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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Giving to children of our town (Christmas Boxes 2013 part 4)

Is 240 something pictures too much for one post?
Can you ever have too many sweet smiles?
Can you ever give too much?
Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive.  
I pray these pictures bless you and I hope those of you who sent boxes get to see the child who you were able to bless!

On Christmas Eve, we took out the 2 back seats of our van and  loaded it up with most of the remaining boxes.
Then we ALL scrunched in the remaining seats and after the crying/complaining/"He's squishing me"/"He's breathing on me"/"I can't breathe"/"I can't see anything" subsided and I did my best to do a head count to make sure we had everybody, we took off :)
Once we got going and several of us hit the streets walking, the van was far less squished :)
We began about 10:30 am and finished right before it got dark.  Every box was placed into the hands of a child!  We tried to get a picture of every one.  I know we missed a couple and a couple children were deathly afraid of the camera and so we didn't want to traumatize them.  But hopefully, if you sent a box, you can the child who received it.

These smiles and all the thank you's I heard are yours.

If you find a child with your box, leave a comment and let us know.  
I know several of these children and this year, we will continue to share Christ with them.
Pray for them.  Pray for their families!  The Lord is so faithful and soooo good!!!

 These next several pictures show us arriving at Clementina's house.  Many of you who read here may remember that she is the grandmother to several children.   In the past couple years, she has gone from screaming and refusing to let us come to her house to share Jesus to receiving me with a hug and even crying as we've continued to try to reach her for the Lord.  Please pray for her and her family!!

 This is Clementina.  How much God loves her!  Oh, that she may see that this year and give her heart to Jesus!

 This boy really wanted his bag!!! :)

 This is Rosio.  No children were harmed in the handing out of boxes :) 
Daniel was teasing her as we've knowing her since she was a weeee thing.

Did you make it to the end?
How many pictures are there?
Any guesses?