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Monday, January 25, 2010

Only me??

(Disclaimer: In case you have noticed and increased amount of typos lately...I blame it on the keyboard :) ).
Awww...this is much more like it! I'm sitting here on the couch, typing, Eliseo playing trucks, my niece brushing my hair, my 3 yo nephew hanging from my hair, a baby watching me on the next couch over, and my sister in law home schooling her older ones in the dining room...feels like home :)
Thank you for your understanding sympathy, empathy, and for laughing or crying with me :) I feel so much better after reading all your comments and I am definitely going to take an umbrella stroller with me...as well as check everything I don't absolutely need with me on the plane. I'm a bit more nervous about the actual flight part as Eliseo will have had his surgery and I'm imagining him possibly being a bit fussier than normal. I'm considering buying a package of earplugs to give out for free to my fellow passengers. At least, Lord willing, by 2:50 pm Friday afternoon, it will be all over and I'll be home!
Eliseo has his pre-op appt. this afternoon with the doctor. I have a list of questions ready to ask him about the surgery, recovery, etc...
We appreciate your prayers so much. Surgery will be tomorrow morning and I'll be sure to let you all know how everything goes.
Since everyone seems to appreciate the predicaments I manage to get myself into, do you want to hear another one? This happened Friday afternoon.
My sister in law's parents so graciously loaned me a car while I'm here. They gave me a key to the car, but it didn't have a key chain...it was just a single key that worked for both the ignition and door. I had left my keys with Daniel as I had no need for them here. I was being so very careful with that single car key being sure to immediately put it into a special designated pocket in my purse so I wouldn't lose it.
Last week, I went to visit my sister who lives about 4 1/2 hours south of Redding. While there, I had stopped by a Walmart to pick up a couple of things. When I pulled the key out of the ignition, it slipped out of my hands and fell between the two front seat where the parking break was. I could see the key, but it had fallen too far back to reach it. I thought if I could just get the key forward a bit more, I might be able to fit my fingers in that opening and grab it.
So I went into the store and bought a package of wire hangers, untwisted one of them and proceeded to try to use it to bring the key forward a bit. The problem was I couldn't work with the hanger and see what I was doing at the same time. I had to look, then try to feel the key, and then look again to see how I was doing.
Suddenly, I no longer felt or heard the key. I went to look and now no longer saw the key. It was completely gone!
I didn't have a cell phone and had no idea what to do. So I have learned that the first thing I need to do is pray and to know God hears and to expect an answer. I felt like crying again...or laughing...I did both. Eliseo was due for a nap so he joined in the cries. Again, I was really, really, really missing my husband...although I could picture him giving me that look he always does and laughing at me like he does when I manage to get myself in situations like this...which happens quite often I'm afraid.
I got out of the car, looked around, and saw a group of 4 men big men chatting a few cars over. They looked like they might be able to help???? I dried my eyes, walked over to them with Eliseo and explained what had happened. They went over to my car to take a look. One of them ran over to his car and grabbed a few tools. They began removing the parking break cover and some other things. Eventually they had part of the passenger seat railing taken off.
After about 30 minutes, one of them said, "Okay, I think we can finally get it, but I'm going to need to place a small cut in the carpet." I told them to go ahead and about 45 minutes later, they were able to retrieve the key! I somehow managed to push the key way under the carpet between the parking break and passenger seat. They were not sure how I even managed to do that...neither was I...although I am not surprised.
They put everything back together for me, I thanked them and offered to give them at least a little something for their trouble. They wouldn't take anything and said it would just be what they would want someone to do for their wives.
I told Deb's dad what I did to his car...he was so sweet and said that with almost 200,000 miles on it, it was expected to have some wear and tear. I called and told Daniel...and he laughed and I could imagine exactly what his face looked like as he thought, "Only my wife!" :)


  1. I will be praying for a safe trip home and a successful surgery for little Eliseo. I'm glad things have settled down some for you!

    A brother in Christ

  2. Look at his sweet little expression. I wonder if you will miss his look. Sj

  3. Hi Mrs. Lockwood,

    Glad to hear things are going (relatively!) well for you here in the States. We'll be praying for Eliseo tomorrow with his surgery! I didn't glance at the comments on the post about your experiences flying, but I have heard that ear pressure is a common cause for children fussing on airplane flights. I'm sure you would have noticed if it was obvious that his ears were bothering him, and while I'm not a Doctor, I wonder if perhaps a decongestant might help at all?

    God bless you,

  4. Those things happen to me too. I tried to toss the keys to my oldest one time and missed him by a "mile". They landed in the second story gutter of our home. And of course, everyone had to go potty and none of my neighbors were home.
    I am glad that some folks helped you out. Praying for a smooth surgery...

  5. Wow! You do have some interesting experiences. :-) I hope things go better on your return flight. I'm also praying that Eliseo's surgery goes well.

    Anna M.

  6. That keyboard looks like mine!! My 2 year old has done the same thing multiple times. We have purchased 4 new keyboards for this laptop! I don't know how she gets the lid open, but she does!!

  7. Ha, ha ... wah, wah! Laughing or crying, you're so real -- I think it gives more credibility to your testimony!
    I consider myself a "technically challenged Mama" too!

    Blessings & prayers to you & yours. Praying for Eliseo's surgery.

  8. Ok, Jaynee...I must admit! I laughed at this one!! :) The Lord sure works in mysterious ways to have 4 men be right where you needed them to help. So glad they were helpful!! We will be praying for Eliseo tomorrow and you!!
    Blessings from Florida!
    Hawkins family

  9. I don't think it is unusual at all to get in such a predicament...what I find amazing is that some men actually were willing to help!!!
    My SIL was in a Wal-Mart parking lot with a flat tire (she was also very pregnant) and no one would help her! Praise the Lord these men were willing! They probably even found it a fun challenge.
    An umbrella stroller is a great idea or the plane ride. I know this may sound like an unfeeling suggestion, but you could ask the doctor about a mild sedative for Eliseo on the plane (???). Even if he doesn't sleep, it could make him calmer. I am NOT into drugging kids, but under unusual and stressful circumstances, I think it would be easier for them as well as the Mommy. :)

  10. How nice it must be to be settled in a home, with a car to drive around and only one child :-) I think it's much more challenging with one child than a multitude don't you?

    Who is the surgeon? We had a few dr's in that area for Grace way back when. Good ones mostly. I'll be praying for his recovery as I know the Lord has His surgery all taken care of :-)

    Glad you're in His care and still laughing :-)


  11. I laughed too because I have done exactly that when we first got married. We still laugh about it. I am praying for Eliseo's surgery and for the Drs. hands! Hang in there! :)

  12. LOL. Im just glad to meet someone that has things like this happen to them also. My husband often says that losing things must be my Spiritual Gift, because I do it so well. Will be praying for your sons surgery and a very peaceful trip home.

  13. My chiropractor had also suggested that I give Dimetapp (decongestant) to my little ones before flying.... it helps the pressure on the ears. It always seemed to help. I don't know if Eliseo still takes a bottle, but it would be good to let him suck upon take off which also helps the pressure on the ears. Hope your trip back is better than coming. Also, praying for Eliseo tomorrow.

  14. Ahhh. I will be praying today for the surgery. Don't worry too much about the trip home. Lilli had this same surgery and it really truely LOOKS worse than it feels. I remember clearing my big kids from the house for the day so I could focus on Lilli and her needs...turned out, she slept. Yep that was about the extent of it. However, I will pray for your return trip also.

    We are currently praying for a couple of Courtney's friends who will be heading over to see you on Spring Break. We will send some little goodies with them. Hans, Courtney and Jenna really wish they were going too. However, they have been given the opportunity to go to DC and NY with Hans parents and siblings. Maybe the next trip we will all come since all the big girls will be in High School and your beautiful family is about the only reason I will get on a plane.

    Praying for your sweet little boy!

  15. Alot of airports also have a cart you can rent for a dollar and take it to the gate with you. I know Oakland does and I think Sacramento does too! Might be worth the dollar to get from gate to gate if you don't want to church the luggage in.


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