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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Furlough Update in 26 pictures :)

Busy couple of weeks!  But I want to update and not miss anything...but I have 12 children running around and a few loads of laundry to do before we leave for our next church this afternoon, so Daniel had a good idea....To just post some pictures with a few words beneath each and let them tell the story.
We spent the Sunday before last at Calvary Baptist Church in Mena, Arkansas.  This church wasn't on our schedule, but the Lord had it scheduled for us. :)  We loved staying with Billy and Dawn Lea and had such sweet fellowship.

Thought you might enjoy a look inside our trailer.  Last furlough (2006) we had 9 children ages 8 and under.  Daddy was a bit on his own with most of the loading/unloading.  This furlough, we have lots of helpers!

One of the best parts of furlough is just being with Daddy!

I was snapping pics of the kiddos while the older boys were loading the trailer at our hotel.

Anytime we go anywhere, we walk in a line so we don't block traffic!  :)  Daddy always leads and Mommy follows everyone to make sure we don't lose anyone :)

This is a regular chore of traveling!

Last Thursday, we took the children to Washington D.C. on our way to New York.  We got there late, but after 6:30 pm the parking is free and we walked for about 3 hours looking at the White House and the various monuments.

Noah lost his very first tooth! :)

We hit New York at the PERFECT time!  Fall!!!!   All the leaves are turning colors and of all the places I've ever traveled, I think Upstate New York is the most beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Adams took our family to watch apples get pressed to make Apple Cider!

Then we went back to their house and the children played around on their farm.

Sunday, my first baby turned 15!!!!!!!!!   Happy Birthday, Timothy!  After morning services, a man from church here offered to take Timothy for a ride on his motorcycle as a birthday treat.  :)  

Monday, we met the Audet Family who had come to see us from Vermont.  We went to this beautiful park, visited, played and they treated us to pizza!  Yum!

The children enjoyed skipping rocks!

The colors are just so beautiful!  The Lord is so amazing!

Last night we drove a couple hours north to meet my dear friend Amy!  They were having a mission's conference at their church that night, so we went with them.  Of the 4 pictures that Amy and I took together, well, I'm not sure we should post them! :)  ha!  I was taking this picture of Abi and 3 of Amy's girls and Daniel jumped in :)

Tonight, Daniel is preaching in Bath, NY and Friday morning, we head to Michigan.  Thank you so much for praying for our safety!  I can't believe that we'll be back home in about a month!
Thank you for praying for my Daddee too.  He's doing better today, but may have a long road of recovery.  I can't wait to see him when we are back in CA the end of the month.

Time to get the church clothes out and ready for our trip this afternoon.
Thank you so much for all the encouragement and prayers as we've traveled. 


  1. Ah, I would love to see one of you and Amy :) Pretty please?... I would love to meet you and her one day :) Enjoy the rest of your travels!

  2. How fun to see you and the Audets together.:)We are related to the Audets and were hoping you would post pictures as we missed out on the chance to meet you this trip.Maybe next time you can visit Vermont?It looks like everyone had fun together.

  3. So glad all is well. What an adventure for you all!! :) I am happy you will get to see your father. Praying for you guys. Wow!!! You are almost done. Went so fast(for me) :) Take care and enjoy the rest.


  4. I guess that I've never understood how walking in a line doesn't block traffic. You written that before, but I just don't get it.


  5. New York is so beautiful! What wonderful memories your family will have of this furlough.
    All your children are so cute, the combinations of blonde hair and blue eyes, blonde hair brown eyes and brown hair brown eyes are so interesting.

  6. Really enjoyed your upsate in 26 pictures:)Such a wonderful time you are having!

  7. Oh and PLEASE post the pictures of you and amy!!!!! Pretty please!!

  8. Great pics, Jaynee! Not only do your children only and always smile {hee hee}, but you've been able to see DC and great fall color in the NE. What a wonderful trip! (and possibly time together with new and old friends is even better than those highlights?) I'll be thinking of you next week as you travel through the great state of Iowa : )

  9. Hey, I saw you guys with the Senecal's Tuesday night. So glad you could have made it!-----Rebekah B.

  10. Love all the pictures! So fun.

  11. I popped over here, linking in through Amy's blog. And I saw you were here in bath, NY! Golly, I wish I had known a couple weeks ago... we would have made a vat o' soup for you! I've not read much of your blog, but I may in the future. We (our little family of 6) love missionaries and I will put you on our prayer map!

    Blessings! And, i will pray for your family's health - just getting over some sniffles and a tummy bug here, too!

  12. Nice family.....
    and pictures..


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