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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Journaling Furlough- Special Friends

This was the week for being with friends!
This trip, we have been overwhelmed with the sweet hospitality and kindness of so many.  Some we had never even met before.  So much love,  thoughtfulness and kindness in these different homes.  How much I have learned in caring for those whom the Lord gives us the opportunity to have in our home!

Tuesday night, we were at the Burnett's home.  We were suppose to be there Monday night, but after a delayed start, heavy traffic due to an accident, and a hot day requiring more than the normal amount of stops, we finally realized that we weren't going to make it.  So we called their family and they were so understanding and offered to take us in the following day/night.  
We played our instruments together and sang, the children played, we learned new games, read books, washed clothes (and dear Mrs. B even folded everything for me!),  ate delicious food, and then stayed up between 2 am and 4 am (depending on who it was) talking and drinking coffee. :)  

On Wednesday, we were with the Morris Family.  I met Cindy almost 5 years ago when her little boy Joel was sick with cancer.  The Lord took him home a short time later, but the testimony of his life and his family's faith and stand on God's Word through their darkest hour has reached and continues to touch hearts and lives everywhere.  She has been a dear friend, encouragement and blessing to me even though we had never actually met. When I was in the hospital last year after losing our baby, Cindy and I chatted on the computer.  I was so excited to finally meet her and 11 of her 13 children.    They live on a farm with goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and lots of room to run around, ride bikes and play.  We had bbq burgers/hotdogs, chips, and cookies/cake (yum!).  We laughed and enjoyed singing and reading God's Word together before we went to bed.  

Thursday, we were invited to go have lunch at the Duggar Family home.  I think this is the first time we have been with a family larger than our own and it was SUPER fun!  They asked us to stay the night and you can only imagine the children's joy.  Their children are so much like ours, and they made quick friends!  They played and played! 
Their entire family is so sweet.  On Friday, the older Duggar girls made lunch and watched all the children for a couple hours while Jim Bob and Michelle and Daniel and I went out on a double date! :)  What a special treat!  We are so thankful for the Duggar's testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ and the encouragement they give to families all over the world.  
 Memories and friends made this week that we'll treasure forever!

Friday night we arrived with the Lea family in Mena, AZ.  After the church in KY canceled, we didn't know where we would be this Sunday.  This week, the Lea family wrote us and said that their church was having a special outreach in their community on Saturday and an emphasis on mission's that Sunday.  They had earlier invited us to stay in their guest quarters and told us that their pastor would love for Daniel to preach too if we were able.  
We again thanked the Lord for directing our way and have so enjoyed getting to know this dear family and their church.  And I'm up late again tonight doing what???  Laundry, of course! :)
Amidst all the driving, moving from place to place, unloading, loading, trying to keep the van clean, the clothes clean, the children clean and keeping track of everyone's shoes, this furlough has been far sweeter than I had ever imagined.  
The Lord is so faithful and so good!  


  1. Oh wow! You got to meet the Duggars. Did you have their famous tater tot dish? I am so glad you all are being so blessed as you travel.

  2. Jaynee, it all looks like so much fun!! How awesome to spend such sweet times with friends , new and old. I'm loving reading about your travels and getting excited that soon you will be here!! Lord willing!


  3. Oh wow - What a blessed trip!! Will your family also be on TV? How did you get to know the Duggars? We just love them! (and your family too:) - Wilsons

  4. Janie,

    I've been following your furlough journeys daily, even though I don't comment much! I have my own blog now, and it chronicles how our family has grown from 4 children to SEVEN in the last year---the miracle of adoption! :) I watched closely to see if you would be heading our way (VA) this furlough, but for your sakes (the long trip!) I am glad you did not, even though I was hopefull to meet you and yours....
    Lots of love,

  5. I've been praying for you all to meet! (Lockwood and Duggard families) How wonderful!! From your blog posts to their TV show I just knew you'd get along perfectly. Glad everyone is well and Godspeed to you all! <3

  6. Wonderful Jaynee!!!! God is good and you will have many precious memories. You are all so loved!!! So wished you could have come here in ID!!!! Next time!!!!

    Praying for safe travels.


  7. It was such a blessing to meet yall! I hope you had fun while you were here and at the Duggars! That had to be fun! :D

    Praying for yall daily,
    Mellissa :)

  8. So glad you are having a great time! How fun you got to meet the duggars!! I love their show:)

  9. you got to meet the Duggars??? that's AWESOME!!! My name is Rebekah and I go to Heritage Baptist Church in NY and I heard that you guys might be coming to our church!


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