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Monday, July 29, 2013

Family Camp 2013

Last week, we had our 6th annual church family camp.  And what a wonderful week it was!
It seemed Satan was working overtime to put a cog in the wheel...that's always a sign that the Lord has something special ahead.
First of all, not many families of our church were able to go this year due to finances.  In prior years, we'd been able to help out, but this year, we couldn't.  So we were a small group of 27.  As much as we wanted others to be able to go, we had to trust the Lord had His purpose and so off we went.

Waiting in the shade by the side of the road while Daniel did an errand in town
 We'd only been on the road for about 45 minutes when we heard and felt that all too familiar sound of a tire blow out.  We were in the microbus which as dual tires on the rear and one of the inner tires had blown out.  We were able to travel a few more miles into a small village where there was a tire shop on the side of the road.  
Growing up!!
 It was very hot, so the ladies gathered together under a shade.

 About 45 minutes later we were back on our way.  A bit lopsided as we couldn't get the right size tires, but we drove slowly and arrived at camp around 2:30 pm.
Everyone was hungry.  One of the churches that was suppose to come canceled at the last minute...this church was in charge of lunch for that day.  But the church in Los Cabos arrived bringing with them a bunch of mole and rice (mole is pronounced moh-lee and has nothing to do with a mole).  They'd had a wedding the day before and had lots of left over food.  We were so thankful to see the Lord's provision!
After lunch, getting settled in our dorms and going over the rules, we had swim time.
 As I went to get my flip flops to go back to my room, I stopped to take a couple pictures...
My flip flops
Size 11 :)
Nicely set off to the side together...right and left foot in order
Very "Jaynee"
 Rebekah's flip flops
Same size
Same brand
Kicked off as she ran to the pool
Very "Rebekah"
 As I walked into our dorm, I saw Abi's bed all set up knowing that she would NOT like that wrinkle there in the center if she saw it.
 And then I saw Beka's bed
Those are my girls! :)
So very different is sooo many ways, yet I love them both soooo much just for who they are!
 We enjoyed 3 days of food, fellowship, games, swimming, and 7 messages from God's Word.
The Lord worked in the hearts of so many.
 There wasn't a lot of money this year, yet the Lord seemed to make the meals stretch.  With all the activities, you really work up an appetite, and while the food was simple, it was delicious and there was plenty!
There were even a few ice cold cokes shared :)
I love that shot below.  Such a true picture of our daily meals...tortillas, salt, a chili pepper and coke on the table.  

We got home late Saturday afternoon.  The guest speaker and his wife came home with us and he preached for our services Sunday morning.  
Today I've done 24,591 loads of laundry give or take a few.  
Well, it was bad anyways.  I told the kids last night to just sleep in their clothes and when they got up this morning, I said, "You all look fine; you can just stay in those clothes today." :) 

Tonight we are expecting some dear friends of ours from Texas who are driving all the way down here to visit and work in the ministry this week.  We can't wait!!!  We LOVE visitors!  Anyone else like to come?  Our house is your house!
This week we will be doing lots of visitation, soul wining, and building some new Sunday School classes at the property.  
Looking forward to all the Lord will do this week...He is so faithful and so good!


  1. Hi Jaynee!
    What a great update. It looks as though alot of fun was had as well as fellowship. Isn't it amazing how God provides all our needs just when we need them? Your shoe story is so funny because I do the same thing with mine! Hope you have a wonderful week with your friends from Texas and to answer your question...yes one day soon hopefully Brett will be able to visit you!
    Angela :)

    1. Oh, please come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and miss yoU!!!

  2. Wow, looks like a lot of amazing fun! I had to laugh at the difference in your girls' beds, and I love that you have the grace to enjoy them both just the way they are. Blessings!

    1. Each child is soooo different! I love how God is so creative! :)

  3. I was really enjoying your post, until the part where you said what you did about the children's clothes...then I absolutely LOVED it! ;)

    I've been following your blog, every single post, since Eliseo was born! My parents live in Colima, and I was born in Chihuahua. Just love your blog. :)

    1. Ha! That is sooo not me...I love fresh clean clothes on the kiddos, but yesterday I was desperate! :)

      I'm so glad you commented Natalia!

  4. I loved this post as well!!!:) Kindred spirits!

    1. Ha! :) I thought of you, Tereza, when I posted another post sooooo soon! :)

  5. I have 1/6 the number of kids you do, and still have that variation in, shall we say, "neatness" between them. Love the bed and flip-flop shots. I am intrigued by the camp you go to -- it really looks so very nice! I imagine you have to pay to attend and then are just on your own for meal-planning and activities (or, I suppose your family runs the camp?). I, too, have been following your blog for a long time and was glad to see this post. Lots of happy smiles there -- keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Karen...Yes, the campground is beautiful! It is owned/run by a Christian family. They charge a certain price per person to stay there (very economical...less than $10 a night. We ask each person who goes to donate a certain amount toward helping pay for gas and food. Then each of the churches who go take turns buying groceries for and preparing the meals. For example, our church made 1 breakfast and 1 dinner. We picked what we wanted to make, bought the groceries, and then we ladies cooked it. Everyone pitches in the with cleaning/dishes etc... It's a blast every year and one of great spiritual blessing!

  6. It is good to hear from you again. So glad the camp went well and that you will have visitors this week. God bless them and you! My kids and I went on a mission trip with our church to Ghana, West Africa this past month-June. It was amazing! I am also writing this to ask you if you will pray for this missionary mom, she is suffering from some disease that the doctors have yet to diagnose. I do not know her but have been reading her blog for quite a while now. Here it is and thank you http://adayinthelifeofamissionarywife.blogspot.com/

    Damara Poledna

    1. That's great, Damara! Wow, West Africa! I'd love to go to Africa someday. I always imagined myself when I was a little girl as someday being a missionary there (I think because at the time the only missionaries I knew were from Africa).

      I do pray for Kami every day..she's a dear friend of mine and my heart is breaking for their family for all they've gone through and I know the Lord has a plan and purpose and I continually hold her and her hubby and kiddos up before Him.

  7. I want to come!!!!

    Praise the Lord for His work in family camp:)

    1. She has to bring us if she goes :). LOL! Wouldn't that be fun Heather :)?

    2. LOL! That would be fun, Mrs. A! Now I have to save for several trips...South Korea, Greenland, and Mexico (and maybe a few more in between)! With God all things are possible:) Praying for all of you...Lockwood family and A. family! Have a blessed evening;)

  8. In the excitement of going to tell my husband that you invited us all down ... I must have never hit publish on my comment :(.
    What a treat to get two posts in less than two weeks!!!!
    Ruthie LOVED the bunk bed pictures (she really wants a bunk bed :)).
    Love the flip-flop pictures!!! Looks like you all had such a wonderful time of fellowship :). Still laughing about the laundry ... laughing about laundry is a good idea :) because it will never go away.
    I always love to read your posts :).

    1. I was just about to email you....No, you DID hit the publish comment. And I enjoyed reading every bit of it, but in my sinister plan to get you to write another comment which I knew I would equally enjoy, I accidentally hit the "delete" button when I meant to his "publish" and couldn't figure out how to get it to come back. Sorry!!

      Come visit soooonnnn!!! It would be sooo wonderful!

    2. LOL! I have done that a few times too. Poor Nick, I am sure he can "find" them again :)... he assures me they are really gone though :(. I deleted an entire group of comments once because I checked them all and hit the wrong button!

      Yes, it would be WONDERFUL :).

  9. I just read this, Jaynee! Love it! The photos are on their way, in a package....Dan burned a disk because there were so many. I'll try sending a few via e-mail.

  10. Jaynee, I just read your latest blog entry about family camp! I really enjoyed reading it. A care package is on its way today....it includes a disk of all the photos (nearly 200) we took while in Mexico. I will try to also send a few via e-mail. Dan decided there were too many to e-mail and opted for the disk instead.

  11. eso fue para mi la verdad, la mejor experiencia que he vivido!!!!!
    y ya estoy ansioso porque vuelva a ser julio, para ir de nuevo al campamento!!

  12. eso fue para mi la verdad, la mejor experiencia que he vivido!!!!!
    y ya estoy ansioso porque vuelva a ser julio, para ir de nuevo al campamento!!


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