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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He cares for you

We are home, safe and sound :) We got in the wee hours of Saturday morning, carried all the sleeping little ones into their beds, got the older ones up to help unload our pillows and blankets for sleeping, and a few hours later woke up to get ready for the normal Saturday business...soul winning, bus visitation, church cleaning etc... Everyone was so excited to be home and couldn't wait to get to church to say hi to all their friends.
Since Daniel had driven through half the night, I tried to keep the children quiet in the morning so he could get more rest and I had them unload everything from the trailer and put it into the bedrooms. Needless to say, you couldn't really walk in the rooms! :) No matter...I wanted to keep the front of the house clean and open as we often get many visitors so they wouldn't be tripping over all our things.
After lunch, we tackled the van. It amazes me how messy it can get when we travel! I had the children pull out everything from the floors and seats and any other secret hiding spots. We filled 2 big laundry baskets to the top. Then they swept it, vacummed it, and dusted...later we washed the windows and washed the outside of the car too. It was as good as...well, as good as it ever is :) And all ready to be used to pick up others for church the next morning.
Everyone got a good hot shower in the evening and then after the children were in bed, I worked on going through the luggage to find an outfit for church for everyone in the morning...while Daniel was holding a service for the youth, I prayed for him and the teens as I ironed the very wrinkly pants, shirts and dresses.
Sunday we are always busy all day with the church here, so finally on Monday, we began to unpack, do laundry, and by yesterday afternoon, the house was mostly back in order. :)
I've wanted to write down some of the blessings during our time north, but it seems harder and harder to find the time to sit at the computer for more than a minute or two.
So to give an update over the past several days....
Can you guess what we were eating this afternoon???
Elijah sure seems happy about it...there was enough of this soup to feed everyone and it hardly cost me a peso to make.... :)

We tell our boys, whatever you kill, you eat. Oh, and the other rule is they have to gut, prepare and cook it too...every now and then mommy helps. Today, Rebekah was the chef as the boys had some yard jobs most of the morning hours.
So we had jack rabbit stew today...well, we is not exactly true....they had jack rabbit stew today. I did try it and it tasted just like chicken...doesn't everything? :)

I had so many special answers to pray this past . week.
We were planning on being back home much sooner than when we arrived.
A whole lot of problems with the van popped up right before we left that we had to get repaired. And then, our van broke down on the trip. We were so very thankful we were able to get it up and running...the Lord was so good in leading us to just the right place at the right time! But we soon realized that after the cost of those final repairs, we did not have enough money to get back home! We knew that we could have our mission board send us what was in our account in a few days. And in the mean time, we stayed near San Diego with Daniel's brother Phillip and his wife and their sweet little girl. We had so much fun visiting with them a couple days while we waited! We took up all their couch and floor space when we slept :), but they were so hospitable and gracious and it is always special when we get to be with our family.
On the way back down, we stopped in Rosarito at Pastor Chava's to say hi. He asked Daniel to stay and preach in their Wednesday night service; they rented a furnished mobile home for us for the next two days and what a blessing to be with Brother Chava and his church!

All that to say, we were hoping to be able to get a few supplies while we were up north, but we knew the Lord wanted us to get some supplies for our van's engine instead! :)
Knowing there was not much money to spare, I was content to tuck my list away knowing He always provides just what we need.
There were just two things....one of which I prayed specifically for and the other I was just a tad sad about. Each school year, I like to get a new binder for each of the school children to keep all their work in. We have used spiral notebooks in the past, but the pages tend to get torn out, lost, or the books get bent or lost. Binders seem to work so well and I love having one whole year in one big binder. But they don't sell binders here and I so wanted to get some while in the states. And so I prayed about it. I just asked for binders. I didn't say anything to anyone...not even Daniel. Just the Lord.
After spending a couple of fun days with my Aunt and Uncle, they were getting ready to head back home...on their way out, my Aunt went up to Daniel and gave him some money and said....
"We want to help you get some school supplies for the children."
Not gas...not food...not clothes...things you might commonly think of giving toward...school supplies!!! How special to me it was that the Lord put that exact thing on their hearts.
And there was enough for binders and even some of those other school supplies I'd written down on my list I'd tucked away in my bag.

The second thing that I was really hoping for was to be able to get some more treats and prizes for the children in our classes at church. I'd promised them some American Candy and so I got a bag of that, but was hoping to come back with several new items to replenish our dwindling store (The store is held once a month after the service...the children earn tickets they can use to buy things at the store...they earn them by attending, bringing their Bibles, winning sword drills, memorizing verses, answering questions, bringing friends, etc...).

Saturday morning, as we were getting ready to leave for the church, the post man drove up on his motorcycle and said 4 boxes had just arrived. While I finished finding shoes and packing the diaper bag, Daniel ran down to the post office. He walked back inside with 4 huge boxes...they were filled with crafts for the Sunday school children and filled with treats/prizes for our store!

Oh, the Lord is so good! Such little things, yet in the little and the great, He is so faithful...so good...so wonderful!

To end, a few pictures of course! :)
Here's some of the children getting ready to go back home after our evening service Sunday...they had so much fun making their hats :)

I love them all so much!

And here's a few pictures from our last few days of vacation....
All of us getting ready to say good bye to Aunt Julee and Uncle Elias after spending time with them in that beautiful resort! :)
Daniel and I were laughing on the way home how on that trip we slept in a resort, an American hotel, a Mexican hotel, a mobile home, Uncle Phillip's floor, and even in the van one night. :) On our first night up the peninsula, we got to where we planned to stay about 1:30 am, but nobody was there at the hotel office to tend to us. It was too late to travel further as the next hotel was 4 hours further north. Since Daniel has to drive, I insisted he stretch out in the trailer and since the children were all asleep already, I covered them up with their blankets, laid my seat back and we woke up ready to travel!)

Playing Uno at Brother Chava's house

Visiting Brother Lalo's grave...we still miss him so much. Makes us thankful all the more for the Blessed Hope we have through Christ Jesus our Lord! Someday soon we'll all be together again.
And for the time now, we are burdened more and more for those who still have no hope.

Eating a meal with one of the families from Brother Chava's church

This little girl was only 15 days old! Look at all that hair! The Mexican's say how beautiful our children are...theirs are just absolutely precious!

Brother Amar invited us to eat at his fish taco shop...


Wonderful meal...sweet fellowship with our Brother!

Thank you, Lord....for everything!
I Thess. 5:18


  1. Welcome back Jaynee!
    We missed reading your updates. As much as I dislike problems in life, they are a wonderful way to see God work so perfectly. Praise the Lord HE provided just what you needed.

    Lovely pictures of the children and you holding that sweet baby :-)

    Glad you're back safely~ Cinnamon

  2. I kept checking all week and behold here it is!! :):)So awesome to read of Gods provision for you and that you arrived home safely. Such great memories were made for you and your children on this trip!

    Jackrabbit stew? Hmmmm I made regular rabbit stew before and didn't like it...I kept picturing a furry, cute and yet gross rabbit between my teeth:):) Now we have a pet rabbit:) Your boys must be good at aiming that gun!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your trip! A few trials and many blessings..God is good. You have a beautiful family-your children are always smiling and happy. Again, thanks for sharing of your life in Mexico.

  4. So glad you are home safe and all went well. What fun memories. Oh, Did my mail arrie? I had a few issues sending it so I been praying it got there. Blessings


  5. Mmmm those fish tacos look amazing! Glad to read about how your family is doing. God's love for us is amazing.

  6. So glad to hear you are home again! I enjoyed reading about your trip and your blessings. What a wonderful experience for your children! :) I've been praying for your safety.

  7. 'Sounds like such a wonderful adventure! God bless you!

    ~Hugs from Alberta, Canada


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