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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


December already! When I think over the past year, I am just amazed at the Lord's provision and the grace He poured out in our lives each day...good days and difficult ones. One thing that the Lord impressed upon my heart this year is how to have JOY. I'm sure many of you have heard the saying that JOY is putting Jesus first, than Others, and then You. But isn't it so true?
To live, we must die. To get, we must give. Whoever loves their life will lose it, whoever loses their life will find it. So very opposite to what Satan and this world tell us.
I know many people comment about how wonderful it is that we are serving here or bringing up all these children. How wonderful it is to see the children working and serving together ect...
But one thing we have never wanted is for someone to think that we are "special".
When I say that I am so undeservedly blessed, I truly mean it. I marvel that the Lord chooses to allow me to serve Him here. I don't know why he chose to give me so many precious little lives to rear. Daniel and I both have so many faults. When we work with what some think of as the "truly lost sinner"...ones who have never known the Lord, who drink or take drugs each day, who leave their wives to be with others ect..., we truly feel for them. We know how it is to have our hearts heavy with sin and guilt and the sheer joy of forgiveness! We so want them to know and love the Savior as we do!
Our children too...as much as I love them and and sweet as they can be...are just like their mommy and daddy...sinners in need of a Savior. And for as many days as we all work well together and they sweetly play and help together, there are just as many days when I think to myself and remind them, tomorrow is another day...God's mercies are new every morning! Lots of love, patience, dicipline, instruction, training, and praise...All Day Long!
I am very selfish so often. While I may do what needs to be done, often, in my heart, I would rather be doing something else. I have thought how much easier or happier I would be if I only had time to do this or that, if I could only sleep a bit more, if I could only eat my meal when it is hot just once ect...
And do you know what? I have sadly gotten these things. I say sadly not because it is wrong to do something I want, or sleep in, or eat my meal when it is hot, but because of they way I got them. By "mentioning" these things to Daniel in a "sweet" way. How I complain in my heart sometimes! And then when Daniel feels badly and gives me "what I deserve"...do you know what? The happiness that comes from them is FAR less than I anticipated.
What the Lord has shown me this year is the joy of serving. When I choose, with His neverending grace, to put my desires away, and look for ways to joyfully serve all those around me, I am SOOOO HAPPY! In fact, I have MORE energy and often times seem to be given those special blessings that I truly don't deserve, but the Lord gives anyways. He knows when I need more sleep. He knows when I maybe need to be up thinking and praying as I rock a fussy baby. Daniel is so much happier too when I am joyfully serving him and my family without even a word of wishing it were otherwise. And the Lord truly honors obedience I believe. As I choose to obey and serve, my heart just LOVES it!

Yesterday, Daniel came back from preaching in Jesus Maria. He looked so tired and I know he's burdened that they will not come to Christ. They continue to faithfully come to hear the preaching and it seems some want to believe, but just aren't sure. Please keep praying for them. We will be taking some of the Christmas Shoeboxes out to the village with us next week.
I'm praying I'll be able to go too. I've been having some more problems with the pregnancy this week again. Daniel is calling down to La Paz today and schedule an appt. with the doctor there. I am comforted just to know so many of you are praying.

I'll close with some pictures of the past few days. Here is our new trantula that the boys brought back with them from the village yesterday. Isn't he a beauty?

Here was my soup pot turned into trantula home with our two furry, creeping, crawling pets :)
The children continue to work away at their school work each day. With the pregnancy complications and just normal morning sickness, we've gotten a bit behind schedule, but we're plugging away :) Daniel is putting in book shelves to hold all our homeschool supplies! They are so wonderful!

Here's a sneak peek of the manger scene the children are making this week. Beka's working on "blow drying" the glue from one of her wisemen...who weren't actually at the manger...but we are making them anyways and they can be placed in some far distant land :)

Okay...this is really fuzzy, but I had the strangest thing happen the other day and wanted to just put this out here to caution others. That is a picture of my very burnt arm. The other night, I was heating some water in a mug in the microwave. When the timer went off, I reached in to grab the handle of the mug. As soon as I touched it, the water literally exploded everywhere. The force was so great it threw the cup out of my hand (which thankfully didn't break as it was my favorite mug...I say "was" because Susannah accidently dropped it yesterday). After running water over my arm, I looked up online to try to find out what had happened. Apparently, it is very rare, but sometimes, in really clean smooth cups especially, the water get's superheated and yet the bubbles don't rise to the surface like they normally do when they boil. So the water is actually hotter than boiling and once the cup is slightly disturbed (me grabbing it) that water instantly releases all that energy and explodes.
Well, Daniel laughs at me now when I heat up water in the microwave and first poke the cup with a wooden spoon at a distance before grabbing it :)


  1. You are so lovely and inspiring. Thank you so much!

  2. Ouch!! Your poor arm! That looks mighty painful.

    Thank you for the reminder to serve joyfully, without complaining or desiring recognition, or special treatment in return.

    Praying for your wee one (and it's mama!).

    Mae in VA

  3. Oh my goodness, I would be doing the same thing, I am glad it was not worse it still looks painful!

    Your testimony hit home with me, I often find myseld complaining in my heart. I need to hand this over to God and ask him to teach me to be greatful, kind, obiendent,selfish that is is something I really need to work on, I do love serving others but sometimes my flesh is greedy and I pray God will work on me with that, and I will work harder on it.

    God has blessed us so much, and gifting us with this baby (due in May)I am so thankful for his Mercy and Amazing Grace daily.

    As for the huge trantula's, I cringe just looking at the pic's and the thougt of them not contained scares me!! My son wanted to show me a black widow he found in the garage (CA) he had it in a container, I would not let him in and locked the door until he went across the street in the alley and let it go!!! Too scarey for me.

  4. Yikes! I'm so sorry about that burn... that's awful. And how weird, right? I've never heard of that happening (with the inverted boiling thing). Also, YIKES about the spiders. those pictures freak me out! I don't know if I'd be so brave as to let my husband bring them in the house. Just thinking about them sends shivers down my spine. You are an INCREDIBLE woman! haha

    love you!

    I FINALLY wrote you back on facebook.

    love jess

  5. Another great post Jaynee. Every day with a large family is a work of art or sometimes a disaster. But every day God does give us the grace to find the joy in it all. Thanks for the reminder :-)

    We are praying for you and baby lockwood #12. Hoping all stays well until his or her precious birth.

    Hi to all the kiddos from our kiddos~

  6. Just logging in to let you know that I'm praying for you and your baby. Also, that I HAVE heard of the dangers of boiling water in the microwave, and apparently it's not as uncommon as people think. I think you're smart to poke the cup with a stick first!

  7. The superheated water is something I'm always warning my husband about. He doesn't believe me! I'm so sorry that happened to you. When I need to heat water in the microwave I add a dash of sugar, or salt, or lemon juice, depending on what is going to be added to the hot water. I've been told it will keep that from happening.

    And the spiders are SO huge! I wouldn't like those kinds of pets at all!!

    ~Leah in Alaska~

  8. Jaynee,
    I am so sorry for your burn. I am glad to know that can happen tho.

    Did you get your new to you pickup yet?

    No one is perfect but we can try to be more like Jesus.

    You are very refreshing.

    We live in Oklahoma and those big old spiders actually live here. yuck.

    Praying for you and the babe.


  9. Debbie~
    Daniel's brother left yesterday so he should be here sometime this week :)

  10. Thank you for your wonderful reminder. I have been contemplating these very things!! I'm so glad God's grace covers me every day because I so often put myself first. Thankfully He gently puts me back where I belong. I have to say that you may not want people to think you are special but you have risen to hero statis with me for letting your sweet boys have a spider for a pet. My son has been wanting one but I just can't do it!! He already had a good sized snake so I'm not super mean :0)!! My sister is a chemist with the FDA and she warned me about warming water in microwaves - they have to watch for it when doing tests in the labs - it is called "bumping" the water. If you warm your water with the wooden spoon in it, it can't happen. I'm continuing to pray for your next little one.

  11. Thanks for sharing that. I sometimes struggle reading how wonderfully other families work together etc and think I'm the only one that has days where nothing seems to go right or the children are just not getting along or something.

    That burn looks PAINFUL!!

    I know what you mean about hinting to hubby about what you wish but then it not being as rewarding as imagined!

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. OW! Your poor arm. I have heard of that happening before. We do not own a microwave so one less thing to worry about. Sorry to hear that things are still rough for you and Lockwood #12. We will continue to pray.
    Thanks for the great reminder about serving joyfully.

  13. ouch! Thanks for sharing your testimony. I am hoping for health for you and your baby. The tarantulas totally freak me out, yikes ... and the children just "caught" them! Sorry to fixate on the tarantulas but ...

  14. That is a HUGE tarantula! I hope your arm feels better soon! Not sure if you have access to aloe in Mexico, but I've found that to help.

  15. I will pray the people of Jesus Maria will find their way to Jesus. What a wonderful day it will be when they do. What a wonderful thing Daniel is doing, trying so hard to make their hearts listen. Reminds me of Luke Chapter 5, (we just read it in church a few sundays ago) Simon being the "catcher of men" I know that one day Daniel will cast out his nets and bring in a whole load of men. So to speak I guess.

    Ouch on your arm, I pray it heals well. I burned myself on my elbow not long after my girls were born and down my forearm, some of the worst pain ever. Looked much like yours, but mine blistered terribly by that evening. I feel that pain again just looking at your picutre. I am so sorry, ouch ouch ouch!

    I am a tea drinker, and use the microwave, I really need a kettle I guess. I have heard of the water doing that, so I tend to put a plastic spoon in mine to be safer. Really will make me double check that I do that, until I get my kettle.

  16. Wow, Jaynee. I'm sure that God told you to post those words just for me. Thank you for listening to Him. Honestly, I have been fighting discouragement recently and was thinking (foolishly) of asking you if you don't ever have times where you struggle with what you want to do/have vs. what you have to do. Also, if you don't have days where your children don't all work together cheerfully. Silly me. I know we're all real. I was just longing for the continual joy you show - I guess right there is where I lost mine by wishing my struggles away rather than rejoicing in them.
    It is at times like this that I am SO thankful to be a Christian. You are so special.

  17. I've had the same thing happen with the microwave! It is scary, but I never knew why it happened. Thanks for the information, and may the Lord bless you as you persevere in serving others for His sake!

  18. Jaynee,

    I would love to hear any methods you use to train/discipline your children - if they have consequences or rewards. Summer

  19. So sad to say that your children are "sinners' Makes me very sad to know your setting them for a life a failure.

  20. Hi Jaynee,

    Your posts are so uplifting to me. The Lord works in my heart after I read each of your updates. He is giving me the grace to serve my family cheerfully on the outside AND on the inside.

    Can you fill us in on your devotional time with the Lord...time in the Word, Scripture Memorization, etc.

    Continuing to lift your family in prayer.

    In Him,
    Katie in Maryland

  21. Hi Jaynee,
    Praying fro you ans the new baby, if you need to rest then you better do it!! We desire that little one to stay in there and grow!! I remember when Elijah got burned with hot water, very painful! A always thank you for sharing your heart, we are all on a journey, growing and learning of our Lord. How wonderful to know that what He has started, He will perfect. Keep your eyes up and your heart bowed before Him!!!

  22. I am in a different season of life than you, Jaynee, but your post is a blessed reminder about contentment, having a servant's heart and desiring to love, serve and honor Christ.

    Thank you for a timely reminder. We're all imperfect but God fashions and uses us for His purposes.

  23. Dear Anonymous,
    We are all sinners (Romans 3:23) and all set for a life of failure (Romans 6:23). But the wonderful news is that Jesus Christ came to this earth, born as a little baby, and lived as we do, yet WITHOUT sin, and then died because he loved us so much and paid the penalty for all of our sins (2 Cor. 5:21). And through Him alone, salvation is ours! We can have peace with God, and no longer be slaves to sin (Romans 6:6 Romans 5:1).
    Yes, our children just like us are sinners...and for this we strive each day to point them to our loving Savior who can make them a new creature and give them a new heart (2 Cor. 5:17, Ezekiel 36:26). For one to come to Christ for salvation, he must know that he is lost, dead in his sins. If the story ended there, it would be a most miserable life for us all, but oh the blessed hope in and through Jesus Christ! Read Ephesians chapter 2.
    Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift (2 Cor. 9:15).

  24. Praying for you and your family.
    Thank you for posting the microwave thing. I heat water for tea all the time in there! I will be more careful from now on.

  25. Hi Jaynee- I found your blog through the awards website and wow - what a delight and inspiration! I also would love to hear any child training tips that you may have...I also LOVE the meal pictures and recipes. We live up in MN, but it certainly looks worth the while to drive down to your house for dinner! How do you cook your fish? Also - those birthday cakes are amazing? How do you create them - I imagine there are not as many specialized cake tins in the baja! Thank you for blogging - it truly is a blessing to others!

  26. Oh dear, your arm looks so painful. I pray it heals well, and quickly too.
    I've had the exploding mug thing happen to me as well. The force of it threw the door of the microwave open just a fraction of an inch from my head. SCARY!!!
    I've heard that if you put a wooden skewer (or other microwave safe stick) in the cup it gives the bubbles something to form on so the explosion deosn't happen.

  27. Jaynee dear,
    The fact is you and your family ARE special, because of your humble obedience,perserverance and keeping your eyes on Jesus! You inspire me, though I have 'only' 7 children and they are slowly but surely leaving the nest now....following the Lord, In spite of our pitiful efforts as parents!
    I am so sorry about your burn and hope the healing is quick for you.

  28. Use fresh aloe vera from the plant on your burn. it will heal it nicely . whatever you do , do not use butter on your burn!

  29. You poor poor mama!!!

    I was cooking bacon in the microwave and when I picked the plate up with a pot holder and began taking it out-the plate busted in half with such a force I took a few steps back. Thankfully only a few spurts of grease splattered on me,it could have been so much worse. I now poke it first too!! :) We will probably both do this forever and ever.

    Another-kinda funny- one was the BBQ. I have the fear of the bbq propane tank expoding or something,ha. I've had this fear for years,for no particular reason. My brother asked us to store his bbq at his house since he lived in an apartment. He told us we could use it,but I explained my fears. He insisted it was perfectly fine and nothing would happen..and to prove it he'd engnight it and show me how to use it. He turned it on and clicked the button..nothing. Click-nothing. He started to say "hmm what's wrong with..." and a HUGE flame came flying up through the grill panels & singed my brothers eyebrows,nose hairs & hair on his fingers righ off,leaving skin red & irritated. I do BBQ but I lean wayyyy back while I push the button,and will probably for the rest of my life :)

    You are a blessing & encouragment to all of us. May the Lord keep you & baby in good health and that the people of your town accept Jesus as their Savior! God Bless you & your family.

    PS..I LOVE the desks & cabinates! They look awesome!


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