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Friday, January 07, 2011

What's a dozen?

This has been a wonderful week...the most wonderful of the entire year, in fact!  
And I have so much I want to write down but it will have to wait.

You see, tonight is Friday.  
And, there is a man that I've been dating for over 20 years. 
 And I'm still dating him.
 And he'll be here in 15 minutes or so (I added the "or so" because #1, I like the word so, and #2, because I know this man well, and he just might be late :) ).   
Hot coffee, a warm hand to hold my cold one, and lots of talking, listening, laughing, and never a disagreement (it took me forever to learn, but the key...just always agree or sweetly smile and submit :) ). 
I love him! 


The real reason I'm here...I had to write this down before I forget...

I was teaching Noah math this week and they were introducing to him the concept of "a dozen".  
The examples greatly confused him.

*Your mom goes to the store and buys a carton of eggs.  That's 1 dozen.
We buy 5 flats a week.  That's a bit more than a dozen...150 to be exact.

*Your dad buys a dozen donuts for a breakfast treat.  
The poor boy looked like he was getting hungry thinking about it.

So I said, "Don't worry, Noah.  It's not that hard.  A dozen is how many children God gave Daddy and Mommy."

He finally understood!  

Now if I could only think of a way to explain what "seasons" are!


  1. I like the examples. I know what you mean about seasons. Up north it's - winter and getting ready for winter. Down there, if I'm correct, it's summer, and preparing for summer.

  2. Noah will 'meet' the seasons when you take your furlough drive across the USA =)

    Have fun tonight!

  3. Too cute!!

    Happy "date" night!


  4. I love it! It always gets me excited when I realize that we have a dozen now, too. Your total of socks the other day was a blow of reality when I read it and realized that, oh, we have a family of 14, too! That's a whole lotta socks, isn't it? I avoid math, and now I have another reason why. ;)
    I know I owe you an email now, but I also know you understand and are ever so patient, right?
    Love you, my friend.

  5. This is so funny. I could nt decide if this should be labeled, "you know your an MK when..." Or, "You know yu are the youngest in a large family when..."

    Glad you recorded this.

  6. And if the Lord blesses you with more children you can teach him about a baker's dozen!

  7. Hi Jaynee ~ I am passing along a Sunshine Award to you! Happy Day!

  8. hi, i enjoy reading your blog, but i dont understand something, you say that in the place you are in mexico nobody was christian before you arrive there, but as i know in mexico most people are catholic and very religious(82.8% of the population is Christian. Roman Catholics are 76.5% as i can read in wikipedia), its different in this village or what happen?

  9. Dear Anonymous, Daniel here, before we arrived there were probably Christians here albeit not many. You are accurate to say that the majority of people here are Catholic and our town is no exception. However being Catholic or religious does not lead you to heaven. Eternal life is only found in Jesus Christ himself. No church can save you, no man, and no pope... only the Lord Jesus Christ himself and faith in His work on the cross, his burial and resurrection. That is not what is taught or believed here. Their faith lies in the Catholic church, and the virgin of Guadalupe. We try to introduce them to the true Savior. Hope that helps

  10. ok i understand, so if im catholic, but i believe in jesus, and i was baptized when i was a baby, you believe i can go to heaven?

  11. Anonymous, only God knows the heart and that "great day" (day of judgment) will reveal the sincerity of our hearts.
    However, although the Catholic doctrine will not lead anybody to heaven, the Scriptures will. I have said before that I am sure that there will be Catholics in heaven, but it will be IN SPITE of the Catholic Church and it's doctrine not BECAUSE of its teaching. If you believe that you deserve hell (repentance) because of your absolute sinfulness, and have believed that Jesus Christ paid the price of your personal sin on the cross and believe that He is your only Lord and Savior (faith) you are saved. Your Catholic baptism wasn't baptism... the only requirement for baptism is faith in Christ (you probably didn't have that as a baby)... you still need to get baptized. But most importantly, being Catholic or baptized has nothing to do with salvation. The Bible tells us to examine ourselves to see if we are truly in the faith. You do not want to find out in the end that you were not truly saved... too late (Matthew 7).
    I Would be happy to continue this discussion, but this (blog) is not the correct format, feel free to send an email with any further questions or comments (daniellockwoodfamily@gmail.com. God bless you

  12. That brought a smile to my face!

  13. Jaynee,
    First let me say I enjoy reading your blog very much. But you said something that really bothered me. "Always agree or sweetly smile and submit." I love my husband with everything in me but I will not agree or submit if he is saying or doing something I don't agree with. I realize people deal with relationships differently but this seems to be very controlling. Are you not allowed to have an opinion? I'm not trying to be hateful or beligerent but as I said it really bothered me that you feel you have to do that to keep peace in your own home.

  14. Of course, I am allowed to have an opinion. Daniel usually asks for it too. The Lord has just shown me that even when I disagree or think my way may be better in a matter, rather than get upset or try to get my own way, God's way is for me to submit (I Peter 3, Ephesians 5) to my husband. There cannot be two heads...only one. If a wife was asked to do something wrong (lie, steal, immorality ect...) she would have to humbly decline, but that is not what I'm referring to. At times, Daniel may have a different opinion or way to do something or idea and whether his way is better or mine, he is the head and I will always be most protected and blessed as I submit to him. So yes, I am happy to share my opinion/thoughts with my husband...we LOVE to talk to each other! But if a decision is to be made and I think one thing and he thinks another, God tells me to just follow my husband.
    It's not a matter of keeping peace, but rather a desire to fully obey my Lord in all He's asked of me.
    Thank you for commenting. Sorry to take so long to publish and reply!


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