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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday, Timothy!

Eighteen years ago today, Timothy was born.
And I became a mommy.
And Daniel became a daddy.
And our parents became grandparents.
And our 15 siblings became aunts and uncles.
That was one special day!
 Those years have flown by so fast!
Timothy, who gave you permission to grow up?
 I miss you so much, but am so very proud of the man you have become and will continue to become.
I'm so thankful for the Lord's grace.  We went into parenting thinking we knew so much yet we knew so very little.  The Lord has taught us so much.  And I know now how much I need Him!
But when I look at you, through all those years, God's grace was at work.
You are so loved!  And I can't wait to see what plans the Lord has for you.

 Not only have you been an amazing son, you have filled the role of brother to 11 so well that we still feel a bit lost without you here.
All those times you comforted a crying sister, played with your brothers, sat down to teach Eliseo to read, carried a sleeping younger one to bed, helped tie a shoe, shared your bed, your clothes, yourself...
You are much more than a brother.  You are a  best friend.
 I can't wait to hear you and Elijah play guitar and sing together again.
 You two have kept your dad and I laughing for years! 
 You are a friend to everyone.  Want everyone to be happy.
Outgoing and soooo handsome like your dad.

 Seek the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
Love Him above all.
Obey His Word.

 We pray for you every day.

 Happy 18th birthday, Timothy!


  1. So so sweet! And happy birthday, Timothy!

  2. Happy 18th birthday Timothy...may GOD continue leading you for HIS purposes. With greetings from across the miles...McLay family

  3. Happy Birthday Timothy!!!!!! Everything your Mom said is true :). Continue to walk with God all the days of your life. You are such a blessing to your family and those that know you.
    You are the reason little Jeremiah was not named till late in the day. We went back and forth between calling him Timothy after you and the Timothy of the Bible!
    The A Family
    Great pictures!

  4. Great pictures. I saw that you updated the picture of the kids. A blog update might be a good idea to reflect what you are doing now. Praying for God to heal the broken hearts and cleanse the sin. Love you.

  5. Congratulations on your first 'adult' child. Timothy, Happy Birthday, May the Lord Bless you and Keep you always.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these pictures of such a fine, godly, young man. Happy Birthday, Timothy! I look forward to seeing how the Lord works in your life. May He richly bless you as you continue to seek Him.

  7. AMAZING ... your words show your life for the little boy who you taught to be a man . :)

  8. Wow!!! You have children who are men! Happiest birthday to Timothy. Yes....keep seeking the Lord Timothy!!!!

    Jessica Argon

  9. Such beautiful pictures! How have you been Jaynee? Have you all settled into your new life? Been thinking of you, hope you are well! I miss your updates!

  10. One day…when you have time:)…could you share some of your favourite recipes with beans? and/or any of your recipes in general?

  11. when is ELIJAH 'S birthday?

  12. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these words and pictures.

  13. Happy belated birthday, bud! Keep in the middle of the road!

  14. Wow... so grown-up! So what is Elijah doing with his time if he's graduated and only Timothy is in college? And the others are still homeschooled? Would love to see your schedule for this year!

  15. Praying you are all well as we enter this holiday season!

  16. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Surely miss your posts and updates on the daily teachings and learning. Hope all is well.

  17. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Miss hearing from you.

  18. Merry Christmas, You have a beautiful family...Have a wonderful new year.

  19. We had a blessed Christmas with our family celebration Jesus the reason for the season.
    We hope that you did too, I miss your blog.. I have never met you but feel close to your family.

  20. Jaynee, I hope you and your precious family have a great new year! All of your children are so very beautiful.

  21. Thinking of you and your family as the new year starts. It is so exciting to start a new year and to experience all
    that is before us. I have read your blog for several years. It was fun to see how the children changed, You are blessed
    to have such a fine family. I hope you will update and let us see how everyone is doing. Have a great new year.

  22. It has been so long since you have posted. Hope all is well with your family. We miss the updates. I know the kids are
    doing amazing things. How is school going for Timothy? I'm sure he misses all of you as much as you miss him.
    Hope you will post soon.


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