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Monday, April 02, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We are so grateful to be posting this new entry from our home here in Mexico! As we pulled into our yard about 3:00 am this morning, the children all woke up with cheers and smiles as they were so happy to be home. I wonder if we awoke any of our neighbors as the children ran around the yard with their dog, squealing as they ran around the house so excited to see everything from their toys to my dishes! :) Things got a bit crazy as we found and surprised 4 rats who decided to make themselves at home while we were away. Daddy and the boys chased them around with brooms, sticks ect... while Mommy and Nehemiah stood shaking in a corner. :) The boys were having the time of their lives, except for Josiah...I found him standing in the middle of the dining room table.

We thank the Lord for bringing us safely home. What was going to only be a 10 day trip ended up lasting a month. But we truly believe the Lord brought us up so little Nehemiah could get better. The last time I posted, he was still sick and undergoing some tests. They all came back negative. Then a week ago Friday, his wheezing got really bad. He was struggling so hard to breathe that he could no longer eat. We took him to the pediatrician that we use while we are in town and the doctor was so concerned he considered flying him to Sacramento. He admitted Nehemiah into the hospital in Redding. There he recieved breathing treatments to open his airways and steroids to help heal his damaged lungs. The doctor was planning on sending him down to Sacramento the following Monday for further treatment, but he improved so much that we were able to be discharged from the hospital Sunday and continue his treatments from home. The doctor believes that basically Nehemiah's airways are reacting to something causing his breathing difficulties. We now have medicine to treat him, and Lord willing, he will continue to improve. The doctor told us that he believes the reason Nehemiah hasn't grown much is that he was using all his energy/calories just to breathe. He is so much better now.

The pictures are (1) "Get out and stretch break" on the trip back down, (2) The children with Jaynee's sister "Aunt Julee"...we were able to spend the night at her house on our way back down, (3) Traveling, (4) Nehemiah and Timothy, and (5) Nehemiah in the hospital

We praise the Lord for his care for little Nehemiah. Thank you so much for your prayers for him. It is good to be home.

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