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Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Sunday School Children (Christmas Boxes 2013- part 3)

Sunday Morning, December 22, we had our special Christmas services at church.  I'll have to soon write a post about that day!  That morning, we surprised our Sunday School children by giving them each a Christmas box. 
These children are so dear to my heart.  These are the ones we work with every week.  We have seen many of them come to Christ, have seen many of their parents come to Christ, and watched them learn and grow as we teach them God's Word.  We have been in many of their homes, pray for them, and know and love them. Some of them have been with us for years.  Others have just started coming.  Some of them now have a Christian home with parents who love and want to serve the Lord.  Others of them know nothing about that.  Some come from broken homes. 
Jesus loves them all so much!  And they all need Him just like you and I do.
How wonderful it is to teach these little ones of the One who loves them and died for them.

To some of you, these may just be a bunch of cute faces. :)
I'm sure many of you are eagerly looking to see if you can find the box(es) you sent.
And for those of you who want to know more about these children, I would LOVE to tell you.
I have some special stories to share below the child's photo.
Maybe one of you would like to pray for one of them.
 Thank you, again, for giving!

Part 4 coming soon!!  That's where most of the boxes were given out :)

This is Eddie.  He's 7 years old, shy, and soooo sweet!  Both his parents are Christians but are going through a big trial right now.  We've known his family for about 3 years.
 Lizbet-  9 years old. This little girl is full of spunk!  She lives a block from the church and use to argue against Christians.  Yes, this little thing would say she'd never give up believing in the Virgin of Guadalupe and would never go to a Christian church.  She's been coming to church now for about 3 months.  Yesterday, she told Daniel and I that she asked Jesus to be her Savior.  She lives with her mom and 4 siblings.  Her dad died in a car accident when she was 7.
 Alondra- age 11  She has come to church with us for about 2 1/2 years.  This past year, she asked Jesus Christ to be her Savior.  Her aunt and uncle also came to Christ this year.   Pray that her parents and brother will come to Christ too.
 Fernanda- age 11  Alondra's friend and neighbor.  She has come to church off and on for a couple years and is as sweet as can be.  She has yet to give her heart to Jesus, but we pray that she will soon.
 Sweet Yanet-  I have picked up her brothers and sisters on my route for years and she would always say when she "got big" she was going to go to church with me too.  I guess she's "big" now because she's been coming to Sunday School now for about 3 months.  She's 4 years old.  Nobody in her family, other than her 7 year old sister, has come to Christ.  Her mom has come to church with me many times, and we pray for this family to know the Lord.
 And this is Soledad, Yenet's sister.  She's come to church with me for about 2 1/2 years.  She has a special place in all our Sunday School teacher's hearts.  It's so sweet to see them take her under their care and watch for her soul.  She's a sweet girl, lives just a couple blocks from our house, and often comes over early to ride into church with us and then will stay with us afterwards as her parents don't get home until very late.

 This is Camelia- She's 2.  She and her sister (below) Dulce just began coming to church a couple months ago.  

 This is MY Abraham!!  Okay, he's really Hna. Leti's but I've talked to him since before he was born :)  And he was almost born on my birthday.  He's 3 1/2 now, brings me candy, and LOVES to come to our house.  His parents (Juan and Leti) got saved and baptized several years ago and he and his 3 siblings faithfully come to church each week and what a joy to see them serving the Lord together!
 Kevin- age 8.  His parents were the first family I invited on the first route I ever started several years ago.  They both got saved and baptized and now have 3 children.  I've seen Kevin come from not being able to sit still if his life depended on it to being able to answer questions from the Bible, recite memory verses, and even preach a little sermon! :)  I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for this little man!

 Selene (age 8) lives in the neighborhood in front of our church property and began coming on her own this year.
 Oyuki- age 8.  One of Susannah's best friends!  Her mom (Lirio) got saved and baptized and left living a life of sin praying the Lord would someday, somehow, bring her a godly husband and father for her 2 girls.  Two years ago, Rigo and Lirio were married and are raising their now 3 girls to know and love the Lord.  Oyuki is being home schooled by her parents.
 Daniela, age 8, is the niece of one of the ladies in our church.  Her family doesn't go to church, but anytime I talk to her, she'll go to her aunt's house so she can go to church with her.  Pray she'll come to know Jesus as her Savior someday soon.
 Alondra, age 12.  Abigail's very best friend :)  She is Hno. Juan and Leti's oldest girl (Abraham's sister) and got baptized a year ago.  She and her brothers have been home schooled now for 2 years and it's a joy to see how much they have grown!  Hno Juan's/Leti's house is probably my kid's second favorite house to be at ;)
 Gael- age 4.  His mom lives right in front of our church and cuts my hubby's hair :)  She came to Christ a few months ago, and now she and her 3 children come to church each week.  Pray Gael's father will come to the Lord too.
 Brandon- age 4  Kevin's brother.  He's full of energy and keeps us on our toes, but there is nothing I'd rather wear my self out doing than teaching about and serving Jesus! :)

 Perlita- age 8  Susannah's other best friend!  Perla's parents went from being involved with drugs and being separated to coming to Christ, getting baptized together and later married.  Her daddy drives our bus route, leads our services and her mommy teaches a Sunday School class.  Perlita got baptized this past year as well after putting her faith and trust in Christ as her Savior.
 Melisa- age 9.  She is Gael's brother (Hna. Sylvia's daughter, the hair dresser, who just got saved).  She told me yesterday that she asked Jesus to save her.  She said that she use to think she would never leave the Virgin of Guadalupe, but now she fully trusts in Jesus and is so thankful that He loves her and died for her sins.

 Estrella, almost 3, Perlita's sister and the sweetest LITTLEST thing ever!!  She likes candy as much as I do!!  We should never be left alone together in a candy store. :)
 Pricila- age 2.  Oyuki's sister and Hno. Rigo's/Hna Lirio's middle girl.  You can see her daddy in the background in the yellow shirt in several of the pictures.  I think it this one, he's scratching his back against the post :)
 Victor- age 12   He comes from a very rough home.  He and his sister have come to church off and on for a couple years.  His mom came for a year or so too.  They just moved close to where our church property is, so we are excited to be able to see them more regularly and continue to share Christ with them.

 The past several pictures our children who have just started coming to church within the past few weeks all form the neighborhood of our property.  We have sooo much work to do!  May we be faithful to share Christ with all we can!

 Little Mariana- age 1 1/2.  She's the little girl of Marisela, a young single mother in our church who came to Christ and got baptized last year after being in our Sunday School for 7 years.  Marisela is praying for a godly husband/father for her 2 children.  She comes faithfully every week now with little Mariana and her newborn baby brother.

 Sara Abigail- age 1-  Hno. Santo's/Hna. Cristina's girl- Kevin and Brandon's sister.  This family has such a special place in my heart as they are the first ones I was ever able to bring to Christ here
 Oh, here's Matias- Mariana's little brother...1 month old :)  I got to see him on an u/s with his little waving arms and got to take his mommy to the hospital when he was ready to meet the world :)

 Jesus- a little boy who just started coming a couple weeks ago.
 Jimena- age 5  Her mom got saved this past year.
 Jose Luis- age 10  His mom is Jimena's grandma.  She is very close to coming to Christ.
 Jorge-age 11  Full of energy and just started coming to church a couple months ago
 Eliza- age 12- Jose Luis' sister
 Diego- age 8 months.  Jimena's brother.  I got to share the gospel at his baby shower with several unsaved ladies.

 Berni- age 7  Hno Juan and Hna Leti's boy!  Serious, smart, and just like his Daddy!!
 Luis- 10 years old   Soledad's brother.  Still not ready to come to Christ, but we keep praying!
 Pablo- age 9  My middle boys' best friend! :) Juan and Leti's boy- Wants to be missionary someday

Michel and her sister Abril (ages 12 and 1)-  Eddie's sisters (Eddie is in the very first picture :) )
 We recieved several boxes marked for teenagers, so Saturday night, I brought some boxes to the youth who were over at the church.  
This is Ramon.  He just got saved along with his mom and sister.  He lives right in front of the church.
 This is Cecilia- Beka's best friend.  Her mom and dad got saved and baptized a few years ago and faithfully serve together.  Her dad was a drunkard for 47 years before coming to Christ.  Her mom teaches Sunday School and her brother is preparing to be a pastor or missionary.
 This is Armando.  He's been in our church for 7 years.  He was raised by his grandmother and got saved and baptized last year.  He's Marisela's brother.
 This is Miguel.  He got saved and baptized last year and has grown so much!  He's one of Timothy and Elijah's good friends and was a huge help to Daniel in getting up our current church building.
 This is Jorge, age 12.  He's Armando's brother and began coming to church with us when he was 4.

This is Chuy, Cecilia's brother.  He got saved and baptized a few years ago, got away from the Lord, and then last year gave his life to the Lord and surrendered to serve the Lord as a pastor or missionary.

10 points to anyone who made it to the end!
100 points to anyone who read everything! :)
More points coming when I post the final post which will be the most pictures of all!!! :)


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    1. Yea! You are the grand prize winner of a formal invitation to come visit us ANYTIME with all your babies :-) Love you, Jolene! Pray you and your dear family are being blessed as you bless others serving there in CA!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time out to hand out these gifts and to also take the pictures so we can share in the joy.
    My family enjoyed looking through all the pictures. It was neat finding some of our packages that were sent. I cried with joy. It was so beautiful seeing there faces. I look forward to praying for all the children but I know I can specifically pray by names the ones that received our care packages. Thank you so much. It was a joy participating and look forward to participating again.
    Melanie from NC

  3. Can you tell me the name of the girl right after Soledad? {with the zebra print bag} I'd love to be able to pray for her by name!
    So glad to see you had a good response this year -- and to see the pics of so many children & teens receiving their gifts.


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