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Monday, January 02, 2012

The Best year ever!

My heart is full.  Just seeing these pictures, I can't help but smile and give thanks to the Lord.
I can't begin to tell you what a blessing it was go give out the Christmas Boxes this year. 
We didn't receive as many boxes this year as we have in previous years as due to our travels there was not as much time to organize everything.  But the PERFECT amount arrived.
We received about 100+ boxes.  As we thought and prayed over who to give the boxes to, the Lord laid certain children on our heart.  We wanted to give a box to each of the children from the families in our church.  We wanted to give a box to each of the children on our bus routes.  We wanted to take boxes to the children out in the village of Jesus Maria where Daniel preaches.  And more than anything, I told Daniel that I wanted to take boxes to the "grandmother's" house.  
About 2 years ago, Daniel's brother Samuel was here working with us.  He started a bus route where he would bring 20-30 children into church each week.  One day, as he was out inviting children to church, he came upon a house with many children.  He went to invite them to church and the grandmother came out angry and yelling at him.  Samuel didn't speak much Spanish, but he understood that the grandma did not want the children going to church.  
He later brought my husband to talk with that family.  She yelled at my husband also in Spanish and her native dialect.  
Last year, I took over that bus route.  I pick up a little girl right in front of "the grandmother's" house.  The grandmother wouldn't look at me or she'd scowl.  She wouldn't wave.  The lady who's daughter does come into church with me told me to not even try to talk to that family.  
Every week, I drive by her house.  There are children everywhere in that home. They are filthy. Ragged clothes.  No shoes. Literally sitting in the mud with trash all around.  And they are so precious.  My heart goes out to them.  I would love to bring them home, bathe them, dress them, comb their hair, love them, play with them, and tell them how much Jesus loves them.  But as I saw them week after week, there was nothing I could do.  
I began to pray.  The Lord put it on my heart to make a big batch of homemade cinnamon rolls to bring to them before we left on furlough.  They accepted them and thanked me.  And the grandma began to wave when I waved to her.  The other day, when I drove by, she saw me and waved before I even had a chance to wave to her.  
She is on my heart and I continue to pray.  
Last week, we delivered Christmas boxes to every one of those children.  The first picture of that sweet boy up above is one of them.  They let us come onto their property and we spent about 10 minutes with them.  The children were so happy.  I held the youngest of them.  A 4 month old baby girl.  She had a bad cough.
I told them that other Christians wanted to do something special for the children of our town for Christmas and sent the boxes to us to give to them.
The mom of 5 of the children told me,
"Please tell the people who sent these gifts thank you very much for remembering us."
And I thank you sooooo very much, too.
After we handed out the last of the boxes, it dawned on me that this year, ever box was given to a child with whom we are currently working.  A child that comes to church with their parents or on our bus.  A child that either I or my husband or one of the other men/ladies from our church visit each week.  We are in their homes.  We sit at their tables or in their yards.  We tell them over and over again about the Savior Who gave Himself for them and loves them so very much.
I know there are a lot of pictures.  But if you have the time, look at these children.  Pray for them.  Thank you for making their Christmas so very special in the name of Jesus.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing about these dear children.

    May God continue to bless you and your family as you minister in His name.

  2. Thank you for sharing these children and pictures with us. I was most struck by the pictures where the knife is practically touching the child's foot. The poverty is so intense. Our prayers are with you.

  3. The knife caught my eye as well.We really appreciated seeing the joy on their faces receiving their sweet gifts.The baby you are holding is absolutely adorable.:)

  4. Love all the smiling faces, such cuties! We will pray for the grandmother and the kids that not only will she be open to the kids coming the church that soon she will come as well.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Tremendous project... such a great way to show God's love in a way they can understand. May God bless your efforts!

  6. What beautiful children! Thank you for letting us help you bless these children and teach them about Jesus! It was so fun to see "our" kids! - The Wilson Family

  7. I am praying for the work there in Mexico.

  8. Loved your Christmas Box post--all the pictures. Brings back memories of growing up on the missionfield.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. It is wonderful to see what God is doing.

  10. Thank you so much for posting all the pictures Jaynee! My heart has been so burdened for "Grandmother" and the children.
    This question is probably for your ministry blog, but here it is anyway :). How are the in home Bible studies going?

  11. I came across your blog when your family started out on your furlough ~ my children and I have been following your blog ever since and yesterday when I read this entry I was so moved ~ I tried to leave a comment but I kept erasing it (3...4 times wink/wink) and so I decided to pray about what I wanted to say and today it came to me as I sat down at my computer ~ what I want to say is that you have a BEAUTIFUL family and a BEAUTIFUL extended family. How blessed you are. {{hugs}}EMichelle

  12. Hi, 1happywife :) I'm 1happywife2. :) Are you ready to come visit yet?

    The home Bible study is going slow but well. Each Thursday evening (that's tonight) Daniel takes several members of our church out to visit/witness/invite people to the study. This has been such a blessing to get more people out soul winning and they LOVE it. We've had a variety of people come to the study, but 1 lady has come every single time and is showing much interest. Her name is Rosario. Her son (age 12) and daughter (age 14) go to our church off and on and pray that she will come to Christ!
    Thank you for asking!

  13. Hi 1happywife2 :)!
    You make me smile! Yes, I am ready to come for a visit... if only it did not actually require getting in the car ;)! We will have to start a "Visit the Lockwoods" jar :) (I think the kids would be very motivated to save for that)!!
    Thank you for letting me know about the Bible study! We will keep Thursday night specifically in prayer along Rosario & her children.
    Ruthie is asking for help with the computer, so I better go :)thankfully I have a computer tech in the house ... I am not really sure a three year old should be running a computer!
    Have a wonderful night! Tell all the kids (and Daniel too) that we all said "Hi"!!!!

  14. aaaaww!!!! We sure hope to join you all one year soon! Love you!

  15. Jaynee, thank you so much for taking the time to post the these photos. They touched my heart so! God bless you for your ministry...what a great work you are doing!

  16. Just catching up here ~ Thank you for posting so many of the pictures of the children/families. I am planning ahead for the next round of 'Christmas boxes.' : )

    And thinking of you often as one of our DDs is studying Spanish 2 with ABeka this year... praying the Lord might allow her to use the verses she's learned espec for His glory... someday! {I myself almost said a grateful 'Excellente!' at the grocery store yesterday ~ something Mrs. McLamb says often ;-) hee hee}

  17. I have been reading your blog for quite some time. I'm shy and don't comment much. But I must say, I love the work that you and your beautiful family is doing in Mexico.

    I know it's February that I'm posting this, (being in school and such takes up my time and I get behind in my blog-reading) but I'm catching up today. These pictures melt my heart. God has been pounding on my heart. I have always known I wanted to help Mexico, but I don't know how. So this year and every year after for that matter, please publish on your blog how I can mail you a Christmas box, or two, to give to these children so they can experience CHRISTmas!
    or email me personally (in case I go MIA again) when you will be receiving boxes for Christmas and how I can mail them to you.

    God's blessings



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