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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A month in the life

The month of March.  
So full.  Going by so fast!
Here is little glimpse into the last several days.

An evening gathering around the table to draw. 
Since we've been home from furlough, I have been concentrating on "catching up" with so much that I let some of the things we love most fall by the wayside.
Letter writing is one of them! People who so faithfully love, support and pray for our family.  Such an encouragement they are to us!  More than they could ever know!  But at least we can do our best to impart what's in our heart to them in a letter.
Oh, how I've missed it!  We love to make cards and draw pictures to go with each letter.  And for home schooling...handwriting practice, writing practice, English/Grammar, Spelling, Art.  Letter writing covers them all!

Another thing I have really missed is trying new recipes/being creative in the kitchen.  We made fun, colorful rainbow cupcakes for my Sunday School class, made the BEST homemade granola ever, baked our tried and true Daddy's favorite Oatmeal Cookies, and made loads of home made energy bars (similar to Power Bars) which my rapidly growing teen boys loved!  
Side note:  Why I try not to use the computer during the day- While typing a note to a friend, Samuel got into the energy bars.  That's the LAST thing he needs....more energy! :)

Cooking with my children- They learn more kitchen skills, time spent together, it is fun, it normally tastes wonderful and brings lots of smiles, often there is plenty to share with a neighbor or friend, and the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. :)  

We spent an afternoon making "springing" up our bulletin boards.  We used Foamy to cut out shapes to make flowers, kites, birds, butterflies etc...
Everyone loves craft time!

Oh, I just thought you might like to see how our water or electric bill gets delivered to our home.  We do have a PO box where we receive mail, but these bills are always hand delivered under a rock by your fence or tucked in your window sill or door.  

 This is how you know it's Monday.

 And this is how you can tell these children are related to their mother.  I love being barefoot.  Or in flip flops.  And I love the verse "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace."  Between the dust and varicose veins, it's nice to know I can have beautiful feet.

I just love those smiles!

My BABY turned 3 last week!  My sweet, strong willed, independent, adorable, miracle baby is becoming such a big boy!  He loves little cars and received several from different siblings.
 We wrap our gifts real fancy like...in kitchen towels. :)

 And daddy knows what all little boys need...a bike. :) Or trike if you are only 3.

Of course, school every week day.  

And working with Daddy.

 Everyone LOVES Daddy!  He's soooo strong :)
 And this baby of mine turned 14!  Such a young man!  
Timothy and Benjamin saved for weeks to order Elijah a special gift.  They waited for weeks for it to arrive and were about as excited about Elijah's birthday as he was!  It is more blessed to give than receive!  I love that they get to see that.
Timothy made the BEST treasure hunt for Elijah to "find" his gift.  He had little cards/clues hidden all over.  One led to another.  They all rhymed and what a hunt it was.  There was a clue taped to one of our rabbit's ears, he used the wireless keyboard to type out a clue on the computer while he was hidden out of sight.  He had codes to figure out, too.  Everyone ran around trying to figure everything out.  
 He finally got his gift!  A remote control plane that takes video/pictures.  They have had so much fun taking aerial shots of our house and town.   
 Josiah also saved up and ordered Elijah this book.  Sneak Uses for Everyday Things.  Great brother bonding time :)  Yesterday, they were making plastic from milk.  

 The past week, our bustling household became quiet and I traded in my cooking apron for a nursing hat.  All but 3 of the children got the flu...bad head aches, fever, horrible cough.  I can't remember the last time I missed a church service though, so I was thanking the Lord for much time of good health and while I don't like it at all when my children feel miserable, I took advantage of the extra holding/cuddling time, reading them books, and giving lots of sympathy.

 Don't you feel badly for him?  

 We had 3 more baptisms this month!  Jacquline is 16 years old.  Her sister, Brithany (age 10), started coming to church with us over 2 years ago.  While we were on furlough, Hna. Monica was able to lead Jacqueline to Christ.  We had the joy of seeing her follow the Lord in baptism last week!  I've been witnessing to her mom and she has come to church twice now.

Armando, age 14, has been coming to church with us since he was 8.  He'll tell you this himself...He was such a trouble maker!!  Oh, I remember when I had him in Sunday school.  He was, well, he helped me develop more patience! :)  He lives with his grandmother.  His entire family fell apart, and we praying, working and hoping the Lord would reach one of them.  Armando trusted the Lord with all his heart a couple months ago.  Through tears of joy, we heard him give his testimony and follow the Lord in baptism!
And Daniel, age 15, has been coming to church and hearing the gospel preached for about a year and a half.  He trusted Christ as His savior about 2 months ago.  May the Lord continue to build His kingdom here in Baja Sur!
 The past few days...recovering.  Still weak and tired and a few fevers, but over all better.
 Samuel's getting his smile back.  See the "friend" keeping him company?
 The view from my desk...papers to grade, letters to address, and my forever empty tape dispenser.  It takes me months to finally refill it, and then, the children seem to need tape for everything once it's there.

There's that Smile!!!

 Saw this note on the girl's door yesterday.  :)
 I got excited until I saw this one. :)
There is so much joy in serving Jesus right here in my home, along side my hubby in our church, right here in our little town.

Did anyone really make it to the end?   :)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

30 minutes until February is over!

And that's just because it's a leap year!  If it weren't for that, we'd already be in March!  What a busy month!  The stinging cold sore on my bottom lip reminds me of that!  Every time I get over tired or stressed (aka not trusting/relying on the Lord like I NEED to!!!), I get a cold sore.  Last weekend, my sister called and reminded me I haven't updated for 3 weeks.  It has really been a busy month! 

A couple weeks ago, we had our first Ladies Fellowship for this year.  I was VERY nervous!  I feel so inadequate sometimes...most every day...to be a "pastor's wife".  I love the people in our church so much.  I don't speak Spanish even close to what I wish I did, but I told the Lord about a year ago that I would use everything I have for Him!  I get frustrated wanting to express things so much more fully that I do and well, learning a language is great for humbling ones self!!   I wasn't nervous about planning the evening as the people here are so sweet and love anything!  And while I would MUCH rather follow that lead anything, I wasn't nervous about heading everything up.  But I was so nervous about sharing the devotional!  I knew what the Lord had laid on my heart to share and was very excited about sharing, but so nervous they wouldn't understand me or I'd run out of what to say due to lack of vocabulary.

PTL!  It was such a fun night!  We started with a game!  We played "Dibujar or Actuar"...."Draw or Act".  I divided everyone into 2 teams.  Each team took turns, one person at a time, coming forward to draw a slip of paper with a word on it out of a bag.  They then had to decided if they wanted to draw a picture of the word on the white board or act the word out.  No talking or sound affects allowed!  Ha!  It was great!  Each person on the winning team got a bag of M and M's!  And, because I know how much we ladies love chocolate, each person on the losing team got a bag, too :) I made each lady a little book mark with Proverbs 14:1 on it..."A wise woman buildeth her house."  

We opened our Bibles and using that verse as the theme, I shared about how we can build our houses.  What I really wanted the ladies to understand is the importance and blessing of spending time each day with the Lord in His Word and in prayer.  
Well, I didn't run out of things to say!  Ha!! :) Daniel would read that and say, "Duh!" :)  And the following Sunday, several ladies gave testimonies sharing the blessing they received being together during our night of fellowship and as they shared what the Lord impressed on their hearts through the devotional time, I was so thankful!  They understood!  The Lord is so good!!!! 
We all made a craft together and ate tamales, champurrado, chimangos, and brownies! :)  Such a sweet time and I'm already looking forward to the next time we get together.  Will I be nervous again?  Of course!!!  But maybe not as much :)

Last week, we opened our home to 4 Pastors and their families who are serving here in the state of Baja Sur.  They were able to be with us for 3 days and 2 nights and we played, ate, were encouraged by God's Word, fellowshiped together with our church one evening, and even went out to see the whales!!!   We've only gone once as a family about 3 years ago, so this was such a treat!  The whales were HUGE!!! And were right next to our boat!  We got to touch them!!!  They baby whales are sooooo spongy and squishy and smooshy and smooth! The mama whales are BIG!!!  

Then this past weekend, we had another wedding at our church!  So exciting to see the Lord bring two people together who love Him and love each other, get married, and a Christian family is created!!   I love weddings!  I love my husband!  I love wedding cake!! :)  Not in that order...hubby first, then cake, then weddings :)

We had another baptism this past Sunday!  We've been praying for Hno. Joaquin's wife for 2 years now!  PTL!  She came to Christ this year and got baptized this month!  We have 3 teens ready to get baptized next service, too!

 I  love my home!  My family! Our church!  My friends! It's been a some what difficult month.  I know the battle is raging. I'm reminded of that each day!  I know so many our praying for us.  I am so thankful for each one of those prayers!  The notes of encouragement sent, the love shown.  How precious is the body of Christ!
Oh, it is March!!! :)  Time for bed!! The Lord is so faithful and so good!!