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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Just some every day pictures

Daily life.  When I transfer pictures from our camera onto the computer, I always smile. 
I took these first three shots early one morning as the light was just shining through the family room window.  Since Daddy made the new closet, my little guys have taken great pride in getting up, getting dressed all by themselves (including combing their hair :) ), making their beds, doing their chores, and then having their Bible and prayer time.  They are big boys now.  They have their own closet just like their older brothers. They have their own Bible, too.
It doesn't matter that they can't really read the Bible yet.  They know lots of verses and stories and as they open up to a page, often with the Bible upside down, they are very serious.  Nehemiah helps Eliseo find the perfect place to read.  He helps him with everything because he's "a lot bigger" you know.  He's 5 and Eliseo's not quite 4.  He weighs 1 1/2 lbs more, too.  
Usually Nehemiah "reads" out loud and Eliseo listens. Then they always pray.  
So sweet.  So sincere.  Something I pray they will do for the rest of their lives.

Timothy, who was suppose to be doing his school work, took this picture last week.  Don't you love what you find on your camera sometimes? :)   An early morning visit from our neighbor across the street.  I hadn't had a chance to comb my hair, but she doesn't care.  
 Timothy had my camera Saturday morning, too.  They went out to share the gospel door to door.

 Like I said, the pictures I find on my camera :)  But I sort of think he's cute in a messy sort of way.
We make a lot of cookies around here.  
 And make lots of memories, too! :)


  1. Lovely photographs Jaynee...though I'm not sure about Mr Pig! Ha!

    Nehemiah and Eliseo are so sweet. Our 4 y/o boy was doing something similar this evening. Makes my mamas heart just melt!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Will you show a picture of how you made the closet and how many kids it serves? I love your blog Jaynee. Our prayers are with you.

  3. Sure, Dawn! It's just the frame work and needs all the finishing, but it is soooooo much more functional now having with adequate space for the 8 oldest boys!! :)

  4. Beautiful photos...precious memories! xx

  5. Sweet! Right down to the cookie dough :D

  6. Sweet, sweet...

    And one day those boys really will be sitting, reading their Bibles, and discussing spiritual matters. And, like all men, they will be "solving the world's problems" together!!!!

  7. I love your pictures! Your boys are so sweet and adorable. You're in our prayers and hearts!

    Phil. 4:13

  8. Those pictures of the boys "reading" Scripture and praying together are priceless! Thank you for sharing!
    The Lord bless,

  9. Jaynee, I want to thank you for your blog. I stumbled upon your site a few months ago. Although, I read a lot of blogs about things, yours is the one who I enjoy the most. My husband is a Pastor in a small country town. I homeschool my girls and we get by with everyday life. I can connect with you the most. So I wanted you to know that I am grateful for all your blogs and as soon as we are able, we will send money to help your Mission. God Bless you to the Upmost. Pamela

  10. What a precious picture of the boys reading Scripture together :)

  11. Jaynee,
    The picture of you and your neighbor really blessed me. I thought about it all day and as I prayed I sensed the Lord impressing on my heart that my home was to be an open door. I also loved the pictures of your little boys. Precious!

    Have a blessed day!

  12. I love all the pictures, but that top one is my FAVORITE! How precious that they now what is important :).


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