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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I know it's blurry, but this picture was about a month ago.  
Several of our regular families weren't there that morning, but I LOVE this picture.  I see two ladies and an older man who have come to Christ within the past few months and are growing so much in the Lord.  I see about 15 children who have only been in church for about 3 months.  They had never heard the gospel before.  I've had the joy recently of leading 3 of them to Christ.  

In the past month, more and and more people are coming to hear the preaching.  The past few weeks, we haven't fit in our building, so we are taking out a wall and expanding.  We need to start another children's class because there are more children coming then fit in the class rooms.  This week, our ladies are putting on a special Valentine's Day party.  They wanted to invite as many of their friends as they could, bless them with a evening of yummy foods/desserts, games, and visiting with the purpose of sharing the gospel with them.  They wanted me to head it up.  But I knew they could do it, and I said it was time for them to use what God has given them and taught them.   They are planning it, decorating, inviting, making food, and one of our ladies is preparing a gospel message to share.  They are wanting to share their testimonies, share a special song, and are praying that they the Lord will bring their friends to Him.

So while between the normal chores of the home, the school, and the regular work of the ministry, we are continuing to expand/build church building as the Lord provides, working on building guest quarters behind our home (anyone want to come visit??!!!  We'd LOVE to have you), and getting prepared to possibly send my two babies...our two boys... two young men off to Bible college (look for a future post on that soon...or as soon as I buy a box of Kleenex to have on hand while I type it.)

So much joy in serving the Lord!!!


  1. Wow jaynee you have boys old enough for that?!!! Where did the time go...really where? My oldest is turning 20 this summer...still cant believe it!
    Thats wonderful that the ladies are able to head things up on their own...May it be a blessed time!

  2. Souls saved!!!! That is the most exciting news and to hear they are growing!!! This is the 3rd time I have read this post this morning :). Now I figured I really should comment :). Sounds like you really could use some carpenters :). Just last night Nick and I were wondering what it would cost for the whole family to go down. We work so much better together :). Hannah and I were saying this morning that it would be a great way for Dad and I to celebrate our 20th anniversary :) of course we would have to bring all the kids because they are celebrating too.... well, enough dreaming off to get a coffee and to school ... oh, the plans we make when Dad and Nick are at work :). I think I'll e-mail this post to my Love :). I printed your last one and he thought it was excellent. Have a wonderful day serving the Lord in your corner :).

  3. YES!!! We need some carpenters sooooooooo badly!! Everything here is done with cement/cinder block/brick and nobody knows how to work with wood. But since we don't have the money to build a permanent cement building right now, we are using what we have. Only my hubby and my 2 boys know anything about wood and they've never been in construction. We need doors hung, windows put in, class room's build, floors poured, walls replaced, and sooooo much more.
    So, YES, I think your idea is wonderful~~~! As for cost, I have no idea. Airfare and passports....I know it's a lot. You could drive if you were up for a reeeaallllyyyy long road trip. :) We'd house and feed you :-)

  4. Praying for your family! Gods blessings on your project! I wish we could come help. Someday maybe. My oldest is only 11 and we have 10 . We would love to serve with you.

    Prayers John and Beth Determan

  5. Hi, we do a little magazine for families that we send to friends. We have a section on missionaries and would like to feature you in our magazine. Would you be willing to answer a few questions and be in our magazine. And can we use a family photo? If so, email me at pbmax101@yahoo.com Thanks,

  6. You have done what the Lord has command from all of us, Matthew 28:19 Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    I am so amazed and happy just how many souls are broght to the Lord, to heal, change, make whole in Him. I was tickled you made the ladies do the party on their own, sometimes its hard to step out in faith, and I am proud you guys have tought so well, they now can share God's word with others.
    Very amazing with all the little one's comming to church, they will bring the love for God home so mommies and daddies can come to the Lord!!! Praying for you guys and your missions.

  7. I love the women's enthusiasm for the Valentine's event. I hope it went well! Guest quarters.... that's exciting news, too!

  8. Catching up today ~ Exciting times there as always! Trust the Valentines party was a blessed time of fellowship and outreach.
    We have three in Bible colleges this year (one is 16 hours away by highway travel!) - crazy but in a good way. :-) I'll be curious to hear where God leads your young men to study.
    Blessings ~


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