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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thirteen Years Ago

Thirteen years ago, I was home with my 1 year old little boy waiting for my piano student to arrive that morning.  Suddenly, it became obvious that there would be no piano lesson that day; my little boy was about to become a big brother.
I called Daniel at work, dropped Timothy off with my mom, and we arrived at the hospital.  A few hours later, I was holding my second son in my arms.   Elijah had always been my favorite boy name and while Daniel wasn’t too fond of it when we had our first, he warmed up to it for our second.  :) 
Those were the wonderful days of many, many more wonderful days to come.  Elijah was soooo different from Timothy!  I would tell Timothy , for example, “No, don’t touch that.”  And he might get in trouble once, but would obey after that.  With Elijah, I’d have to tell him again, and again, and again…I wondered if he’d ever learn!  He was always “in trouble!” :)  He was a thinker and you couldn’t let him get bored, or else he’d find something to do that he probably shouldn’t! 
I remember one day, he called me into his room to see the “city” he had made with his wooden blocks.  He told me that it had snowed in  his city.  I walked into his room to see all his little blocks perfectly arranged into houses, skyscrapers, bridges all COVERED with an entire box of powdered sugar!  That was a very bad summer for ants in the house!
Another time, Elijah had wanted to help me make supper.  I had  let him help make some mashed potatoes from a box.  He was so proud of himself...maybe a bit too proud.  The next day, he called me to his room to show me how he’d remembered everything.  What did he remember???  There in the middle of the carpet was a box of potato flakes dumped out with milk and water poured on top, a cube of butter,  and salt. 
He potty trained himself at 18 months.  He would sit on the couch for hours from the age of 2 1/2  looking at encyclopedias.  He listened to me teach Timothy to read and by his 4th birthday, he was reading well himself.  And as long as he had a book in his hands, he was content! :) 
Today, my little stubborn, bright, creative, boy  turned 13!  I’m the mom to two teenage boys now!  We celebrated by having chocolate chip pancakes this morning (birthday boy’s pick!) and gave Elijah his present.   Both  Elijah and I had dentist appointments today, and Daniel treated us to a birthday lunch in town.  While we were gone, the children decorated Elijah’s room with balloons, a banner, and confetti (a bit messy, but quite festive! :) ) and the girls helped me make hamburgers/hot dogs and strawberry shortcake for his party.  He said it was the best birthday he’s ever had.  They always tell me that!  :)  And I always believe them!
Super smart kid, wonderful older brother, best friend to his big brother, super helpful, walking encyclopedia for any useless fact that I may need to know, funny, caring, self disciplined, obedient and seeks to follow the Lord. I'm soooo thankful the Lord gave him to us! We are proud of you and love you, Elijah !   Happy Birthday!
1 Timothy 6:11
But thou, O man of God...follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.


  1. Happy Birthday, Elijah! March 17 is our Abby's birthday!

  2. Happy 13th Birthday to your son!

  3. What wonderful stories you have about Elijah!! It's my favorite boy name too :o) I'm trying to convince Mike that if this is boy #5 his name should be Elijah! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

    Katie in MD

  4. Happy Birthday Elijah!!

    Dana in VA

  5. What wonderful memories :-) Now you can look back and laugh at the powder sugar and potato flakes right? hee hee

    I love his name~ Happy Birthday Elijah!

    p.s. two boxes on their way for Leticia ♥

  6. oops.....Happy Birthday!!! (i missed it)

    what a fine young man!!! children are a blessing and precious gifts from the Lord!!

    Its exciting at all ages!!!

    Love to you all!!!


  7. Happy 13th Birthday, Elijah! We have an Elijah too, he is almost 17 months old.

    God Bless you!

    Kim in NC


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