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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hospitalized again... (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Samuel was well enough to come back home this afternoon and continue his antibiotics and other treatments here. His condition is delicate and he may need to return to the hospital again, but we are so thankful for each day we are able to all be home together. We got the whooping cough test results back also today and they were negative. So we will continue to keep a close eye on (well...26 eyes are basically on him most of the day :) ) this little boy and give him lots of TLC and continue to lift him up before the Great Physician. Thank you for praying...it's so good to have "Little Brother" home :)

Pictures taken this evening from Samuel's room.

Empty Crib tonight :(

Loading up the things for Samuel's room

When I told Daniel this morning that I'd update the blog tonight, I never thought I'd be saying that Samuel is in the hospital again. We have enjoyed 10 wonderful days with our sweet little boy here at home. It still amazes me how incomplete our family feels with just his little self not here. While it's been a lot of work and time caring for him, lost sleep is sweet when he's in my arms. I had to make a chart when he came home to keep track of all his treatments he needed around the clock. Between feedings, nebulizations, and medications, we had to take care of him in some way almost every hour. Either my alarm or his little cry woke me up all night long and the children got use to bringing whatever we were doing (schoolwork, sewing, reading, ect...) to the bedroom each hour to help take care of our baby. Last night we completed the last of the treatments and I was so glad to finally file my charts away and set my alarm for a time closer to when the sun rises :) Samuel had a follow-up visit scheduled with the pediatrician this morning. I was a bit concerned about the reoccuring fevers he'd been having the past few days. Daniel was home and had just finished preparing for the service tonight, so he offered to take him into town to see the doctor while I continued home schooling. Samuel was running another low grade fever this morning, and his heart rate was running about 200-220 (due to the fever). The doctor ordered another chest x-ray and blood test and then admitted him as he has another case of pneumonia.
About 4 weeks ago, when Samuel was first admitted into the hospital here, they tested him for whopping cough. Our family had unknowingly at the time been exposed to it up in the states before Samuel was old enough to get his vaccination for it.
While we still have not heard the test results, it appears that is what Samuel has which is the underlying reason for all his complications. A 2 month old baby here had just died from whooping cough the week before Samuel was admitted back in June. The hospital here sees about 1 case a month and we are so thankful for the knowledge the Lord has given the doctors here in caring for Samuel.
Whooping cough can last 3 months or more, so we may still have a long road to travel. There is no "cure" for it, but you treat the complications from it as they arise.
We are continually blessed and encouraged as we read the comments from so many of you who continue to uphold us in prayer. "Count it all joy, my brethren, when ye fall into divers temptations, knowing that the trying of your faith worketh patience." You know, between it being 97 degrees in the house each night, being over tired from caring for a sick little one, and having an awful "chest cold" for the past month (I may have whooping cough too...did you know you can get it as an adult even if you were fully vaccinated as a child?...I didn't! ), I have been tempted to complain on more than one occasion...and sometimes I just do complain and grumble and then not only am I unhappy, but I make everyone else unhappy around me. The Lord will work patience in me yet!
Just rising early, no matter how much I've been up at night, to have a bit of time alone with my Lord before I start the day, has carried me through and brought so much peace and joy to my heart. He is faithful and sure; He tells me to count each trial for joy and you know, when by His grace I choose to do that, He in turn gives me joy...no matter how hard it is and even if there is no end in sight, I know He is lovingly leading us and at times carrying us along and what a comfort to rest in Him.
Well, I know this post is already long, but I had a few other things that I wanted to write about tonight seeing as how I didn't plan on writing about Samuel being in the hospital :)

Since Samuel came home 10 days ago, we've started full time in our new schedule and been able to work out most of the kinks now. I know many of you have asked to see it and I'd love to share it with you...when I first started scheduling, seeing examples of others schedules, especially ones who had many young children, was a great help in getting ours put together. But, we had a computer crash last week (part of the reason for the long time between posts here...that and the 12 children and 1 hubby who live here and require a bit of my time ;) ). I'm hoping my computer savy brother will be able to help his less than computer savy sister recover some of our documents, but if not, I'll have to type the schedule up again on the children's home school computer. I'm thankful that I printed up a couple of copies already. I'll let you all know when I have it ready.

My morning wake up time is 5:30 am as the children get up at 6:30 am and I love meeting the Lord there in our living room while it's still quiet. Monday, Samuel woke up early (4:30 am) and was hungry. After I fed him, I was wide awake and figured there wasn't really enough time for me to fall back asleep before the alarm went off, so I used the extra minutes to decorate our school room; Daniel let me go to the Dollar Tree while we were in the states and they have such a good size, fun school section! :) I tell you, what a few charts and pictures will do...the room looks so cheery and the children were so eager to study...that's a well spent $12! :)

Oh, I wanted to ask you all a favor. As you can see, I have a few pictures there in our kitchen.

Some of them have been sent to us by you! How exciting it has been to put a face to the name of those who we've been blessed to know through here. I have another large bulliten board waiting to be hung in our family room and I'd love to fill it with pictures from you all. So if you have a picture you could send us, we'd love to display it! Be sure to tell us who you are and where you are from and anything else you'd like to say. You can find our mailing address on the bottom of the right hand side bar.
Daniel went out to the village of Jesus Maria yesterday for the first time since we've been back. Sadly, the men seemed harder than ever toward the gospel. They told Daniel he could come back another time but they didn't want to talk about the Bible anymore. Daniel said he'd return this coming week; there are several other villages in the "area" and he's planning on heading out early Tuesday morning and seeing how many villages he can preach in before dark.
Next week, Thursday through Saturday, we are having our 2nd annual Church Family Camp. With Samuel being sick, I'll probably have to stay home with the younger children, but the oldest 8 are counting down the days. I sewed Beka a new pair of culottes for swimming as she's grown several inches since last summer. We are praying that it will not only be a time of fun and fellowship, but that the Lord will work in the hearts of all who attend through the preaching.
We were encouraged last week to have 6 more come to trust Jesus Christ alone for their salvation...a man and his wife, an older man, a 20 year old lady, an 8 year old girl, and another lady who lives out on the way to the village. Five of them want to get baptized this month. How we rejoiced and praised the Lord all week long for bringing more souls to Himself! On the days when we just want to cry or give up, we remember how much the Lord suffered for us; how much we want the people here to know Him and His great love. Thank you Lord!
And one last thing to share...
Timothy wanted me to video tape him doing what he calls a "Lazy Boy Backflip". When I first saw him do it, my heart about stopped, but now even Noah (age 4) can do one (though not quite as high as Timothy) and it's turned out to be quite a hit with my children and the neighborhood children too. :)


  1. Dear Jaynee, know that we are praying for you and your family. I praise God for giving you good doctors and pray for Samuel. It is so hard some days having littlies who are sick. Sending you hugs and blessings.

    Your lesson area looks so fun.

    Shelley p
    from over the pond

  2. I'm praying right now that God will reach down His Mighty Healing Hand and touch Samuel and yourself. That you will both get over this whopping cough soon and begin to feel better. I'm also praying that God will continue to soften the hearts of the men, women and children there in your town and surrounding area to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words, I've struggled a bit lately with losing my joy and vision of what God want's to accomplish in my life. You are amazing, thank you for allowing God to use you in so many lives.

    Love in Christ,

  3. I'm praying for Samuel and for the family, too, of course.

    Timothy's Lazy Boy Backflip was amazing, and I'm certain that he's given you a few heart-stopping moments when you first saw him performing this feat.

  4. I had just checked here last night for an update and was hoping everything was good with little Samuel. I'm so sorry he is still sick, Jaynee. Be sure that I am continuing to pray.

    (LOVED the back flip!)

  5. Ooooh. I have been checking your blog daily, and was always so happy to see that it was still "Wonderful Normal". So sorry to hear your wee one is back in the hospital!! But I'm glad that they may now know what his underlying reasons are. Poor little pumpkin.

    You sounds like your mood is good, and I hope it is! May the Lord uphold you, and may you feel His presence and watch-care strongly!!

    The Wilsons in VA

  6. Praying for Samuel. I pray he feels better and gets well very soon.

  7. I am so sorry to hear that Samuel is back in the hospital. I know that is really hard for you and the whole family to be without him :( Praying that he gets back home quickly.

  8. Oh Jaynee :-/ while I'm always excited to see a new post from you, todays news made my heart ache for you all.

    We have been praying for his continued health and healing. We will just keep bringing him before the Lord :-)

    I love the video clip of Timothy! Too funny, while most "how to's you see have a huge warming saying "don't try this at home" your sweet guy is saying "hey go the local park and try it!" I love it!!

    The kids will be trying this out today, after they get done doing their flips on the trampoline :-)

    I was thinking about the village today. Wondering if Daniel had been back since you returned from the CA. Doesn't it seem like the harder their hearts the more the message is getting to them, sinking in, challenging their beliefs. God is so good to reach out to us even when we spit in his face. I will keep praying for the village.

    Thank you for taking the time to update.


  9. Stay strong in the Lord. He will carry you through all this. Praying for little Samuel, and all of you.

    Lazy Boy backflip! That was NOT lazy. I was scared just waiting for him to do it. Great job Timothy.
    I will not show my girls this, because they will for sure try it and I'm not ready for that yet. :o)

  10. I stumbled across your blog a year or so back, looked at your family picture in interest since at that time our friends were expecting their 5th child when their oldest would be not yet 5, and then forgot about it. I came across your blog again recently and read a lot of the old posts, and felt this time that I should add you to my Bloglines and that the Lord would have me to pray for you. So, thank you for this update, and I am praying for God’s healing of Samuel, His strengthening of the rest of you, and for your family to be a light to those around you through this and the rest of your lives.

    I’ll introduce myself now. I’m Heather. My husband and I are in our late 20s and have been married for almost 9 years. We have 5 children: a 7 ½ yo son, daughters ages 5 ½, almost 4, and 2, and then another son age 5 ½ months. We live in the midwestern United States.

    When we first gave up the birth control shortly after marrying, we knew absolutely no one in “real life” who felt that way. So, the internet was our only source of encouragement in this area. I was involved in the Maxwell’s MOMS board at the time and when I worried about how close together I could end up having children (never worried about absolute number, just “too” close), I remember being encouraged by a mom there that had 14 months between #1 and #2 and #3. I thought, “If God can equip her, then He can do the same for me.” It always strengthens my faith to see those who God has sustained in more challenging circumstances. I'm sure you're serving a similar role to some just starting out in letting God plan their family, and you'll be a reminder to me on difficult days of what God can do :-)

    May God bless your family as you continue to serve him in Mexico.

  11. oh...so sorry for little Samuel still being sick...
    But Whooping cough does take a while to heal from..
    I lived in Ontario several years ago where there was several cases of whooping couch going around... over 80% of them being fully vaccinated children...our 6 month old little girl got whooping cough and this was not pleasant requiring several hospital trips...if I remember correctly it took her almost 4 months to heal...
    but we do have asthma too so it made it that much harder...
    Don't loose hope..it is just one of those illnesses that is hard to heal from...
    God Bless and keep your family and little Samuel safe ...


  12. I am so sorry to hear Samuel is in the hospital again, I am just wondering would he get better care in the states while his lungs heal?
    lifting Samuel and you in prayer for healing.

    The back flip scared me LOL

  13. So sorry to hear that Samuel needs to be in the hospital again. But it is so encouraging that the doctors there have so much expertise in treating whooping cough, if that is what is at the root of all of this. God has been so good in providing you exactly the right place to be for the particular things you have needed throughout Samuel's life...both before and after birth.
    Your "Dollar Tree" school room looks so inviting for the children! I LOVE Dollar Tree....they seem to be just a big step above most other dollar stores I have been in.
    May God continue to give you just what you need each and every minute...and special strength and healing for Samuel!

  14. I'm sorry Samuel is in the hospital again. I am praying for you guys. Timothy's back flip is very scary, Don't you remember your little sister trying something similar when she was 3 1/2. If I do my hair in two braids, you can still see my scar.



  15. So sorry to hear that Smuel is back in the hosptial again...praying for him and your family!! :)

  16. Hey, we have that little book and that caterpillar!

    I'm so sorry to hear that Samuel is sick again and maybe has had whooping cough. We will keep him in our prayers!

    A bunch of us got whooping cough 3 years ago when I had a tiny baby too (though not a preemie). He (and we parents) all took precautionary antibiotics in case we had or would get it. Thankfully baby was fine. It's a bit fuzzy now but I believe the antibiotics help prevent the worst of the symptoms, and/or shorten them if you take it soon enough. No doubt Samuel is already on them for his pneumonia though, and it probably isn't early enough; I am sure he is getting great care. It must be a considerable concern though, and I know about having kids in hospital with serious things!

    I am excited to send a family photo but it will take a while till we get one taken and get it sent. Last year my parents sent us a letter from Colima and it took over 6 weeks to get here. You may have them trickling in for many months!

    Thank you for the info on your family photo. What a blessing to have talented friends sew the girls' dresses and take beautiful photos. Maybe if we take a trip to visit my parents one of these years we can stop by C.U. (though it's not exactly on the way, I know, but maybe there is a ferry at the bottom of the Baja?)


  17. Yikes, Julee, I just let my kids watch that, now I'm scared they'll try it (though chances are they probably have and I didn't realize.)

  18. Praying for the baby's speedy recovery ... and my heart almost stopped watching the video!!

  19. Jaynee- Little Samuel is such a trooper and I will pray for him. Dont feel bad about grumbling, we all have done that just rejoice that His mercy is new every morning :) Blessings and stay strong and lean on the Lord, not yourself, He will carry you through this and what a testimony you will have to share.

  20. Our family of 9 serving the Lord in the Philippines continues to pray for you all. We continue to pray for your sweet baby. The only good thing about your little one being so sick is that maybe he will be able to build up his immune system. Your milk will be really really important to him. You can still nurse even after the sepearation if you are willing to work very hard - and it will be worth it if you do. You are right about the vaccines wearing off after about 13 years. So many who think they are "safe" from common disease are not. Natural imunity is really the only safe protection. Our God is all wise in creating our bodies defense. Blessings, Stacey-jean from the ten little inions

  21. Timothy, What a great flip...I think you have just invented a new olympic sport...the lazy boy flip!!! The girls look so beautiful with theirs new hair do's.
    Samuel is in my prayers constantly. I look at the picture in the NICU and say a quiet prayer each time I walk by it. You are still so often in my thoughts...It is amazing how many people are holding Samuel and all of you up in prayers. I wish I was there to give you some relief and be able to sit with Samuel at the hospital. It would be so great to be able to hold him and cuddle with him again. His smile is contagious! So I guess I will just imagine that I am holding him at night when I remember him in prayer...knowing that our Lord is holding him too! Love, Carol

  22. So sorry your little one is struggling...I will be praying for all of you.
    I am a Public Health Nurse and work with immunizations. Whooping cough (Pertussis) is indeed a real threat again. It has been advised for a few years that all adults ages 19-64, and adolescents as well, get a TDaP booster...(contains pertussis vaccine) Check out... http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/combo-vaccines/DTaP-Td-DT/tdap.htm Hopefully all of your readers will go out and get one to prevent this happening to little ones who can't have complete protection for 12-15 months of age.

  23. Dear Lockwoods,
    Please know that you are in my prayers, praying for healing of little Samuel and Jaynee, praising God for moving in the hearts of the people that you are ministering to.
    Jaynee, you are such an encouragement to me! "Watching" you (through your blog), seeing you hope in the Lord through the various trials you are going through, God uses your testimony to encourage other believers.
    May He pour out His grace, peace and mercy on your family as you faithfully serve Him.

    Love in Christ,
    Melissa Vinson

    P.S. Timothy's back flip was pretty awesome. Even though it was a little scary, boys have such an adventurous spirit!

  24. praying for sweet little samuel!

    and that was the best trick instructional video ever. i showed my husband and he made me replay it. he is very adventurous and loves the more extreme sports kind of things (skydiving for instance). he laughed and said, "how did he do that...why did i never think about trying that?!?" i'm pretty sure he's off to the park tomorrow to give it a shot. ;) ha ha ha. thanks timothy!

  25. I follow your blog, but have never written. Today, as another mother, I am moved to tell you Jaynee, just how much your faith has taught me. I find myself growing closer to God as I listen to your praise and commiserate with your worries.

    I will keep you, Samuel, and your whole family in my prayers.

  26. Praying that God will wrap his healing hands around little Samuel and make him well again. I pray for comfort for the rest of your family during this time, its just so very hard having a child sick in the hospital, it effects everyone and it tears at my heart to know such a wonderful family is having to deal with all this.

    Bless you all and keep you.


  27. Dear Lord,

    Please give the Lockwood Family strength and peace. Heal little Samuel as you see fit, Lord. Whatever you decide, Lord, may you give everyone peace that passes all understanding.

    Lord, I give you this family. I give the Lockwood's over to your care. You are the giver of all things. You can take care of them like no other. Take care of them Lord.

    In your name we pray.

  28. I am so sorry that your baby is separated from you once again. I have been praying faithfully for all of you. Thank you for your comments on my blog(s) lately. I am so glad that we can keep in touch a bit. Sending your sweet baby some love... (although I know he's far from lacking). <3

  29. Oh, and thank you for Timothy for the terrific demonstration. My kids loved it. We watched it about five times in a row before I said no more. And since we have gravel under our swingset, I've forbid them to try it at home. :)

  30. That updated photo is absolutely precious! The way those boys are looking at one another brought tears to my eyes. You are constantly in my prayers, Jaynee.

  31. Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

    I only know you through blogging, but I read all your posts, and have often prayed for your sweet baby.

    I pray the time until he is home again flies swiftly....Jennie

  32. Lockwood Family,

    We are continuing to lift you up in prayer. It has been on my heart to pray specifically for you Jaynee. I am asking the Lord to refresh you and give you strength for each new day.
    Does your schoolroom double as your dining room? Are those the desks that Daniel built a while back? It's wonderful!!
    Timothy - your video was a hit with my boys.

    Love, the Millers in TX

  33. Thanks for the update!! Yeah he's home!! You must be thrilled~ Those smiling faces looking down at Samuel in his crib are priceless.

    Btw, I love your school room. Very cute~

    Be praying tonight for sweet little Samuel~


  34. So sorry about Baby Samuel.I will continue to pray for him. We just went through Whooping cough here as well. We were given Zithromax to manage the symptoms. I've been told it can be a false negative on the cultures.
    Take heart, dear ones. This too shall pass.
    I will look up some homeopathic and herbal remedies to suggest for Samuel that would be safe for him to help his body to fight this.

    Jamie R.

  35. Okay, I'm back. I don't know if you are familiar with homeopathy, but you can get a remedy for whooping cough or otherwise difficult cough from elixirs.com. There are other sites, but this one is very user-friendly.

    I'm sure they can give you more helpful information, but I just wanted to pass that on as something very easy to add to his treatment regimen that will not conflict with his medications...just in case you wanted to explore it.


    Jamie R.

  36. Yeah Samuel, Thank you Lord Jesus for your ever loving healing hand!

  37. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! We are so happy. May God grant you wisdom in caring for your baby during this fragile time.

    In PA Amish country where we live whooping cough is a common illness for children. There many mothers keep thyme boiling on the stove all day to ease the mucous secretions and help breathing. Like so many things in parenting folks have strong views on vaccines or not but whatever ones view I always love hearing about the natural remedies that also help.

    Is there an e-mail address where we can send photos? I can not wait to read your scehdule. This is a great desire of my husband but neither of us are good schedulers. I admire people who do and I long to improve. Now that my children are getting bigger 9,7,5,4,3,2,1 I see a greater need for scheduling.

    Love from the Philippines

  38. Glad he's home..praying!!! :)

  39. Hi sweet Jaynee!

    What a wonderful example you are of 'rejoicing evermore for this is the will of God' you are to me! He has been working, no pounding this into me lately like never before! How wonderful that he gives us everything we need to be content and joyful despite circumstances. He is so much bigger than those isn't He? And don't we realize in the middle of trials even more how very blessed we are and how thankful we should be!

    It's amazing how much you encourage me and build me up all the way from Mexico.

    Think of you often and pray for you often! Praying specifically for healing for your sweet babe and for His peace to rule in your heart.


  40. My girls both think the Lazy Boy Backflip looks quite dangerous. :)


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