow morning.   I just finished making my list of things to do to get ready for our next leg of the trip.  We’ve sure enjoyed our time here, had such good fellowship, and are leaving with full hearts, tummies :), and wonderful memories. 
Uncle Tommy and Aunt Cindy bravely, sweetly and heroically watched ALL of our children today so Daniel and I got get a lunch/shopping date!  Taco bell, Sonic Shakes and Wal-mart!  It was so much fun just because we were together and after 16 years, we are still the best of friends!! :)  
And now it’s almost 10 pm and we are planning to pull out of here tomorrow at 5 am.  And this time we have to leave by then or we won’t make it to the church in Victorville, CA.  Daniel’s working on our display and the older boys are up ready to help me load the trailer and finish up the ice cream that’s left in the freezer since we can’t take it with us. :) 
Praying for safety tomorrow as we travel!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

New Prayer Card

We haven't had prayer cards printed up since Josiah (our seventh) was a baby.  With furlough coming up this year, we knew we needed to get some more made.  We hadn't had a family picture taken for over 2 years, and planned on getting a new one taken this summer.
Well, chicken pox sort of put an end to that plan.  Nobody was overly excited to have a picture taken when their faces were covered with spots.
So we just had to use what we had.  At least it has everyone in it! :)
Here's the preview they sent to us.
Hopefully we'll have our prayer cards in a couple weeks!

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Journaling Furlough- August 2-3

August 2 and 3-
Thursday– 6am
It is so nice to be parked in one place for a while.  And what a great place to be here at Regeneration Ministries with Uncle Tom and Aunt Cindy!  Everyone is right in their element! Daniel spends all day visiting with Uncle Tom, his cousin and lifetime friend, and accompanying him as he ministers on the Apache Reservation.  Daniel, Tommy, and I went to school together as children.  When Daniel and Tom were really young, before I’d met them, they use to say that when they grew up, Daniel was going to be a missionary and Tommy was going to be a pilot and fly him deep into the jungles to share the gospel with the people there.  :)  And while the Lord didn’t call them to work together, Daniel is a missionary and Tom got his pilot’s license and has used it in ministering to the people here.  This morning, they leave to fly up into the reservation together!

The children are having so much fun!  There is so much for them to do here and after being in the van most of the time for the past week, this has been such a treat!  Plenty of space to run around,  desert animals to catch just like at home, there is a gym on campus, a nursery at the church with fun toys, and yesterday, Uncle Tom and Daddy took them all down to the shooting range.  I think I shot my first 22 rifle (with my Daddee’s help) before I was 2.  I loved shooting with my dad and later with my hubby :)  Of course, in Mexico, guns are illegal own, so most of our children haven’t shot anything other than a bb gun.  They had so much fun!  Before we left, we went over all the gun safety rules and made sure they understood that any disobedience or goofing around would result in them having to go back to the house with mommy.  And they did great!  Uncle Tom gave them all their own ear plugs.  Everyone got a turn and some of them were really good at hitting the targets!  After the little guys shot the 22 with Daddy, I took them back up to the house while the older ones got to stay a bit longer. 

I have all I need here to do what I love to do...take care of my family!  Washer/dryer, huge kitchen in which to make meals,  and I’m just loving watching the children play and play with their cousins while I visit with Aunt Cindy.  And there is internet here, so hopefully, I’ll get to catch up on my emails when the children are sleeping.
We still have some sickies.  We are passing something around as when it comes to illness, my children are great at sharing with each other! :)  But I’m so glad we are here and not in the van.  They each have their own bed in which to rest and hopefully they’ll all be on the mend before we have to get back on the road early next week.