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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day in a HOUSE!!!

We are sooooo thankful and happy to be officially in our new home! We started moving in last week Monday. Once Daniel got the beds set up and I got them made, we started sleeping inside. We hadn't even put the back door on, but just couldn't wait, so we propped an old box spring mattress in the door way. Daniel worked late into the night all week and got the door installed, the toilets put in, and the furniture all moved. With that, along with 10 smiling little children, our "cement box" has become a real home.
As the people here watched us and helped us move in, we heard over and over again, "So you are really going to stay here with us." We happily tell them yes! And then we tell them why...because God loves them so much that He provided the Way for them to have forgiveness of their sins and live in joyful fellowship with Him. Building a home here has opened so many doors to share the gospel....we have met so many people while building and now that the town knows we are really here to stay, they are very curious as to why.
Now that the job of building is done, Daniel will be spending most of his days with people....in their homes, at their work, on the streets....preaching and teaching. Please pray the Lord will grant him wisdom, strenghth, love, and courage as he goes and that the Spirit would work in the hearts of the Mexicans in our town.
I will be spending my days homeschooling and caring for the things here at home. Many, many people stop by to visit during the day. Please pray for me as I open our home to them that they will see the love of Jesus as we spend time with them. The children are excited as Daddy will be starting Bible studies in the people's homes each day, and we will be able to join him for many of those in the afternoons.
There is so much joy in serving Jesus...through it all, He is so good and faithful!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!!!! What a lovely home! Jaynee, you make it look so cozy. Congratulations on finally being in a home and out of the trailer.

    Love, Kelly, Jeremiah, Zechariah and Hannah Joy


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