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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Breaking Ground

Well, I decided that I will have to skip a month or two of so that I can once again make this blog relevant. I was planning on giving all the details of the remainder of our furlough but It will probably take me well into next year to finish it at my current rate of progress, so I will jump to what is happening now so that you will find information here that you haven't already read about in the prayer letter.
I mentioned that we just broke ground yesterday but ironically huricane "Paul" brought a lot of rain... The workers came, worked for about an half an hour; than as it bagan to rain hard they sat in the pick-ups and under shelters to wait it out, but it never stopped. So they packed up and went home. So they will be picking it up tomorrow where they left off.
The house is supposed to be about 1650 square feet. It will be made of cement, rebar, and cinder block. It will basically be a cement box. That's how all the houses are here, all cement... floor, walls, and ceiling. Originally, I drew up the house (yes, I made my own house plans :-)) fairly spacious then I got the estimate from the local masons, and I cut it down a bit.
We have about 8 men working on it, 2 are maestros (masters, or the ones that really know what they are doing) and the other 6 are their helpers. I will keep you posted as to the progress. The sky looks clear tonight so we should be back to work tomorrow. If you will, pray that they will finish the house before January. Jaynee would like to bring the baby home to a house. She feels we have outgrown the travel trailer. :-)
Well, please check back periodically and we will keep you posted, we will try to update once a week.
This is Daniel signing off.

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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family, Daniel. We were wondering if you were going to be doing a Christmas mission project this holiday season?


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