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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I think he meant well....?

Out of the mouths of babes! :) My oldest son Timothy (11) the other day had this conversation with me:
Timothy- "Mommy, did the people at the hospital where you gave blood think that you weren't 9 months pregnant?"
Me- "Why do you ask? Were you listening to mommy and daddy's conversation in the car?" (We had been talking about how funny it is that nobody believes that I'm due when I am...I've very tall, so baby has lots of room to spread out)
Timothy- "Well, I sort of heard something...but why do they not think your 9 months?"
Me- "Because mommy is so tall, my tummy doesn't stick out as far as normally a 9 month pregnant lady's tummy does."
Timothy- "I think that your tummy is WAY big...it's HUGE. I think it is bigger than most people's tummies. They shouldn't say things like that to you huh?"
Me- "Don't you have some chores or something to do? :)"


  1. hi! I saw you on nate & tricia's blog & noticed that you're missionaries in Mexico...we are too! so i wanted to stop by & say hello! How do you know nate & tricia? it's a small world!

  2. Hello! I linked over from Nate & Tricia's blog when I noticed you say that 10 little ones would be praying for them!

    We have been blessed with 5 children (so far) and I have had all c-sections. Now I'm used to them and actually prefer it (although I don't know what a vaginal birth is even like). I will pray that your delivery goes well!

    God Bless,
    Michelle in MO

  3. Hi Jaynee, Its getting close, I will be praying all to go well and for you to have a quick recovery! I hope someone can let us know as soon as you can of the new little ones arrival. You look great and I know what you mean about carrig the baby easily, I'm tall too and it really does hide it... Blessings to you all!

  4. hello from another lockwood family. We are in Texas but my husbands family is from Kansas.
    You have a lovely family and I have enjoyed reading your blog, plan on visiting often.


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