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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Journaling Furlough

September 14, 2011– Tuesday Morning
We are on the road again traveling through New Mexico this morning on our way to Houston, TX.  According to the GPS, we have 807 miles to go.  I’m so thankful for our GPS.  We’ve only had it for about a month.  Daniel’s cousin, Tom, and his wife gave us theirs while we were with them in Arizona last month.  We’d never used one before and Tom said he thought it would help us on our trip.  We love it!  I’m especially thankful for it because it does much better at giving directions than our former co-pilot did….me.  I don’t even necessarily need to know the address to a church.  I can just type in the city/state and look up the churches in that area and choose from a list the church that we need.   No internet connection needed to look up a map/directions.  What a benefit/time saver it has been for us! 
We love road trips as a family.  Even with all the work/busy schedule/hours it the car, they are so fun and we make so many memories together.  I was thinking this morning of what a time of growth they are for us too.  For me, the difficulties of the trip have caused me to be thankful, to see areas in which I struggle, and have given me so many opportunities to see the Lord work. 
It’s been a time of stretching for me.  I love being home.  I love to have each of my days planned/scheduled and in order.  Right now, normally, we would be well into our school year, our new yearly schedule printed and followed, and while we don’t know what tomorrow holds,   unless the Lord brought something different along, I’d know what to expect each day. 
I always need to grow in the area of flexibility.  This trip has been and will continue to be good for me!  Each day in a different place, in different homes, different schedules, asking the Lord all along the way to allow us to be a help, blessing and encouragement to all those we meet.  I do miss my home.  And if I ever thought that furlough=a time of rest, I think I’ve changed my mind! Ha!  Of course, I think being tired for the next 10-15 years more or so is just part of my job. :)  Well worth it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. 
Being tired, in a car together for hours, throw in being hot at times or maybe not feeling too good...well, it let’s you see who you really are!  I am thankful.  So thankful for the work the Lord has done in my heart and so thankful that He who hath begun a good work in me will continue to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ! 
And this morning, as I again asked the Lord for His grace and strength for today, I thought of the many things our time so far on this trip has given.  Right now, as Daniel is driving and I’m typing, some of the children are singing new songs they’ve learned.  How we love to sing!  I’m remembering  3 weeks of nights in Uncle Joel’s living room hearing the 20 cousins sing their hearts out while Uncle Daniel/Uncle Joel/Timothy played guitar or I played piano.  A giant tree fort built.  The need to buy the children an address book to keep track of the names/addresses of the many new friends that they have met and with whom they want to keep in touch.  The excitement on their faces when we opened a couple care packages some dear friends sent to us to make our trip extra special and help pass those long hours in the car.  The exciting sights seen along the way.  Hearing Daddy week after week preach and seeing not only His willingness to give His life for the gospel but to also see the Lord use Him in so many ways.  And the BEST is yet to come!  I say that often to the children.  Not just referring to our trip (because I always tell them that this will be the greatest day ever). :)  But as a Christian having being purchased by the blood of our Savior, we are His!  And someday will be the BEST day ever for we will be with Him and forever and have a new body that does not struggle with sin.  So each day, we ask the Lord to make us more like Him until we will be like Him for we shall see Him as He is.  What a wonderful Lord and Savior! 
It’s been a good trip.  Yes, difficult at times but we know the Lord is  with us, leading us, and our hearts have been blessed. 

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  1. Jaynee, loved all the pictures!! I love your outlook, cause it could be way different, couldn't it?

    I like what you said about driving long hours, being uncomfortable and seeing who you really are. What a blessing the Lord is giving you through all this.

    You are in my prayers! We are eagerly anticipating your arrival


  2. I always come away from reading your blog blessed!


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