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Friday, March 12, 2010

Today is Samuel's 1st Birthday!

S weet and precious baby boy whom we were not sure if we'd meet,
A lways excited each time we saw your heart on that monitor beat.
M y heart cried out day and night to our Father in heaven above,
U nderstanding and knowing that all He allows is because of His great love.
E leven siblings prayed each day for their brother and their mommy too,
L ittle voices praying with hardly a doubt...just hearing them, my faith grew.

T he night finally came, I shall never forget, you could no longer in me stay,
H olding your Daddy's hand so tight, Psalms 23 we did pray,
O nly silence and then the voice of the doctor full of surprise,
M iracle that they could not explain, the Lord had answered our cries!
A name we needed for our little boy, then suddenly it came,
S AMUEL means "God has heard", a testimony shared through his name.

L ittle by little, you began to grow, we spent hours each day by your side,
O unce by ounce, you reached four pounds, a few weeks more, you hit five.
C ounting the days until you could come home, on day 44 that day came,
K isses and hugs, tears of joy, our lives would never be the same.
W eeks passed, and then you got so sick, we watched you struggle with each breath,
O ur hearts so broken, praying day and night, you were so close to death.
O ur littlest son, for whom we have prayed, littlest brother to eleven,
D eclare each day through your life and name, the glory of our Father in Heaven.

Praising the Lord today for the great things He has done!
Thanking Him for giving us Samuel.
Remembering how near He was to us during all those uncertain days and the peace He gave.
Holding right now, my chubby, little baby boy, surrounded by children laughing and giddy with excitement as we plan a special celebration to thank the Lord for little Samuel.


  1. Lovely Jaynee :o) You poem made me cry and smile at the same time.

    I learn so much from you...I especially loved the words from a previous post about trading the good for the best. I needed that reminder!

    We continue topray for your health and safety.

    Love, Katie in Maryland

  2. What a special poem! Thank you for sharing!

    Happy Birthday Samuel!

    Anna M.

  3. That was awesome.

  4. What a special poem! Thank you for sharing!

    Happy Birthday Samuel!

    Anna M.

  5. Happy birthday, sweet little boy!

  6. Happy Birthday, Samuel! We prayed for you and now it's so good to see you healthy and strong!

  7. I doubt anyone will make it through that poem with dry eyes, if they have been reading your blog for more than a year! What a wonderful little miracle he is!
    Happy Birthday, Samuel!!

  8. What a sweet poem. God is so good. What a blessing and testimony of Gods grace and love!!! He is precious.Our Lord is faithful. Happy birthday to Samuel!!!


  9. What a priceless poem, Jaynee! So full of meaning for your little miracle. Happy Birthday to your Samuel!!

  10. Beautifully written....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMUEL !!!

  11. My goodness a year already the time has flown by. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

    I loved the poem you did with his letters it is beautiful.

  12. Happy birthday, Samuel!

    So glad you have the joy of seeing God's goodness in your little one every day!

  13. Happy Birthday Samuel and you're not pregnant Jaynee! Imagine that!

  14. What a WONDERFUL Post! I just found your site today, but will definately be stopping by more often!
    Jessica in WI

  15. That is so precious and I was walking down memory lane with you as I read it.

    What a blessing to have such a testimony in one little fella :-) God does hear!

    Happy Birthday hugs to you Samuel!


  16. Happy birthday, Samuel!

    God is so good, and memories are so precious!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    God bless you,
    Jillian ♥

    Please let Hna Meche and Neva know that we pray for them each day. ♥

  17. How can your dear baby be one already!? Our whole family was in the Philippines and we often gathered to pray watch for your updates. Even new Filipina Christians were praying for your Samuel (and you ) - the Lord is good. How merciful of Him to give you extra time at this stage in your life to baby your baby a little longer.

  18. Happy Birthday precious little Samuel!

  19. Wow...a Year? I can't believe it's been a year. I joined your blog not long before you had that precious little treasure. I hope he so enjoyed his special day! Praying showers of blessings on him and his family!

  20. Happy Birthday Samuel!
    Rachael Senecal

  21. Happy Birthday Sweet Samuel!!!!! :) You are SO loved and SO prayed for!!! We KNOW GOD has AMAZING Things planned for you . . . Blessings to you all :)
    misty in NC <3

  22. Happy first birthday Samuel!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! So thankful for the testimony the Lord has given little Samuel's life! May he be a mighty man of God and be victorious in Jesus all his days!!!

    Love you, Jaynee. I have not commented much but still read about ya!!!!

  24. awwww, my little March preemie's first birthday is Friday.


    I know exactly how estatic you are.


  25. just wanted to share with you my march preemie's birth story


    Thank God for our babies!


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