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Monday, January 11, 2010

Do you see what eye see?

You know, it's hard to get a picture of Eliseo when he's not smiling. I finally caught him off guard, called his name, and was able to get the camera to "click" before he grinned at me. When he smiles, his eyes are so squinty it's hard to see them.
Since birth, one or both of Eliseo's eyes are continually pointed towards his nose. While we were in the USA for Samuel's birth, we were able to take Eliseo to see an eye doctor. Glasses did not work and we were told he needed a surgery to correct his vision, perferably before the age of 2.
We looked into having the surgery done here, but they do not do it in our state in Mexico. We would have to go to the mainland to have it done. We checked into having it in the USA, but found out as he is so young, it has to be done in the OR in a hospital. Assuming it would be considered under "vision", we didn't think Samaritan's Ministries would be able to cover it.
We were praying about what to do and after talking with the doctors and Samaritan's, we found out they do cover it as it is not a vision but medical surgery he needs.
What an unexpected answer to our prayers! So next week, Eliseo and I will be flying north and on January 26th, he will be having surgery on both of his eyes at the same hospital where little Samuel was born last year.
I'll be away from home a total of 10 days. For as thankful and excited as I am for Eliseo to Lord willing be able to see better, I think I'm equally homesick. I love to travel WITH my husband and children...I don't love it so much by myself. I will miss them so much...especially this little guy.
Samuel will be 10 months old tomorrow. He's got 2 bottom teeth, loves to grab anything and everything, has yet to sit up by himself, scoot or crawl, but oh if only you could hear him laugh. He loves to be in his walker, is just starting to eat something other than milk, and has just gotten to the point where he wants mommy! He'll go to anyone, but if he sees me, he'll reach out and try to do a nose dive towards my arms. :)
Oh, I have so much I so often want to share. The Lord is just so good; how good it is to grow in Him. How wonderful to have Him change our hearts! But I'm tired...again :) I get that way around 10 pm. It's really a wonderful feeling. Days full of work, school, play and lots of sweet fellowship...talking with my children, Daniel and I sharing our hearts with each other, sharing from God's Word with someone most every day who comes to our home or across our path...so much thirst. Jesus is the living water!
Thank you for praying...I cannot say that enough. God is so faithful and good!


  1. I always enjoy the updates on your precious family! May his surgery go wonderfully and don't forget to enjoy the one on one time with your precious little man!!

  2. hi Jaynee,

    Pray all goes well with the travelling and the eye op's. You are right he does have a great smile, as do all of your little ones.
    Blessings to you all
    Shelley p
    from over the pond

  3. What a sweetheart! We still see a cute little face with an eye like that every day, but thankfully, her glasses do the trick and she is slowly showing improvement.

    We'll be praying for your little man. And why, oh why, couldn't you have made that appointment in NY? I would have chauffered you and everything!

  4. What a cutie pie indeed. I remember all too well that surgery. Grace had to have two done. In fact her first surgery was there in Redding, CA. The first one did not "stick" but the second one did. Now Gianna has it. Glasses help but as soon as they come off, back that eye turns in. We've been to a zillion dr's since Garrett was little. But his watch able to be mostly fixed with patching. Thankfully. But the girls need more. We've done the vision training, which is funny because Opthamologists don't 'believe' in vision training. Weird how dr's vary in their beliefs of what works and what doesn't. Anyway, Grace had her surgery. Her eye no longer turns in but it does nothing for her vision. In fact I think her vision has gotten worse since the surgery. We're due for our next check up in Feb. to see if I'm right.

    Well I sure didn't mean to go on and on. Oh I'm sure your family will miss you so much. I wish I could come over and help while you were gone. Let the kids run and play together. Maybe even do laundry the old fashion way in the tub :-) Funny that kids think that's fun :-0 To some women it's a horrifying way to do laundry :-)

    Now I'm thinking I should have just emailed you all this :-p Oh will you be able to send out my names before you go? If not don't even worry about it~

    Continuing in prayer for you~


  5. We will be praying for your travles and for the surgery. Both of our daughters have problems with one of their eyes turning in. The problem was corrected in our oldest daughter with glasses. Our youngest daughter (4 years) is still wearing glasses, but they don't seem to be helping as much. So, we may be looking into surgery in the near future as well.

  6. I am so happy for you all that the surgery is being allowed. You will have so many praying for you and Eliseo. Pray his surgery goes quickly and perfectly. I pray for your Mama heart to be at peace as he is in surgery and the time you are away from your family will fly by oh sooooo quickly! Will be praying for little Samuels heart as well. That his siblings and daddy will fill that mommy space in his heart while you are away...only while you are away.

  7. Praying for travling mercies, and a fast and easy recovery with full success.

  8. I will be thinking and praying for you all. I so hope that he recovers quickly.

  9. When we lived overseas-those trips home were so important-and overwhelming. You can't take the baby with you? Blessings to you and Eliseo (and your husband and everyone else who will step in during your absence :)

  10. Wow, you are a brave Momma. I am sure it will be very hard to leave your babies especially your littlest. This will be a sweet time for your to have one-on-one time with yor little smiler. Has the surgeon in the States already met Eliseo or did you just call and send info? I was just wondering how you could set up a surgery in the States from Mexico.

  11. Jaynee, I had that surgery twice, once when I was Eliseo's age, and once when I was thirteen. Please feel free to email me at roomthreeseventeen at gmail dot com if you have any questions.

  12. Amy~ Oh, I would have LOVED to make that appt. in New York. But I'm getting excited just knowing that we need to report to our supporting churches next year and we do have one in your neck of the woods :)
    Cinnamon~ I am still trying to figure out how to get those attachments to you...I have a couple of ideas and time permitting, I'll try them in the next day or so. :)
    Diplofam- Oh, how I want to take little Samuel, but only 1 child under the age of 2 can ride for free on my lap and obviously Eliseo gets that spot. :( Daniel reminds me that I was in the hospital for 15 days when Eliseo was about Samuel's age and he lived...and so did I. :)
    Sj~ Yes, we have already had several appts. with Eliseo's doctor while we were up north with Samuel last year. We really like him, he knows us and Eliseo's situation, and so he was the one who set everything up for us through phone calls and emails.

  13. I'll be praying for you! Hope everything goes well - safe flights and the surgery goes OK.

  14. I'll be praying for all of you. A child under my supervision in foster care recently had a similar surgery and did great!

  15. Jaynee, Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions from your readers. When I was in the Philippines we faced a serious health concern with our baby and I always wondered how missionries could get back to the States for surgery and have it so quickly. So now I know. Thankfully, for us all worked out okay and she is healthy as can be. I was guessing that you were going with a still fly free baby. I know your arms will ache for the other one but it will go by quickly. What a sweet time to have with your baby Eliseo. MAybe he does not get to be the "baby" much. Blessings, Sj


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