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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Long overdue update!

We have been extra busy the past 3 weeks! I began to wonder if I would actually survive on such little sleep, but the Lord's promises are so faithful and true... "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength...". I'll keep this short and post some pictures as they say as much as anything I could write. We had a group of 16 from Immanuel Baptist Church in Idaho come down last week. They blessed us by painting the outside of our home as well as helping Daniel with many other manual projects. I don't have a picture of the outside of our home...I can't believe I haven't taken one yet! It is dark right now so I'll have to get one tomorrow so you can see (I'll leave the color a surprise...it is a story in and of itself! :) ).

They were able to live life with us...see what we do day to day. They were able to attend all our Bible studies, visit with the people, and helped us by putting on a VBS for the children of the town. They also blessed one of the ladies in our church by building her a new kitchen and patio roof (I'll post pictures of that later too).

This past week, our family took a trip to the American Consulate in Cabo San Lucas to get Nehemiah's paperwork filled out for his passpost and Born Abroad Certificate. Provided everything is in order, we will go back down in 6 weeks to pick everything up. He will then have dual citizenship like Noah and Susannah who were also born here in Mexico.

I'm posting some pictures of the Vacation Bible School and some of the children that I took from our trip this week. I didn't have any pictures of Daniel yet, so I snapped one of him while we took a bathroom break on the way home. Poor guy has to drive while we all get to sit back and rest...he had to get some shut eye sometime...I love that picture...I'm so thankful for him!

Thank you for your prayers. Praise the Lord for the Joy of His Salvation!

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  1. Dear Jaynee,
    I have missed hearing from you, and really appreciate knowing someone who is doing hard things with such a joyful attitude. I appreciate your example.
    We have a group of 18 coming this weekend to get started on a house for a local family. We appreciate your prayer that all goes well.


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