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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

After 5 months in the states....

....we are heading HOME! Lord willing, we'll be leaving the end of this week to take our little Samuel (and his 11 big siblings) back home to Mexico! Can I even begin to tell you long we've been looking forward to this day?
When we first came up here, we were unsure of many things. We did not know when we'd be able to return and we just prayed that all 14 of us would return together. We have seen the Lord answer so many prayers and while the past few months have not been easy, how we thank Him for the trial. He carried us through each day, strengthened our faith and oh how we love Him more. Thank you for praying along with us all this time. God has heard!

Plans for this week: Packing, cleaning, vehicle repairs, celebrate Benjamin's 9th birthday, saying good bye to family/friends, packing, packing and packing! :)....oh, and a very long drive back to our yellow home in the desert.

Plans for next week: Unpacking, cleaning, settling back in, and introducing Samuel to our church family/friends/neighbors who can't wait to meet him!...oh, and lots of laundry...there always is after a trip! :)

Plans after that: Daniel- Preach, teach, disciple, pray and work, work, work. Mommy/children- Help Daddy in whatever he needs and begin our new summer schedule.
And hopefully begin posting again more regularly :)


  1. I'm always so glad to see that you've updated!!!
    Wohooo for you going HOME!!! And I'm totally rejoycing about Samuels good health and that he gets to go home with you!!!
    I'm so so so looking forward to you posting from home!!YAY!!

  2. How exciting to hear that you are heading back down to Mexico. My prayers will continue to stay with you all during this week of packing, saying your goodbyes and last minute details. Of course I will be praying for a safe and happy journey home, God is so amazing, He has truly been so evident each day you've been back in the states. I will also be praying that God will continue to bless your ministry down in Mexico, that God will continue to work miracles and bring forth His fruit in His season.

    Love in Christ,

  3. How exciting!! I guess you've had your family/friends "fix" for a while. What a blessing to take those memories home with you. And sweet little Samuel!! Your trip has been an eventful one and I'm so glad you are ALL going home and the Lord has used it to strengthen you and bring you all closer to HIM.

    Are you due to have summer visitors/helpers?


  4. Jaynee,

    I'm so thankful that you are all healthy, strong, and ready to head home. My prayers will be with you as you prepare for your trip South. I've driven/ridden in and out of Alaska many times, so I know what it feels like to drive for hours and hours. I'll pray for your patient little ones to have a fun, fun, fun trip. :)

    Love you, Shelly

    p.s. I know it's been a tough few months, but I'm thankful that the Lord surrounded you with family and friends during these trials.

  5. Wow, has it been 5 months? Time flies. (I'm sure it didn't for you :))
    Praying for a safe & peaceful trip home.

  6. Such long-awaited wonderful news!! Will be praying for all the details to fall into place, and for safe travel back home!

  7. How wonderful for the Lockwood's!! Praying for a safe trip home, now.

    God bless you all!
    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  8. Wonderful news! I am so glad that little Samuel is healthy and thriving at home with his big brothers and sisters. Praying for a safe journey back to Mexico for the 14 of you.

  9. Hi! Where do you like to live more?

  10. Was your area affected by the Swine Flu? Are you nervous to bring your kids back there?

  11. That is such wonderful news, praying for a safe journey home for you all..blessings to you all

    shelley p
    from over the pond

  12. Wow, it's hard to believe it's been 5 months! Time flies!
    I'm glad that you're able to return "home" now and I hope the trip goes well. Praying for safety!
    God Be with you all.

  13. I also find it hard to believe that it's been 5 months! My daughter is 4 months old now--how time flies when one becomes a Mommy! I'm so glad you are able to return home soon--it will be great for the kids to be able to show Samuel all around!


  14. so excited for you guys to have a new journey! The Lord is so good, isn't He? Galations 6:9 comes to mind. "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."

  15. jaynee, Come back home, so I can read the blog again.


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