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Friday, August 27, 2010


I just thought it would be fun to take you along with us on our morning trip to the tortilleria...the place where they make and we buy fresh, hot, corn and flour tortillas.
Depending on the meal, usually 1 1/2 to 2 kilos of corn tortillas is what we buy for our family. A kilo (about 2.2 lbs) of corn tortillas costs 12 pesos (about a dollar) and a kilo of flour costs 25 pesos (about $2). We usually buy corn and make flour at home simply because Daddy likes home made flour tortillas much better than the ones from the tortilleria. Since my tortillas usually turn out looking more like maps or shoes than nice and round, I prefer to buy them :) But usually I can get a neighbor or lady from church to help me roll them out...well, maybe they do most of the rolling and I help cook :)
So here are a few quick shots of one of our trips to the tortilleria...
The shops open about 5 in the morning so we can always buy fresh corn tortillas to eat with our breakfast...beans, eggs, salsa and corn tortillas....mmmmm!!! Remember, our house is your house and if you want to come visit, we'll have a plate for you too :)

Here is a shot of the hot corn tortillas coming in off the line.
This lady is the one who weighs and wraps the tortillas up for us to take home. She is amazing! I took a quick video to show you how fast she can wrap. The children love to watch her and she always gives them a fresh tortilla to eat while we are waiting. :)

Careful, they are hot! :)
Today, we bought a few flour ones too.
I probably should have put this picture first, but once I upload them, I don't know how to move them around! Here is the outside of the shop...there are several shops in town, but this one is just a few blocks from our house. We can walk there if we want.

And right before we got home, we stopped at the store right down our street to buy some chilis to make the salsa. This is where we buy most of our groceries each week.

And here's the video clip! :) Hope you enjoyed our little tour!


  1. that was so fun! Boy that lady sure is fast!:)

  2. I for one loved the tour. Thank you for the glimpse.

  3. AHHHHHHHHH there is nothing better than fresh flour and corn tortillas. What a treat to be able to buy them daily :)

  4. Wow that lady is quick!! I had to laugh at the assembly of children though. That totally looks like our home. We have one flipping the tortillas, three of us making them into little balls to rise for 10 minutes and 2 or 3 of us rolling them out. We use a cast iron skillet as we like them cooked best that way.

    They are super yummy!! We love to make them and share them with our neighbors~

    Glad to see all the fun you are having!!


  5. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into life in Mexico! I noticed that the people handling the tortillas weren't wearing gloves! I guess being from the US we forget that many countries don't have the same hygiene standards as we do!! Thank you again for posting this post - I really liked it...

  6. loved the tour and the video...especially hearing the little voices in the background...something about sound makes you feel closer!

  7. Yumm! How fun to be able to get really fresh tortillas whenever you want them! What a great family outing. Have a wonderful day.

    San Diego, CA

  8. Loved the tour. We have a popular bumpersticker around here about eating local because it is so fresh. Boy! YOu all really eat local.

  9. Wow!! She is fast!!

    Thanks for the tour!!

    Would you mind sharing your recipe for salsa? I would love a great one.

    I also wanted to ask you a question, I hope its not too personal and that I don't upset you but I was wondering with such a large family do you garden at all or do any canning? I just wondered because I know for me how high groceries are and its hard for me and I am only a family of 5. I am just curious. Thanks so much for blogging and sharing, I do really like to read your blog!!!


  10. Loved the post! I find it so interesting just to hear how you go about your daily life in a different country with so many children!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Merran (in Australia)

  11. Neat! Thanks for sharing! I've been tempted to try to make our own tortillas for a while, and now I'm feeling motivated by your post. Personally, I could eat quesadillas all day every day, yum!

    The Wilsons in VA

  12. How fun. I wanted to tell you that we bought our enclosed trailer and have the shevles in. If you want to check out my blog I posted a bunch of pictures.
    We may have a chance to go to Belize with some friends who own property there. I was thinking it might be close enough to you to actually come for a visit. Are you a long way from Belize?

  13. That brings back memories! I do miss lose corn tortillas. The ones here just don't compare!


  14. $2 for a kilo! I'm so jealous! :) Tortillas aren't very popular here in New Zealand so to buy them from the supermarket we pay $4 for 10! I usually make them at home. Mine never turn out round either. :)


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