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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Week in Pictures

Remembering Thanksgiving Week 2010:
Working on Christmas Gifts...Sshhhh...Don't tell, 'kay? :)

There's just something about when I have all their plates dished out for lunch that I just love...It reminds me of how very blessed I am.

Our neighbors gave us a new friend.  He was half starved and alone.  So we've been loving and nursing him back to health.
BTW, I'm talking about the kitten, not Josiah :) 

Daniel took me into the city the other night to see if we could find a turkey (which we did!).  I went off to shop while Daniel waited for me.  When I met him at the check stand, I had 2 bags of donuts.  I said, "You can't pass up donuts when they are marked down 2 for the price of one."  He replied, "Well, actually you can, but you shouldn't. " :)  So the children had a surprise breakfast awaiting them Wednesday morning. 

Here's our little new friend again :)

I started baking for Thanksgiving the night before.  Susannah was sick with a cold/fever, so the older boys went to church with Daniel while the girls and little ones stayed home with Mommy.  I had lots of helpers :)
I let the littlest guys help before it was their bedtime :)

See my recipes?  :)  They are all "tabbed" above in my browser.  I used our traditional favorites as well as tried a couple of new ones this year. 

Nehemiah and Mommy working on making pie crusts. 

Rule 1: The more of the mess, the more fun you've had and the better it tastes :)

After the little guys went to bed, the girls took over helping.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning, we have home made cinnamon rolls with hot tea for breakfast!  They are soooo good, filling, and tie everyone over until the holiday meal is served.

Abigail kneading the dough for the dinner rolls.

Breakfast Thanksgiving morning.
Have I ever told you how very thankful I am for all who sit around my table and the man who leads us all?

It was cold this morning!  The boys found a way to warm their noses :)  It's kind-of hard to eat like that though. :)

Helping Daddy put some CD's on the computer :)

These rolls were SOOOOOO good!  And we had lots of fun making them!

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition...making turkeys out of apples with toothpicks, raisins, and mini-marshmallows! :)

When Eliseo was through, he had an apple full of toothpicks with only 2 marshmallows on it.  I think he ate the rest :)

Sweet Susannah was sick most of the day :(, but even she got up for a few minutes to work on her apple turkey :)

And I didn't get one picture of our actual meal!  How did I miss that?  Too busy eating, I guess :)  Afterwards, we played a family game of kickball...another tradition.  
When we came back inside the house, it had just gotten dark and we lost power for about an hour.  So we lit candles and sat together around the living room.  We sang and each shared what they were thankful for this year.  What could have been seen as an inconvenience ended up being such a special ending to our day.
The lights finally came back on and it was time for dessert (since we never have enough room to eat dessert after our meal...kickball helps take care of that problem :) ).
I hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
I am so thankful for all our friends who bless and encourages us so much through their love, prayers, and notes.
God is so faithful and so good!

James 1:17-  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above... 


  1. Wow, looks like you had a wonderful day. One quick question - where did you get that loom your daughter was using to knit?

  2. God Bless in every way. Thank you so much for your dedication.

  3. We bought the knitting boards right here at a little store in our town. They are commonly used here to make scarves and you can buy larger ones to make shawls or round ones to make hats. A lady in our church taught us all how to make scarves last year and it's been a fun hobby ever since! :)

  4. what wonderful smiling, happy children! Loved your update and how you shared your day with us. Happy thanks giving!

  5. Cute kitten!
    Looks like you have a smear on your camera lens. Spray it off with the electronic cleaner that comes in the spray cans to get all the particles off, then clean with a special rag. You can get ones that have cleaning solution on them.
    Keep up the great pictures!

  6. What a beautiful family you have - you look like you are full to overflowing with joy and fun. What a blessing to have so many children to love and raise for Him.
    The Lord bless you and yours.

  7. So funny--the little coincidences that happen!

    We too, had a full and happy day with family. When we got home, we discovered a storm had knocked out our power as well. (longer than an hour though! It didn't come back on til 1:30 am!) We also sang and shared blessings, talked and I read aloud to all the children and daddy. Such a nice ending to our day. Then we all rearranged sleeping quarters so that everyone had a person to sleep with so they'd be warmer. Then off to bed we all went, full tummies, warm beds, and happy hearts!

    (by the way, thank you for your wise counsel earlier this fall. I believe I've finally straightened out my beliefs and am living in victory! Praise God for salvation, full and FREE!)

    Love Samantha

  8. Did you make the faux pumpkin pie?


  9. Cathy, I knew someone would ask! :) I didn't make it; I couldn't find nutmeg. I still want to try it and am hoping to stock up on some spices that I can't get here when we go north next month to pick up the Christmas boxes. I'll probably buy some real pumpkin then too ;), but I still want to try that pie! I think I won't even tell Daniel when I make it and see what he says :)

  10. I have to ask, what was for lunch? I can't work it out! (The bowls all lined up on the counter).
    Merran in Australia

  11. Merran, Chicken and Spanish Rice Soup with Corn Tortillas :)

  12. Would you mind sharing your pie & cinnamon roll recipes? They look so yummy!

    Looks [and sounds] like it was a wonderful Thanksiving for y'all! I hope Susannah is feeling much better.

    Have you named the kitten? :)

  13. Jenny, I got the Pie Crust recipe (which I use for all my pie crusts), the Cinnamon Roll Recipe and the Scrumptious Apple Pie recipe from The Pioneer Woman Website.
    Susannah is doing better :) Nehemiah was sick yesterday, but is up and around today.
    We children named the kitten "Blackie"...very original, huh? :)

  14. I'm sort of reading back on older posts again here and there....it motivates me to do a good job at my job as a mother:):):) You are such an inspiration!! I know you have hard days....so this comment is not one of those to ask you if you ever have any of those.:) I'm just enjoying the snippets of your simple life that you share with us! The faith, love and dedication to your family really shines through.


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