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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Children are fun :)

Daniel got home a bit ago from preaching out in the villages again. He was out late tonight and while I try not to worry, I always do. :) But that just urges me to pray all the more. It was almost dark when he finally drove in. And then the joy of sitting around listening to him tell everything that happened during the day. His brother took some pictures of the area where they went and as soon as I get a hold of his camera, I'll post them :)
So I spent the day at home with the children. We had lots of work to do and work we did! After everything was done, I had them all take their showers and as it had finally cooled off to a pleasant 92 degrees we headed outside to play, ate cereal for supper (we can do that when Daddy's not here :) ), had smoothies, and played games until family devotions.
I walked around snapping pictures and just feeling so happy and blessed~ I just love being with my children...they are so fun!
I finished 3 sewing projects this month...2 pairs of culottes for the girls (they wore them for swimming at family camp) and a summer nightgown for Beka. Just 20-30 minutes here and there added up to all that this month :)

Here's couple of pictures from Sunday. We had a full house Sunday night and enjoyed a fellowship dinner afterwards. Here's a picture of Pablito showing off his Sunday School craft...he's the son of Juan and Leticia who just got baptized at camp.

Getting ready to take people back home

We gave away a bunch of donated clothing to the people this past week. The girls found these dresses in one of the bags and claimed they are triplets :)

Susannah's rag curls from the left over material scraps from Beka's nightgown

Samuel is getting so big! He just started sucking his fingers...I've had 2 others who sucked those same fingers and 1 thumb sucker and 1 pinkie sucker :)

Abigail working on a craft tonight

Nehemiah says "Say cheese!"

I was putting some clean laundry into the girl's room the other day and on my way out their door, I saw this: :)

Isaiah swinging...early evenings are so much fun

Benjamin swinging...he'd just washed his hair so you can really see his cowlick :)
We got a new pet...a rabbit....last week
Elijah doing what Elijah has done since he was 2 1/2...reading encyclopedias :)
Timothy went to the store to get our special supper :) I labeled the store in the background...that's where we get our "daily bread" :)
Area the children and I are getting ready to garden :)


  1. Finger/thumb sucking babies are adorable:)
    Is it going to be a veggie garden?
    Your posts are always full of love and a slower paced life. It's a breath of fresh air viewing it from inside a city!!
    i'm so glad you decided to keep blogging!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this sweet post. There's nothing quite as sweet as freshly washed children. I love to kiss my children's head right after they bathe.

    It's a testimony now and a legacy for the future of how you enjoy your dear ones. I like to put those thoughts into writing too. Sometimes older folk talk of how they enjoyed their hildren and others think that maybe they just forgot what it was "really" like. When you journal in this way there will be no doubt in the future generations of your great delight in motherhood.

    You are just a teenie bit older than me and a whole lot more experienced but may I say with sisterly love I hope you watch that son of yours when he goes to the store. You know it just takes a second for a stranger to grab 'em. I am sure you keep an eagle eye out but if you are like me it's hard to remember how young they are when they are the oldest.

    I love the schedule your girls posted. They are wise mother's in the making.

    My whole family smiled and enjoyed your happy post.

    Oh, one more funny note. I saw my children with a ruler on your family photo (which is beautiful). They had not accounted for the fact that you all are standing downhill. So they figured that you are only as high as Daniel's belly and that your three eldest are all significantly taller than you. Indeed, children are funny.

    Blessings in Jesus' name,


  3. Children certainly are fun. ☺

    Samuel looks as if he is much better now. Praise God!

    Wow, where do you find the time to sew as well as everything else?

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  5. So good to get an update :-) I love hearing what's going on down there.

    Don't tell me you feed the entire crew on one box of cereal? :-0
    Mine would eat 5 boxes, atleast!

    I couldn't believe that was Samuel on the bed smiling. He looks GREAT!! Gladys was just praying for him last night. She'll be thrilled to see he's doing so well.

    Are the people at the village that Daniel is going to being receptive? Is he able to talk about God again? We'll keep praying for open hearts there.

    I love to see how you get so much done in bits of time here and there. I always enjoy seeing your schedule and how you put it all together. Encourages me :-)

    The "triplets" look adorable. All the kids do :-)


  6. Love all the pictures! So thankful little Samuel is doing so well. Praying for your family. Our #2 baby is due in about one month. "He" is in a transverse lie right now, so praying he will get his head down soon! May the Lord richly bless your family. Love, The Andersons from Wyo.

  7. Great photos! Your kids are just so cute! Thanks for sharing a peek into your daily activities.

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love our children too. Isn't it fun to be a mom? Its very hot here also and I can relate, cooling off to 92. We're not used to this heat, living in Washington... When do you usually start a garden, toward fall? Does it cool off very much there? I love the cowlick. One of my boys has one like that.

  10. Looks like y'all have been busy and are having lots of fun! Can't wait to see your garden once it is planted. Sewing has never been one of my strong points....wish it was as my mom and Grandmother both can (in fact they made most of our clothes growing up and now are sewing for my daughters). I have seen the rag curls before, how exactly does that work?

  11. ALWAYS love your updates and great pictures. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Your children always have the best, brightest smiles! They are beautiful.

  12. Love seeing more snapshots of your life! Thank you for sharing :)

  13. Tereza~ We've got seed for radishes, carrots, onions, squash, lettuce, tomatoes and I think some melons.

    Cinnamon~ No, one box of cereal would not come close to cutting it for our family :) We already had several bulk bags here...we just needed a bit more milk and another box so there would be enough :) Timothy was extra excited that the milk came with a free juice taped to it :)
    Thank you for asking about and praying for Daniel as he preaching out in the village...I'll be posting a report on it hopefully tonight as I got some pictures off my brother in laws camera

    Anderson Family~ We will certainly be praying with you that your sweet little one turns soon! Only one more month~ how exciting! Can't wait to hear the good news!

    Michelle~ We can plant most any time of the year here except for maybe December-March when it will occasionally freeze at night. We have year round sun (minus a few days when a hurricane passes through) and warm to hot daytime temps.

    Holly~ My sister was telling me how to do rag curls. She said you just wrap the hair around the rag to make a spiral curl and then tie it. I'm sure you can find some tutorials online on how to do them :)

  14. Beautiful family. I especially love the pic of your Samuel sucking his 2 fingers because my little baby(5mo) Joshua does it and it is so sweet!!!! He looks so healthy and gotten bigger. I do love reading your blog as you inspire me....... I think my 4 so far are keeping me busy but now know it is possible for you with 12 12 and under so if I know I can do it!!! I still am dying to know if you breast fed as they are close in age like mine. I am 25 with 5 so by the time I am your age I am praying for as many blessings :) Sorry to ramble. Bless you

  15. Jessica~ Hi...I have completely nursed most of my babies until I have gotten pregnant at which point I have needed supplement. There have been a few exceptions...Abigail had a latch problem, I had to be apart from Eliseo during Daniel's sickness last year, and of course baby Samuel being in the hospital so much. But I can say that fully nursing has never kept me from getting pregnant for long.
    It is wonderful to know that the Lord gives the grace and strength we need to bring up each of the little ones He gives us!

  16. Jaynee-Thank you so much for replying. Sorry to be so persistant it was something I just had to know. That is neat that you did breastfeed and how closely the Lord allowed them to be together. I love mine close and though I have been severely ill from nursing I am still trusting the Lord even if that means they are close in age. You must have some good child training secrets up your sleeve. Maybe one day you can share. Bless your sweet family and keep up the good work. You could be pregnant anytime :)

  17. I have such cute nephews and nieces.

  18. I love reading... seeing the pics. YOU are blessed but then you know that... thank you for allowing us to peek into your life...


  19. Aw, I just love this post. Your babies are so sweet and I'm just a lover of any finger or thumbsucking baby! I love to see their individual choices of the best fit. My Kimmy sucked those two middle fingers. Good for you for the bit of sewing you fit in, especially with camp and Samuel's needs. I know how rewarding that feeling is. And yes, children are certainly lots of fun, I must agree.

  20. Hola Jaynee - Thank you for sharing your life and your pictures with us! You are certainly blessed! I love all of the pictures - especially the store - it reminds me of when I lived in Costa Rica across from a "mini-mall" (their sign!) which consisted of about a six foot stand in the neighbors garage space that had all kinds of random things - from some bananas to individual bandaides...it was very convenient!:) Anyway - thank you again for sharing your lives and your blessings with us! Love, The Wilsons

  21. I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?


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