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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good questions!! :)

Wow! You all gave me quite a variety of questions! That's great as while I'm so thankful for the Lord giving me so many normal days (i.e. being wife/mommy, homeschooling, training/playing/loving on children, housework ect...) and not having to be in the hospital, it gives me lots of things to post! :)
I'm over 25 weeks along now! My level 2 U/S has been scheduled for next Tuesday morning (Jan. 27). The main reason for this u/s is to check to see if the placenta has grown deeper into the uterine wall than it should which would further complicate things...especially the delivery of our little man. So we are praying for a good report Tuesday yet knowing that ALL things work together for GOOD to them that love God and are called according to His purpose. The Lord has given so much peace to me through this entire pregnancy and I can't even begin to describe how much I love this little baby who is kicking mommy as I type...a wonderful reminder of the Lord's great love and care for me.

As for answering your questions, I'll start with the one asked the most...not just here on our blog, but we've been asked this question quite often, especially this pregnancy.
"Will you have more babies after this?" "Do the doctors advise you against having another baby as you are high risk?"
The doctors have considered me "high risk" for about the last 5 pregnancies. :) Will we have more? I'll be perfectly honest...we would LOVE to have more if the Lord chooses to give us another. When I was younger and just beginning to have our babies, and they came so close together, I remember thinking "Oh, I hope I don't get pregnant again so soon! This is sooo tiring!" But the last couple of years, my thoughts have been, "Oh, this may be the very last time I get to carry a little one inside me!" And a twinge of sadness always follows. Oh, I know someday I will no longer bear another child, but I'll just wait on the Lord to choose that day for me. One of the risks with the delivery of this baby for which the doctor is very fearful is significant hemmoraging in which they would have to possibly remove my uterus to stop it. If that were the case, then I can safely say that I won't have any more babies :)

Another question that goes along the line of this pregnancy is my bedrest status. During this pregnancy I have had to be on various levels of bedrest mainly depending on my bleeding. The most "in bed" I have had to be is to be confined to my bed (with sitting up privileges) and allowed to make trips to the bathroom as needed. Currently, I am on limited activity. I do not have to be in bed all the time right now. I can sit at the table or at the couch and homeschool, walk around the house, do light housework (fold clothes, stir the oatmeal ect...), and even take trips away from home provided we are close to the hospital at all times (to church, visit a friend/family, on a date with my handsome man).
As the pregnancy progresses or if I have more significant bleeding (which is anticipated), I will most likely be back in bed at best or possibly in the hospital.
I am very blessed with first, a wonderful hubby and 11 sweet children who do everything from cooking, cleaning, helping with homeschooling, to changing diapers, playing with little ones and keeping mommy company. I also have so many loving family and friends who have brought us home cooked meals, groceries, offered and provided child care, and so much more. And I have so many brothers and sisters in Christ (many whom I've never even met) who bring us before the Lord in prayer each day. I feel so loved and cared for and are just so very thankful!
Well, it is getting late; I will answer more of your questions soon. We still don't have our laptop back, but I was able to upload a few recent pictures from our camera to post here :)

Last week, our girls went to a "tea party" in celebration of their cousins birthdays. They had so much fun dressing up in Aunt Deborah's trunk of dress up clothes and we enjoyed a sweet time of tea, treats, fun, and fellowship.

While she would love to be at a tea party every day, Abigail and the other children keep busy each morning and early afternoon with their studies. We are so thankful to have a place here to call home where we can work, school, play, and relax each day.

Each day the children enjoy writing a letter to somebody. The oldest 6 (ages 6-12) can write their very own. Josiah (age 5) tells me what he wants to say, I write it down, and then he copies it onto another paper. Noah (age 4) tells me what he wants to say, I write it in pencil, and then he traces over my writing with a crayon. And Susannah and Nehemiah (ages 2 and 3) join in by coloring a special picture. When they finish their letters, the older ones enjoy drawing a picture on the back too. We always begin our letter writing by talking about the person whom we've chosen to write that day, why we are writing to them, and then we take turns going around the table praying for them. It is so precious to hear the children continue to remember that special one throughout the day in their mealtime or bed time prayers.


While down in Mexico this month, Daniel was able to hand out the remainder of the shoe boxes! Here we was able to go to an area he had never visited before. The little town school was in session, so we went to the director there and asked if he could give each of the children a Christmas gift. The director called the children out to the yard and Daniel was able to give each child a box and visit with the children and teachers for a bit.

Loading up the truck to pass out the final boxes!!

These were the children of some imigrant laborers that live in small houses near the fields in which they work.

Oh, I can't wait until we are all back "home" and can visit these children, their parents, and the countless more who each day are waiting to hear the gospel.


  1. Such wonderful and uplifting words!! I just know you too have days where your feelings are not along with you (you feel blah and tired) and yet choose to not live by those feelings!!

  2. I read your blog often and hope you are doing well. My husband is a mexican immigrant and I really appreciate all that you are doing there. THey really need it. Love Stephanie

  3. Hey Sister....God Bless You...
    It's good to know that you're Okay..
    and don't worry, my grandmother Meche, my sister Neva, and me, are praying for you... I hope to see all of you soon, well, I have to go, God Bless You...

    see you ....

    Brother GĂ©nesis...

  4. Good luck! Looks like the kids enjoy the letters. Do you send them to the person they write them to? They are cute and blessed kids. :)

  5. I'm thinking of you every day--very glad you have internet once again! :) Thank you for a wonderful and uplifting post and for the pictures! The children writing letters is such a neat exercise and wonderful idea!


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