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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pox Free! :)

The chicken pox are gone ... with only a few little healing scars remaining.
While I only actually missed 2 Sunday services, it seemed like I'd been gone for a month, and it was so good to go to prayer meeting on Wednesday!  
So precious just to all sit together as a family.  Well, Daddy was preaching...and it was such a good message!
Thank you so much to those who prayed for our family these past few weeks.  One night, Samuel was so fussy.  It was after midnight, and he still hadn't gone to sleep.  He was itchy, achy and felt miserable. Some of his pox had gotten infected and he was on antibiotics.  I'd brought him into our bedroom and he'd settle down for a few minutes then wake up crying. 
Finally, I just got up and held him and walked around the room with him.  He calmed down a bit resting on my shoulder as I walked around.  As soon as I'd stop or try to put him down, he'd cry.  So I walked.  I thought of how nights like this use to get me so upset sometimes.  Being so tired, I'd feel like crying myself and ask the Lord to please just let the child sleep.  But as I walked, I thought that obviously the Lord wanted me to be awake that night.  I don't know why.  I thought maybe it was so I could pray.  So as I paced the room, I prayed for Samuel, for my husband and children, and then many family/friends came to my mind and I prayed for them.
Finally, a little after 3 am, Samuel fell asleep.  And so did I :)   

A midst the chicken pox, our church mission's conference, and all the preparations for our upcoming furlough (we leave in 18 days!),  our summer schedule hasn't gone exactly like I'd imagined.    I think we've had a total of about 5 days where we've been able to follow it.   But the Lord had different plans for us.  And knowing His ways are always best, I'm so thankful for all we have been able to do and learn these past few weeks!

The children and I started a little baking business and sold cookies and cinnamon rolls around town to save up money for furlough.  
We learned how to make donuts!  Yum!!
We can get in and out of the van without killing each other!!!
The children learned some new chores.
We housed 22 wonderful people at our home during our mission's conference.
We've learned some new songs in harmony.
We've read books on our own and out loud together.
We've got some areas organized/cleaned.  Of course, with 14 people living here, they haven't stayed completely cleaned/organized.  But it's always such a good feeling to accomplish the task anyways!

Samuel about to enjoy a homemade doughnut!
Beka helping the younger ones with some phonics/writing.
I taught Elijah how to iron a shirt.  
It wasn't his favorite thing I've ever taught him.
But I'm sure he'll appreciate it some day :)  
Samuel was our last one to get the chicken pox, so while everyone else was on the mend, he was feeling pretty crumby.  He loves to listen to someone read to him.

Fourth of July came and the Lord gave us a special treat...RAIN!  It only lasted about 20 minutes, but it's so rare here and the children get so excited watching it fall and then playing out in the puddles afterwards.
We had banana splits and played :)

Twelve days until our annual church family camp and only eighteen days until we leave!  So much to do!
We are getting so excited!  So many emotions!  
The joy of seeing family/friends that we haven't seen in so long.
The blessing of being able to share with and thank those people who have so faithfully prayed for us, our church, our town, and so generously given so we can do what the Lord has called us to do.
The excitement of seeing new places and meeting new friends.
Missing our friends/church family here already 
Looking forward to going and looking forward to coming back all at the same time!


  1. It is always exciting to hear your precious heart and we love seeing all the Lord is doing there! Blessings to y'all as you prepare to leave.

  2. I so very much wish that we did a family camp. I can't find one anywhere near where we live (Pensacola, FL area).

    I am so glad that everyone is feeling better. :-)

  3. So happy to hear the news! Wonderful pictures! I wish that we were closer so that we could buy some of the delicious looking donuts!

  4. Jaynee, I read here a lot but rarely comment. I just want to give you a "hat's off!" for dealing with TWELVE children with the chicken pox! That must have been quite a month you had (or was it longer?). Your doughnuts look delicious! And that was your first try? Wow!

  5. Thank you, Karen! Only 9 or our 12 ended up getting it, and I was so thankful for the help of the 3 that didn't get it! The Lord truly gives grace each day no matter what it may hold!

  6. I enjoy reading your blog so much! Your faithfulness and Godly example are both a challenge and encouragement to me. Would you mind sharing your donut recipe?? They look yummy!!! :)


  7. I am happy for you all that the pox are officially gone! Great pictures of the kids... It will be bitter/sweet to have to leave soon. I bet you are all excited to see friends and family though!

    Well, I love reading about what you are doing in Mexico! We are in Maine...how far north are you coming?

    Well, Blessings and will be praying for safety for your travels!

  8. We'll pray for your church camp and will be praying for your upcoming furlough. So glad to see the children are all on the mend and you can enjoy a little summer fun! :)

    ~Rebecca, Mama to 10 little ones in Alberta, Canada.

  9. I enjoy keeping up with your family. I was wondering what are you going to do with your pets while you are in the states. I have seen pictures of a cat and maybe a dog. Just wondering.

    Beth Johnson
    Montgomery, Al

  10. Robyn, I'll post the donut recipe or email it to you as soon as I can :)

    Nicole, We're going as north on the East Coast as New York. We'd love to go to Maine someday!

    Beth, We have a dog, a cat, a parakeet, 2 lizards, a chicken and an ant farm. :) Hno. Benito and Hna. Monica, a dear couple who have worked years along their pastor in their church, have come down to carry on the work here in our absence. They'll be living in our house and caring for the pets.

  11. OH yes post the donut recipe!! That looks yummy yummy yummy!

    I need to email you so you have our phone number and address. I don't want to miss an opportunity to see you all!

    So glad everyone is on the mend. Praise the Lord!! Oh how I could relate to walking and praying in the middle of the night. My pillow never felt so good after nights like that.

    Thank you for your prayers for John!!! He is almost home!!!!


  12. Jaynee,

    I was just told about your blog by one of "my" readers, Amy Higgins, one of your readers, as well. She thought I'd enjoy connecting with you. =) We have 9 children and are homeschooling as well; we live in Washington, USA. I've been on missions trips to Mexico twice, and my photos and memories look similar to your photos. I love looking through your photos of your family - what a beautiful, smiley group! You appear to have children like we do, about a year apart! LOL Although we didn't have the courage initially to stick with surrendering family planning to the Lord in the first few years of marriage, otherwise we'd probably have 12 children, too, not just 9. But we've been surrendered for a while now and are hoping for more blessings. Anyway, just wanted to say "Blessings on your efforts to share Christ down there!" *hugs* --Erika

  13. So excited for you all as you prepare for your upcoming furlough. How firm are your dates? Mom and I are trying to figure out whether we can see you in NY...are the dates pretty set or might there be wiggle room? Just curious so we know if we should include wiggle room :o) Mom, new baby (hopefully arriving in August) and I are hoping we can see you all!

    Katie in MD

  14. Hi Katie, Our dates are set for most of our furlough. We'll be arriving in NY Saturday the 8th of Oct. Daniel will be speaking at the church in Cincinnatus on the 9th and then speaking at a church in Bath that Wednesday (the 12th). We have to be in Michigan at our next church that weekend.
    It would be wonderful to see you and your mom if you can make it!


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