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Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Days

My camera is getting full, so it's time to share!  I don't have much time, so this will probably be a bit scattered, but here it is! :)
Autumn days are here!  We had a very special, long anticipated, yearly event this morning...

...the official digging out of the winter coats.  It's a very big ordeal at our house!  You would think it was Christmas morning.   Everyone runs to the storage room out back begging Daddy to hurry and help us get the totes down.  And of course, it always seems to be the very last tote lowered where we finally find them.  Then everyone runs back into the house as each coat or sweater is pulled out and tried on to see who fits into what this year.   The morning is ended with the season's first hot oatmeal breakfast and buttered toast. It was a blustery 54 degrees this morning.  You would have thought it was 20 below. :)  I think we have acclimated well to the climate here.

My refrigerator is full; my bulletin boards are full. My walls are made of cement blocks...tacks won't work and sticky tack gets to be a mess after a while.   Yet each day, my desk is covered with their handiwork.  And I want to display it all.

What do you think?  Easy to hang, easy to change around. :)

Evening visitation with Daddy.  Dusty streets, yet, "How beautiful are the feet of those that preach the gospel of peace (Romans 10:15)! "

Last week, we spent a family day at the beach for Timothy's 14th b'day!

Yep, he definitely belongs to us! :)

I think this is the only picture I got of the b'day boy young man.  He, Elijah, and Benjamin were out snorkeling the entire day. :)

I love this picture :)  Samuel LOVED the water!
Maybe a little too much! 

Little ones staying busy while the older ones study

Benjamin gave him a hat...so of course, he has to wear it :)

I love how hard they concentrate to do it just right.  And I love their smiles all the more when I tell them how well they did!

I love you, Hna. Tola!  I love you, Daniel, for having her here to help!
Saturday night, we had the teen Bible study over at our house.  They are studying 2 Timothy together.  After a time of singing and studying God's Word, we had pozole and strawberry short cake and played Uno :)

Well, that's a glimpse of life around here the past couple weeks.  I hope your autumn days are wonderful too!  I love knowing that whatever a day may bring, the Lord is right there.  I'm so thankful for a God who loves us so much!


  1. This weekend we heard about being faithful in the everyday routine of life. The last sentence of your post remined me of that.
    I love it best when you share about your everyday lives!
    Have an awesome week!
    Ps: I LOVE fall too!

  2. I loved seeing your pictures - it's fun to 'catch up'! =) It hasn't quite hit the "get the coats" cold yet, but our girls did have to find their socks today, and I sure enjoyed the pleasant temp! Happy Autumn!

  3. Your art solution is very cute. When we had cement walls in our school classrooms we hung things with a hot glue gun and they came right back off. We did have glossy paint, though. Just passing that along in case your clothespins fill up. :^)

  4. I love reading your blogs and watching your kids grow. It really warms the heart :)

  5. Your wall display of the kids school work is so clever. I enjoyed catching up with you. We are at sweater stage here. Chilly in the morning but still getting up to the 70's during the day.

  6. Great photos. It's always fun to get a peek into your lives. Love all the art work. Laughed over the cold weather coats. After months of hot hot hot, we've cooled down and today it was rainy and 58. Don't think we are quite ready for parkas, but we Canadians also seem to have adjusted to the southern heat just fine:-)

  7. Ha, ha. Love the perspective on the winter clothes. It was in the 50s here in Minnesota yesterday and my children were wearing shorts and t-shirts. We are NOT anxiously waiting for the time we need to dig out winter clothes!
    As always, thanks for sharing!

  8. What a lovely blog. I found you through momto9. I am glad I popped in.

  9. Great post! I love seeing parkas and swimming at the beach in the same post =)
    The dusty streets make me think of New Mexico where Tim's brother is a missionary to the Navajo.

    Lord bless!

  10. Always enjoy seeing pictures of your sweet family! Love, the Anderson's in Wyo


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