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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Building the Walls

In May of last year, our church here purchased land.
In February, we began construction.
And soooo much has happened in the past several weeks.
I really should have been updating every few days or at least once a week, but the times when the most is happening is the time when I can't find time to write!
We've moved everything out of the building we were loaned for our church for the past 2 years and moved it out to the property.  We cleaned and gave back the building to the owner with very grateful hearts for the time we were able to be there.
We had the Murphy family from Oklahoma come visit us for several days giving of their time and money to not only come see us/the ministry here, but providing for the work, working in the dirt along side us, and being a tremendous blessing to our family and church here.
We had a group from the bapitst church in  Los Cabos come put up walls for the bathrooms and storage room last week.
We have a group from the baptist church in Constitucion here today working on our temporary church building which we will use until the Lord provides for a permanent one.
Daniel has been at the property from early morning until past dark every day for over a month working.
On the home front, we've been working hard at school, I'm doing my best to hold down the fort here while Daniel's working at the property, the boys are out to help Dad as much as they are able,  and I'm still working on getting my permanent visa and renewing my passport require many trips south.

Whewwww... :)
So since so much has happened, I thought I'll just take some pictures from off my camera and phone and let you see into a bit of our lives these past few weeks.  Sorry that they aren't in in order.  I only have a few minutes before I need to make lunch, do some errands, and take the girls to a baby shower, but I really want you to see what the Lord is doing!

Tomorrow will be our first church service held on our own property.

We filled the land in with 19 dump trucks of dirt to keep it from flooding during hurricane season.

The Murphys brought new crayons for our children and our Sunday School classes.

Digging ditches for sewage and water.

First VBS held in the fishing village of Ensenada Blanca

The Murphys with some of our church who came to help with the VBS

Sorry I forgot to flip this one!  But my BABY turned 4 last month!!!
And these "babies" are both taller than I am and GREAT helps to their Dad.

School days



Feeding the men's group who came from Los Cabos to work

Hoping to get done early so he can get out to the property

Newest/youngest "member" of our church....Sweet Isabel

Helping Daddy move out of the old building

Sweet Mateo...Going to his baby shower today!  Keeps me from missing the  "baby days"  too much since I still have a while before I'll be a grandma.

Daniel bought some burritos from Hna. Rosa for breakfast on the way to work
Hna. Rosa's husband is almost 70  years old and has been out working with Daniel  helping in all he can.
Brother Ramon served the "bottle" for 43 years getting drunk every day.
Now he serves the Lord Jesus Christ.

Diaper cake I made yesterday for Mateo :)

Eating breakfast out at the work site this morning

Bathrooms and Storage room...going to be used as Sunday school rooms tomorrow.

This is what the men are working on today...our temporary church building.  Walls made of pieces of plywod and sheet rock we had put up in our former building.  Dirt floor, tin roof (soon), preaching God's Word here every week!

Yea for new crayons!

Writing a letter...one of our favorite activities
We LOVE getting mail and sending it too!

Nehemiah and Miguel...Miguel is a 16 year old young man that got saved and baptized last year and has been Daniel's "right hand worker" during the day while the boys are in school.

More letters

And Pictures

A letter received from his pen pal!  Goofy Noah in the background and exhausted, hard working Daddy too.

Just hanging out with my big brother while he does his school work.

The day the floor of the bathrooms/storage room was poured

Moving dirt

Building the walls!!!


  1. You may not update enough ... but ... they are always wonderful when you do!!!!!!! It is so exciting to see all that is going on and to hear of souls being saved! Love all those precious faces :). Your diaper cake came out really cute too. Can't wait to show the boys all the building going on!!! Miss you and praying for you all the time :).
    PS. Did you really count all those o's :)?

    1. Awww....I miss you, too!!! Thank you so much for praying for us and remembering us and of course I counted all those o's....You have to make time for important things, ya know :)

  2. What a blessing you are receiving! I am excited that you have reached this step. May the Lord bless your services tomorrow.

  3. So wonderful to see everyone in action and all of those big smiles! Praying for you and your wonderful ministry! - Sonya for the Wilson Family

  4. Wow. Look at all the Lord is doing. I'm so excited for you guys !!! I, too, LOVE hearing avout all of the sould being saved. And seeing the turnout of vbs kids. Exciting days serving God.
    We pray for you and thank you for your work in Mexico :)
    Did you by any chance get any more (new?) Prayer cards ?

    ♥ The Pelkeys

  5. Wow great to see the progress. That temp building looks great. Please be sure to take lots of pictures of the people worshiping In all the new buildings.

    Praying for you And your church daily

    M & M & S

  6. Felicidades por su nuevo edificio para la iglesia, mi corazón se llena de felicidad al ver como Dios trabaja en diferentes maneras, circunstancias y lugares, que bendición.
    Me llama también la atención que sus hijos estudian en casa, yo tengo una hija de diez años que también estudia en casa, nosotros usamos un curriculum de BJU PRESS ( Bob Jones),
    y estamos pensando en cambiar por otro. ¿Qué curriculum usan ustedes? Me gustaría otras opciones y opiniones.


    Juana Blose.

    1. Gracias, Juana, por los palabras de animo y gracias a Dios por todo lo que El ha hecho.
      Nosotros siempre hemos usado el curriculum Abeka y si es muy bueno.

      Pues, me da mucho gusto a "conocerle" aqui :) Dios le bendiga.

  7. Such a lovely update! Many prayers for you and your church family. Love, love, love to see how God is working through you! :) He is so amazing!

    Please tell Nehemiah that Matthew was very excited to see himself in Mexico! He was a little sad after he asked if he could please go to his buddy's church one Sunday and I had to explain a 3000+ mile drive was a bit too far. ;)
    God bless you!
    The Funkhousers

    1. Awwww....that's so cute! Nehemiah was sooo excited to have another picture of his friend. He keeps them in his "desk"...it's actually just a little drawer that I gave for him to have as his own and he keeps all his most prized treasures in there. :)

  8. I love that diaper cake! So cute:) Looking forward to more updates:) ("hint"..."hint"...:D)

  9. Gracias Familia Lockwood por la recomendación de Abeka, tengo algunos amigos que usan este curriculum y me dan la misma opinión, tomaré encuenta la sugerencia. Que Dios le siga bendiciendo en gran manera el Ministerio en familia.

    Juana Blose


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