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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monthly update :)

 With every intent to update here more, it just hasn't happened. 
Each day the Lord gives is so full!  
I could write volumes of books on all He has done.
But to everything there is a season and right now, so much is being kept and pondered in my heart.

But as we long for your prayers, we love showing you glimpses of the work here.

 Saturday, I was able to take 10 ladies/young ladies from our church to the Baptist Church in Santa Rosalia (4 hours north of here) to a Ladies' conference.  We left to pick everyone up about 4:30 am and were on the road headed north by 5 am.  Upon arriving, we sat down to fellowship with the ladies of the other churches there and eat breakfast.
 There were a total of 85 ladies from 5 different churches, some from 12 hours away.
We sang, listened to 3 different messages encouraging us in our walk with the Lord and the specific calling He has given us as ladies/wives/mothers.  

 We stopped at a beach along side the highway for a few minutes on the way home and arrived home safely...physically tired but spiritually refreshed and strengthened.

Our super handsome chauffeur  :)

 Sunday night, we filled up our mini bus with several from our church to head an hour and a half north to the Baptist church in Loreto where Pastor Chava (a dear friend of ours for the past 25 years!) was preaching.  We knew this time would be a tremendous blessing for those in our church who could come.

 As we headed home that evening, the entire hour and a half trip back was filled with singing.  Sharing a couple of hymnbooks and picking out song after song, the bus was filled with praises to our Lord.  
My eyes began to fill with tears as I thought of our church.  My brothers and sisters in Christ who are so dear and precious to me and whom I love so very much!
Four years ago, the last thing on their lips would have been a song of praise to the Lord.
The freedom that Christ has given....freedom from the drinking, drugs, cursing, bitterness, hatred, fear.
I think of how much He has changed me!  Oh, I have so far to go, but He is so faithful and so good!  
He is so sweet and I love Him so much!
I'm so glad He has called us here!
 For the past several weeks, we've met under half a roof.  But the Lord provided for our dirt floor to be replaced with gravel keeping the dust from stinging your eyes.
And as of about 4 pm today, we now have an entire roof!  Someone here in our town, who wanted to remain anonymous, gave us the money to complete the tin roof!  So Daniel, Timothy and Elijah spent the afternoon putting it up.
Oh, the Lord is so good!
On the home front, for the first time in many years, each of our boys have their own bed!  My hubby spent the past several weeks designing and building 3 sets of triple bunks.  They are attached to the wall in the boys room, custom made to fit their room exactly!  

 We still need to get mattresses for the bottom bunks, but the little guys moved into their new "own little space" with joy!  Hey, they don't even complain when it's time to go to bed now! :)  
The boys spent a good part of 4 days helping Daddy put them up and paint.   I love it when they work with Daddy! :)   There is no greater joy than serving the Lord together!!!


  1. Thank you so much for the update! Always makes me smile :) Keeping your sweet family in our prayers!

    I know this is a bit early to be asking but do you know yet if you will be able to pick up Christmas boxes in the states this year or if they will need to be mailed to ya'll again? I mentioned your family at my homeschool group and everyone wants to send boxes to ya'll this year and I wanted to give them a heads up if there might be additional shipping costs. If you don't know yet, not a problem. :)

    1. Hi :) I don't know yet. It's too early to plan. But I'm hoping we'll be able to provide a USA address. We'll be sure to let everyone know as soon as we know ourselves! :)

  2. Another post that is well worth the wait! I LOVE the verse that you chose to put up in the church. What sweet times of fellowship all around the baja. Your boys now have the coolest bunk beds I have seen and it sounds like some great carpentry skills to match! Praying for all of you as we rejoice in your many blessings - Sonya

  3. Jaynee,

    So wonderful checking in on you all. The Lord is doing SO much there, through you all. Praise the Lord! Such an encouragement. I LOOOOOVE the bunk beds. Great job, Lockwood men!! :) So many memories you guys are making as a family. Wish I were closer, I would love to play with you all. You keep pondering in your heart, this season will fly. Miss and love you much.


  4. We always enjoy reading updates on your family. The Lord is blessing all of your hard work. My husband and oldest daughter are going on their first mission trip to Mexico (a very long way from our home in Tennessee) in a few months. When they first found out everyone was saying maybe they could meet the Lockwood's. I know it sounds funny but we have read your blog for so long the kids feel like they know you. We had to get the map out and we realized that their destination is a long way from your home. They will be in Oaxaca. Oh well maybe one day!!! Blessings to your beautiful family!!! Missy for the Parris Family

  5. Your updates are always worth the wait :)!!! They make us miss you even more :).
    Love, love, the bunk beds!!! Great job to all your men ... I am saving that idea for my carpenters :). Have a wonderful day dear, Friend. Love and miss you!


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