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Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap with lots of pictures :)

In an attempt to update better here,  I thought I'd give you a quick recap of our weekend.

Thursday night, the children wrapped up their school work and we had a big weekend ahead.

Daddy came home from soul winning with Chuy, one of the young men in our church.  Chuy has been learning guitar and is ready to start helping play for our services, so he came over to practice hymns for Sunday.
Due to the heavy rains and poor roof on our church building, our piano suffered damage during the summer storms and has yet to recover.  So Daniel, Timothy, Elijah, Benjamin and now Chuy play guitar for our singing.
Friday, we took the day off school to help Daddy with some outside work projects.  
The girls and I later spent a couple of hours in town hitting all the second hand stores looking for some clothes and shoes for this growing bunch!  The Lord blessed our time and we came home with many finds!

Friday evening, we relaxed after a hard days work in the sun and Daddy treated us to BBQ'd burgers, chicken and hot dogs! :)

Saturday morning, I got up well before dawn to make lunch for these two working young men.  They get picked up down the road about 6 am and work in the fields until around 2 or 3 pm.  
Saturday use to be my one sleeping in a bit  day, but once I've got their food made and get them sent off, I'm wide awake. :-p   But I love taking care of all my "men" and praying with them before they go.  
See their 5 gallon buckets?  They serve for many purposes on the job.
* Lunch Bucket (burritos and iced tea)
*Seat for the van ride
*Seat for when you eat your lunch
*Hold the tomatoes you pick

Nothing like a Saturday afternoon nap, although I don't think Samuel ever really fell asleep.  
Daniel left shortly after noon with the 3 middle boys to go visit another town about 1 1/2 from here where he may possibly begin preaching.  While they were gone and the older boys at work, the other kids and I tackled some cleaning projects.

A side note, but an important one for me to remember!
I started my day with sooooo many things to do.  Lots of laundry (due to a broken machine that week), a somewhat messy house due to the evening relax/bbq of the night before,  and the need to pack for the family for an overnight trip (Daniel preached Sunday Morning in a church 5 hours north of here) by 5 pm.
The back yard was extra messy due to the bbq/playing/dog running around the night before.  
That would normally be on the bottom of my to do list.  I can live with a messy yard far easier than I can with a messy house and piles of dirty clothes.

But I know that a clean yard is important to my husband.  And while I thought about all I had to do and how much I didn't want to do the yard, Matthew 6:33 came to my mind...
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
I know the context is referring to our physical needs, but I thought of time.
I want to please the Lord more than anything and I love to please my husband.
I picked up a broom and mop and began to work on the patio.  I told the Lord that I was cleaning the yard first for Him and my husband.  And asked him to bless the remainder of my time that day helping me complete all that needed to be done.
It was such a good day!  The children worked together so well without complaining and did great work on their jobs (rather than me having to keep after them and redo what they did).
The Lord is so good!
Nehemiah's first job was to clean out his desk!  I didn't realize he had a bug collection in there until I started smelling something. Yuck!  I said, "Nehemiah!  You have a zoo in here!"  He laughed and said, "Mommy, I don't have a zoo.  I don't have an elephant and he wouldn't fit in there.  He'd be too squishy." :-)
My two jail birds got home from work in time to shower (like those tomato picking hands? ), eat and help me load up the van.  We drove to the Baptist Church of Santa Rosalia arriving around 10:45 pm that night.  We ate a delicious supper of beans, rice and meat/potatoes, and sent the kiddos to bed.  Pastor Enrique and his wife and Daniel and I visited until after 2 am.  Nothing like sweet fellowship with another missionary family!  Again, some things are more precious than sleep :)
 We woke up early, ate breakfast, and the children played in the church patio until church started.

Daniel preached for the morning service and the children loved making new friends in their classes.
 They sent us off after a bbq lunch (we were sure spoiled this weekend!) and we made it home at exactly 6 pm that evening...just in time for our evening service here! :) 
 It was a busy weekend and will be a full week ahead.
Going out to Ensenada Blanca again as a family tomorrow and returning Wednesday.  
Please continue to pray for the work the Lord has led us to do there.  We'll be going house to house/door to door preaching/ sharing the gospel with all we can.
Friday and Saturday several from our church along with our family are going to the Baptist church in Loreto for their 3 year anniversary.  Daniel will be preaching both days.
Saturday evening, we are having the youth over for the evening in our home here.
It is sometimes hard, often tiring, but there is more joy in serving the Lord together as a family than anything else in this world!
He is so faithful and so good!!


  1. God bless you, it's really amazing how you keep up the energy to do all that you do. I'd love for you to share more about how you stay on track with everything that needs to be done, how chores are split up, how you find the ENERGY to get up early and stay up late working each day. I'm pregnant with #7, we are not missionaries, I hire a mother's helper to come over each afternoon so I can take a NAP and I am still exhausted and grouchy all the time it seems. :( It's very discouraging. Again, God bless you and your family!

  2. Jaynee, thanks so much for sharing the update! I love hearing about your ministry there and the everyday life that you live . Its a blessing to me to read your heart for the souls there and your dedication to your husband and children... and to our Lord!
    I love all of the pictures. Everyone looks great :)
    Can't wait to read another update and hear more about the "next towns"...and the new ministries beginning there.

  3. What a wonderful nice, long, encouraging, great post!!!! Thank you!!! Love the tomato picking hands :), the bug collection :),the great job painting :) (the yellow looks so nice), and all the other wonderful pictures!!! So thankful you updated!
    It is Tuesday so we will be praying as you go door to door and for your evening service.
    Love and miss each of you!!

  4. Thanks for the update and all the great pictures. We love seeing them. It would be wonderful to see some pics of Ensenada Blanca. We will be praying for you all. You have a very busy life down in the Baja.
    Michael and Patty Kane

    1. Thank you, Kane Family, for your prayers. If you look at the post below this one, you can see several pics of our first service out in Ensenada Blanca. I'll try to take more today.

  5. Aaaww an update at last!!! Loved reading every word!


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