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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Water and Fire

Thank you for your prayers as Hurricane Jimena draws closer. Some of you have emailed or commented asking if we are evacuating. While some are leaving their houses and heading to shelters, everyone is staying in town. We thank the Lord we are in a solid cement house and we've raised our property level by bringing in 12 dump trucks full of dirt over the past couple years (those of you who have been reading here for a while may remember us moving dirt A LOT :) ). The town is getting prepared for the winds and flooding. We went to the market last night to stock up on food; the shelves were clearing out as everyone else was doing the same.
We ask prayers especially for those of our church. Many live in lower areas that are subject to flooding. There are several very poor areas around too where the houses are made of cardboard, blankets, wooden pallets etc... They are opening up shelters around town where the ground is higher. We pray that we may be able to be of help and a blessing to others in any way we are able.
The hurricane is due to hit land early tomorrow morning and cross over our area later Wednesday afternoon/evening.
Daniel is out in Jesus Maria today. Pray for the people there as well as the flooding can be bad in that area. Last week, Daniel was sharing the gospel with a lady who lost her house in the flood we had last year.

While we wait for the water to come, we had a little fire. This morning, the children were sitting at their desks working on school and I was on the couch having my teaching time with Benjamin while holding little Samuel. Eliseo was still napping in the back room and the younger children were playing under the patio with sidewalk chalk.
Suddenly the room filled with smoke and we heard lots of popping sounds. I looked over in the play room and saw the fan smoking. I jumped up and realized the love seat was smoking as well.
I handed Samuel to Timothy and grabbed the fire extinguisher from the kitchen. Elijah pulled the love seat back from the wall; the cord of the fan as well as the back of the love seat were on fire. I told the children to quickly get to the back yard and we thank the Lord that the fire was easily put out by the fire extinguisher.

Since the house was quite smokey and everything was covered with fine white powder, I had the Beka play with the children outside while Timothy, Elijah, Benjamin and I opened windows, cleaned up the mess and made some sandwhiches for lunch.
We thank the Lord that nobody was hurt, the fire was put out quickly and since only the back of the couch burnt, you wouldn't even know to look at it that anything happened :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear that no one was hurt in the fire! Praying for you all to be kept safe during the hurricane.

  2. I am praying Jaynee. Thanking him that the fire was little and no one was hurt! Our God is so good!

  3. Im glad you guys are all ok. That must have been a scary moment.Praying for you all as you wait for the storm to come..praying it may just pass over.

  4. So thankful that you are all ok!!! We will be praying for you!

    Praying in WA,

  5. So thankful that the fire wasn't any worse! Will be praying for you and everyone else in your area as the storm approaches tomorrow. Please continue to keep us posted as you are able.

  6. Awww... So now I know that you were the curse of the "love seat fire" of '91. =0) Glad everything is ok.

  7. Oh my goodness!!...so glad everyone is safe and your house didn't burn down!!! I often think how hard my fans work in the heat of summer...on all night even. This summer we had a plug in, free standing air conditioner plugged in and running for many hours on end....suddenly something smelt funny and lo and behold the electric outlet that the unit was plugged into had turned black and was super hot!!! I'm thankful I noticed it on time....

  8. Praise the Lord for his keeping power. I remeber a fire like that in our sewing room. Our children were all able to get out safely and the fire extinguisher was able to put out the fire too but now several years later I still find a white powder on items like photos.


  9. Praise God you are all safe..
    We will be praying in the days ahead...
    Take care


  10. so so glad you are ok..

    love the 'little' things that where hiding under the couch in the photo....

    thinking and praying for you .

  11. Hi Jaynee~ I am so thankful no one was hurt! Scary scary!!

    I just got done nursing Granton. I pray for you all during that time and was just asking God to keep you safe and your town.

    Tomorrow we are due for a storm. Nothing like yours, of course, but it will remind me to pray for you :-)


  12. Stay safe, Lockwood family

  13. Praise God that He has His hand on you!

    We will be praying for your safekeeping.

  14. Oh my! I am so glad that you all were safe. Fire is so scary. I pray that the storm will pass quickly and everyone will be safe.

  15. I've been praying for your safety through the night and will continue to do so. Hopefully it will be just another simple story to add to your arsenal like the fire was. "Could have been terrible, but God's Hand was upon us." I like those kind. Praying for your people, too...

    Anxiously awaiting my email. Was that a promise? ;)

  16. Oh praise the Lord, you had a fire extinguisher "cerca" Wow! And the presence of mind to use it! God sure did protect you all.

    I will pray for you all as the hurricane is upon you.


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