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Monday, November 22, 2010

Things to Remember

*This is what happens when I begin to feel proud of myself for having everyone all ready for church extra

*I think I have as many dishes scattered throughout my back yard at any given time than most people have in their kitchen.

*I'm thinking of making a mock pumpkin pie out of pinto beans for Thanksgiving.
Does that sound strange?  I really want to try it.  The children are excited about it.  Daniel says it sounds weird.  

*Last night, Timothy was playing the piano.  He reached into the piano bench and pulled out a crushed half-empty air freshener bottle and cried, "Bingo!" 
Benjamin then came running into the room with great excitement and grabbed the bottle and ran.
I might think this was odd, if it wasn't for the fact that I live here.

*Elijah likes to play classical music.
Apparently his siblings appreciate it too...in their own way.
Does anyone else have children who seem to get an extra dose of energy right after bath time?
Canon in D by Beka-bel, Benja-bel, and Abi-bel


  1. Oh, my, it all looks so familiar that I'm worried. The funniest part to me was Josiah's pants in the video. Matthew (5) is going through a stage where he wants his waistband pulled up high and it's driving us all crazy. :)

    Try that pie! With the right spices, it will probably be similar enough to taste good, and maybe it will satisfy your craving. And see? All those years you connected cravings to pregnancies - sometimes it's just for memory's sake or some other emotional reason. You'll be disappointed if you don't at least make an attempt at it.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your "special" family. ;)

    Much love, Amy

  2. Haha. I can so relate! The dishes in the backyard. All over the house, in the vehicles! Everywhere! About getting everyone ready for church; I have gotten everyone there on time once when my husband was out of town and feeling pretty proud until my toddler did a somersault in the foyer and I noticed she didn't have any underwear on. Good thing I had a baby in tow as well because I squeezed a diaper on her bum. Many moments such as these as I raise my children.

  3. I love your kids :o) They make me smile!

    Katie in Maryland

  4. Oh, Amy, can you imagine both our families together? No, don't do that...you are about to have a baby and need to think peaceful thoughts ;)
    Mommyx12...that made me laugh! I've had Nehemiah go to church without underwear, but he's a boy and doesn't wear a dress. Good thinking with the diaper!
    Thank you, Katie. I got your letter, btw, the other day. It was so sweet and made my week!

  5. So fun...thanks for sharing...I'm grinning ear to ear :)

  6. Oh wow, the Canon in D and the monkey's ransom note in a previous post are great! I loved the laugh! And I love knowing that my house isn't the only one where weird things happen. :)
    I say GO FOR IT on the pinto-pie! You never know! Let us know if you try it and how it comes out.

  7. I can see the sillys have invaded the Lockwood home :-) What a blessing to have joy, joy, joy abounding, accompanied by great music too :-)

    Not sure I'd try that pie. More likely, I'd beg someone in the states to send some along with whip cream. You cannot have pumpkin pie without whip cream. Or can you get that there?


  8. Jaynee, I seem to remember you having your own special routines as a child. "Walking the Dog."

  9. Dear Anonymous Sister, Yes, while they look like their Daddy, they definitely take after their Mommy in many ways :-) I still know the Walking the Dog routine...I think I can do it even better now than I did then. But I will NOT post a video of that! :)

    Cinnamon, I think I'm going to go for it...unless you offer to come over and bring me a pumpkin pie! Of course, I'd be SOOOO excited to see you that I would probably forget to eat the pie. Yes, we can get whipping cream to whip up in the bigger city. I hope they have it in stock! I told Daniel tonight that we have to go on a "shopping date" tomorrow to get what we need for our Thanksgiving meal. I'm thinking of you, dear friend, especially during the holidays.

  10. Yes! My kids just got out of shower and it was hard to track them down just to put some clothes on them. LOL. So cute.

  11. Jaynee, You can't talk about that pie without a recipe!!!!! I've got to try that one! My husband's opinion will probably be the same as your's, lol, but he will be a good sport and try it! I won't do it for Thanksgiving, though. The inlaws are coming, and I just don't think that pinto bean pie go over very well!

    I loved your first pic. It looks just like something that my little guy would do. =)


  12. LOVED it!!!Thanks for sharing the video...made me chuckel...my children will laugh too when I show them!

  13. They are so cute and so funny!

  14. Your family is such a blessing!

  15. I'd like to know if the pie turned out! But I wondered if you have carrots in your area, I think cooked strained carrots would work well too. ~Tiffany Rupp~

  16. I love Canon in D and your kiddos are too fun!! :)

  17. Rereading this post just cracks me up:):) Again:):) The dishes comment...oh my... sounds like my house! and the "bingo" yes that too! Nice to see a home overflowing with joy and a good dose of crazyness too!


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