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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Camp, Farewells, Final Furlough Schedule

The time is here!  The time we've been anticipating and for which we've been preparing for  months. Yet what a funny feeling.  My heart feels torn between the joy of being able to see our family and friends up north and the sadness of leaving our "family"/friends here. :-( 

The plan was/is to leave early tomorrow morning, but we may not be able to leave until Thursday morning.  We were up well before dawn today working on our list of things to do before we can leave, and it just depends if we can get it all done today or not.  With camp being the end of last week, there wasn't much we could do for furlough as we had so much to do in preparing for camp.  We had our final service Sunday and then yesterday I washed and washed and washed and washed.   Camp=Lots of Laundry.  

Really, my part in getting ready is easy in comparison to what Daniel has to do.  But we both prayed this morning that the Lord would prosper our work today and so far, things have come together quickly and well! 
We had a sort of big thing come up which is why we might have to leave a day later.  As I was washing clothes, I picked up a pile that I had sorted on the floor to throw into the machine and they were HOT.  I soon realized the tile floor was hot...too hot to stand on.   A hot water line has broken under the foundation of the house and that has to be repaired before we leave.  That means a lot of pounding, breaking up cement, digging, and looking for that leak so it can be repaired.  We are praying the Lord allows us to find the leak quickly and that it will be an easy repair.

Family camp was WONDERFUL!  I did not want to leave. :(  How sweet it was to spend those days with our church...we played,  spent hours fellowshipping, met brother/sisters from other churches,  heard convicting/encouraging messages, sang together, and so much more. 
Our church came back so excited and blessed from the preaching and with even deeper friendships formed between so many.  It was just the PERFECT thing with which to end our time here.  When we first planned the dates for camp and then realized that we'd have furlough starting the next week, I was nervous and not too excited about all the work that would be involved with two big things like that back to back.  But I asked the Lord to help me to just trust Him and now I'm sooooooo glad that we had camp just at this time!!
I'll post a few pictures here.  Daniel posted many more on our ministry blog (www.lockwoodsministry.com).

Sunday night, I was prepared.  So I thought.  Being our last service here before we leave, I knew it would be an emotional service.  And I wanted to be able to tell everyone goodbye without being too much of a "cry baby", so I'd mustered all I could to keep myself together.   
It didn't work.
We all walked into church Sunday night together and there were tables and chairs and balloons and a big sign.  All month, our church had been planning a farewell service/party for us.  There were a lot of tears and hugs.  As I was sitting playing the piano for the service, I thought of something.  I don't even know exactly when it happened.  When we first came to Mexico, I left my family and friends in the states and came here to serve the people here along side my husband.  I saw the people as the ones to whom the Lord had called us to minister.  
And I don't know when it changed.  But now, they are not just the people that we've been called to serve.  They are my dear family and friends.  Their children are my children's best friends and are like my own children to me.  I love them all so very much.  And I honestly did not at all want to say good bye.  It was hard!
Oh, I do miss those in the states.  And so I can't wait to go and I can't wait to get back.  All at the same time!!

We long for your prayers as we begin our travels.  Pray for the Lord's protection, provision, and power as Daniel preaches.
We've had a few changes since we first posted our schedule, so here's an updated one for those who are interested.  I posted a map just so you can get an idea of where all we'll be at a glance.  Lots of miles!!!
The blue route/line isn't the exact route we'll take as we have many friends we'll be staying with/seeing as we travel from church to church, but this gives you an idea.
I listed the churches/dates below the map.
We'll update as often as we can!  
The Lord is so faithful and so good!!!

View Larger Map
July 31- Pioneer Baptist Church in Boulder City, NV
August 7- Regeneration Baptist Church in Fort Thomas, AZ
August 10- Bible Baptist Church in Victorville, CA
August 14- Western Avenue Baptist Church in Brawley, CA
August 21- Millville Baptist Church in Millville, CA (Our Sending Church!! :-) )
August 28- Intermountain Baptist Church in Burney, CA
September 4- Mid Valley Baptist Church in Durham, CA
September 11- Heritage Baptist Church in Goodyear, AZ
September 15- Visiting our mission agency Central Missionary Clearinghouse in Houston, TX
September 18- Fundamental Baptist Church in Irving, TX
September 25- Caney Baptist Church in Streetman, TX
October 2- Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Smith Mills, KY
October 5- Harris Chapel Baptist Church in Hudson, NC
October 9- First Baptist Church in Cincinnatus, NY
October 12- Harvest Baptist Church in Bath, NY
October 16- Faith Baptist Church in Mattawan, MI
October 23- Elmwood Baptist Church in Brighton, CO
Visiting Friends in Wyoming :)
October 30- Grace Community Bible Church in Burney, CA
November 6- Heritage Baptist Church in Anderson, CA
November 13- First Baptist Church in West Sacramento, CA

After that, Lord willing, we'll be heading back HOME!


  1. That is a LONG trip. Lord be with you all. Have a great time, okay?

  2. Let me know if you need a stopover in central Iowa : )

    Journey Mercies!

  3. We live in Houston and I have followed your blog for 2 years. When you are in the area and need anything at all please don't hesitate to contact us!

  4. Will be praying for a safe trip for you and we can't wait to see you in October!!

    Much love,
    Angela :)

  5. Looks like family camp was tons of fun for you and the children! Have a wonderful, Safe trip! Take lots of pictures!!!:):)

  6. When we were missionaries we loved furlough and visiting with our churches, family and friends. You are going to some of the same churches we used to visit. Praying the time will be refreshing, fun, that God will be honored, and that you will have journey's mercies as you travel all of those miles. I taught Shelly to crochet in the cab of our truck on one of our furloughs.
    God be with you all and bless this special time updating your prayer team.
    Sure do love you,
    Aunt Char

  7. Wish you were going to be closer to Boise Idaho. Praying for safe traveling mercies.


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