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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 year old Bullfrog!

Nehemiah and his birthday bike.
Sunday, Nehemiah the bullfrog, turned 5.  On one hand, I can't believe my only dark haired baby boy is already so big.  On the other hand, a day with that boy can feel like a week.  You can just see it in his eyes.  He's always up to something.  He's cute.  Charming.  And has been in trouble about half his life.  The half that he's not sleeping. :)  But I wouldn't trade him for anything!  He makes me laugh, he's so thoughtful, a GREAT big brother to Eliseo and Samuel always looking out for them, he loves to snuggle, talks my ear off, and begins every sentence with, "Uh-huh...yeah...and one time..."   Those big brown eyes, dimples in his cheek and chin, and that smile that lights up the room...yes, he melts mommy's heart.  Good thing considering how much he gets into trouble! :)  
Birthday Banner made by Mommy and the girls. :)

Nehemiah riding his new bike.  Eliseo not letting any of that birthday cake/icecream go to waste :)
Benjamin, Eliseo, Susannah, and Noah ready for church Sunday morning.
My second baby! :)

My first baby :)

 Yesterday, Daniel and I and our 4 youngest went down to La Paz to turn in more paperwork for my visa and do some Christmas shopping for the children.  The oldest 8 stayed home to study and Hna. Meche came over to stay with them.  We had so much fun! And got sooo tired!  After almost 4 months in the USA, McDonalds was not my first choice for lunch, but with a 6,5,3, and 2 year old in the car squealing with excitement when the golden arches came into sight, well...I do like their french fries :)  Daniel and I were sitting down watching them all play at the play place and I said, "I tell you, when Timothy, Elijah, Beka, and Ben were all this small, I think I had a lot more energy!" :)
It was tons of fun being with just the littlest crew for the day and we had fun spoiling them a bit.
Tonight, we went Christmas Caroling with our church.  Tomorrow and Friday we get to give out the Christmas boxes!   What a wonderful Savior!  A reason to celebrate today and every day!

McD's in La Paz

Samuel LOVES slides!

Susannah lost her first tooth last week!

I told you we spoiled them a bit :) 


  1. Samuel has such big beautiful brown eyes (last pic) yes I'm a little partial to brown eyes:) happy birthday Nehemiah!!
    Loved the little details in this most:) its always so fun just to have the littles for a whole day!

  2. Looks like Nehemiah had a happy birthday. Aren't you glad that God did not make all the children the same:)?
    Might have to come visit you:), I just never pictured Sam's Club or McDonald's in Mexico. Wouldn't that be fun? Gracie and Nehemiah under one roof, there would never be a dull moment :).
    None of the kids looked like they minded the spoiling :).
    Have a great day!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Nehemiah! We almost named our Daniel, Nehemiah. I LOVE that name :) Looks like a great time in La Paz!

  4. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a blessed week.

  5. Hey! So glad to hear Nehemiah had a fun birthday :) Merry Christmas! and I hope all of the kids love their Christmas boxes! :D
    God bless,

  6. Happy Birthday, Nehemiah... Love that ornery smile! :@}

  7. Tereza, I love "little detail" posts too! :) And I am partial to both brown and blue eyes...since we got an even split...6 brown like mommy and 6 blue like daddy. I love looking into their eyes!! :)

    Joleena...COME!!! Yes, we just got a Walmart and Sams about 3 hours south of us last year!!! If I could only get them to carry chocolate chips!!

    Nicole...I love the name Daniel and the name Nehemiah! :)

    Merry Christmas, Dawn!!

    Mellissa, I know the children will love their boxes! Can't wait to give them out!! :)

    Jolena...Ornery smile is right! Keeps me young yet wants to give me grey hair all at the same time! Merry Christmas to my missionary friend!

  8. Hello Jaynee!!!

    This made me laugh. Our 4th born, Joshua is in trouble A LOT too and he is so stinkin' cute!!! I think God makes the trouble makers extra cute so we don't put them up for sale or something :)

    You said you used to have more energy when your olders were younger......oh my am I in trouble. I feel tired all the time. Don't tell me my energy is gonna decrease EVEN MORE!!!! AHHHH!!! :)

    Well, you all have a Merry Christmas.


  9. Jessica!!!!!!! I miss you! I can't imagine how big your kiddos are now! I miss hearing about all your adventures...made me feel so much better when I heard removing toilets to retrieve objects was a regular practice at your house too. :) ha!

    I won't tell you you'll get more tired...They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength!! :)
    Love you!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year New Things!!

  10. Happy Birthday Nehemiah!

    Jaynee, your birthday boy is just so cute!

    Merry Christmas to the Lockwood family, all the way from Ireland! :)

  11. Thank you, Sarah! I'll have to get the globe down when I tell the children your Christmas greeting!! :)

  12. So cute!
    Merry Christmas love Catherine from Australia . ( who is awake at 4 am christmas morning and hubby and children are all asleep ! I am waiting for them all to wake up and celebrate Jesus birthday! Not to mention I love giving gifts!!


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