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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pastor's Conference...120+ in our home! PTL!

Before Daniel gives his report on the ministry, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the love, sweet notes, and especially for the prayers for me and our family this past week. The Lord is so very good and so faithful. Through the days and times of sadness, His Word was such a gentle, healing balm to my heart. Your prayers have been heard, and we thank the Lord for you.
Pastor's Conference
This past Monday and Tuesday we held a pastors conference here at our church, for the seven Independent Baptist churches in Baja South. Although we are a small group of churches we enjoyed a good time of fellowship, great pulpit pounding messages and good food.
On Monday the pastors arrived in their vans with people from their respective churches, and by 2:00 p.m. all but one of the pastors were here, and there were 87 people in our home. We all shared stories of the ministry, met the new recently converted people, and enjoyed lunch. After, a private pastor's meeting planning our future activities, we had an evening service from 5:00- 9:30. We ran routes for our people (from our church) and had over 120 in attendance. there was standing room only... people in each of the three windows looking in, people outside trying to hear and great hallelujah type singing. Our churches love singing the old hymns like dwelling in Beulah Land, and It Is Well With My Soul among many more.
Seeing our churches get together and fellowship, getting fired up amen'ing the preachers, getting excited about serving the Lord, makes us Pastors happy. It is blessing to see your people get on fire for the Lord, and to get excited about going out soul-winning. After the 4 hour service those from our church said they could have listened another hour or two, the time went by so fast. About 10:00 pm everybody went over to our house for a delicious dinner of Bistek con papas (meat and potatoes) and we all just had a great time of fellowship.
We had around 120 in our house!!! That night we housed 27 people for the night... besides us. We had 41 people sleeping in our house, it was great!! They slept in the kitchen, dinning room, living room, family room, the girls room and even in two of the vans parked outside. We thank the Lord that we have a house where we are able to recieve people and open it up to fellow believers. The next morning we had about 60 for breakfast and then continued the preaching and teaching services to finish the day with lunch at 2:00. Although, revival meetings and pastors conferences are readily available in the States, its not as common here in Baja South, so it was a shot in the arm for each and every participant.
I took a video of the house to give you an idea of what it was like (pictures and video at the bottom of the post); I hope you enjoy it.
May the Lord continue to work here in Baja California Sur.

Para nuestros Hermanos Mexicanos,
Conferencia de Pastores
Este Lunes y martes pasado tuvimos una conferencia de pastores en nuestra iglesia para las siete Iglesias Bautistas Independientes Fundamentales en Baja California Sur. Aunque somos un pequeños grupo de iglesias, disfrutamos buenísimo compañerismo, mensajes excelentes y comida rica.
En lunes los pastores llegaron en sus paneles con los hermanos de sus iglesias, y a las 2:00 PM de la tarde ya teníamos unos 87 personas en nuestra casa. Compartimos historias de los ministerios, conocimos los nuevos creyentes de las iglesias, y comimos. Después de una junta privada de los pastores planeando actividades futuras, tuvimos nuestro culto de las 5:00- a las 9:30. Hicimos las rutas para los hermanos de nuestra iglesia, y teníamos mas que 120 en asistencia. No había mas lugar,... había personas en las tres ventanas del templo, gente parada y afuera tratando de escuchar, y todos cantando tan bonito. Nuestras iglesias les gustan cantar los grandes himnos de la fe como Tengo Paz con Mi Dios, y Cristo dentro otros.
Viendo a nuestras iglesias reunirse, teniendo compañerismo, animándose y "amenando", calentándose para servir al Señor nos hace pastores contentos y alegres. Que bendición es a ver tu gente animarse para servir al Señor y para salir a ganar almas. Después del culto de 4 horas los hermanos de nuestra iglesia me compartieron que hubieron escuchado otras horas de predicación por que se les hizo tan rápido el tiempo a causa de las buenas predicaciones. Como las 10:00 todos fueron a nuestra casa a comer una rica comida de bistec ranchero con papas, y tuvimos gran compañerismo.
Tuvimos en nuestra casa como 120 personas!!! y aquella noche durmieron 27 personas en la casa no contando a nosotros. Éramos 41 personas en total, era maravilloso! Durmieron en la cocina, comedor, sala, la otra sala, hasta en dos paneles. Damos gracias a Dios que nos ha dado una casa donde podemos recibir hermanos y tener las puertas abiertas, es una grande bendición. En la mañana había como 60 para el desayuno, y después continuamos con los cultos de predicaciones y enseñanzas, y terminamos con una comida a las 2:00PM. Fue una gran bendición para todos
Tome un video para que vean el ambiente del momento. Que Dios les bendiga
Pastors and their Families

Jaynee and Hna. Sugey (Sugey lived and worked with us for several months when we first started in the ministry here...it was so good to see her again).

Attempting to get everyone together for a group picture :)

Pastor Garcia enjoying his posole

We were so thankful for our covered back patio which served as the eating area and gave us protection for the sun.

We spent lots of time gathered around the piano or a guitar and singing

We had various classes during the day covering topics such as soul winning, biblical music, teaching children, being a man or lady of God etc...

It was fun seeing all the vans parked in the empty lot next to our house. :)
Holding a class for the children in our back yard

It was so good for the pastors to be able to get together, encourage one another, and make plans for the year.

It was just a wonderful time of good preaching, fellowship and much fun!

And here's a quick video clip of how it looked inside the front of our home...there were just as many people outside! :) After everyone left, it felt to lonely and quiet...We normally don't feel that way with 12 children! :)


  1. You have my heart stirring,I loved this whole web. you are a blessing to this old lady. The Lord is still working and blessing us. You are a super women to be able to do all you do with your family.The Lord has blessed you with beautiful children, and all healthy.And seeing people get saved and grow in the Lord is thrilling .see you again. Love In Christ Jean Shaw.

  2. What a wonderful time! Eveyrone eagerly listening, visiting and enjoying hearing the Word of God preached!!

    I love that you opened your home and didn't say "oh no we don't have enough room" How the Lord uses a willing heart :-)

    Bless you Jaynee and Daniel! What a testimony to your children!!


  3. So fun to read your updates. I have been thinking and praying for you often lately. I really hope your heart is full of peace from the Lord. He is so merciful and faithful.

    Hey, we are going to the Maxwell conference tonight and tomorrow and I thought of you as I know you know them. I am gonna tell them I "know" you from blogging.

    Take care in Mexico. Prayers and love.


  4. I, especially, loved seeing the pictures and the video. Looks like you all had a blessed time. I pray that the encouragement and charge you got from everyone being together lasts through to the next time you all get to meet again.

    Mary Beth


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