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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eight Down

UPDATE:  Make that nine down :)  Samuel woke up with spots this morning and has been in my lap or arms or by my side all day.

What a week!  Whew... I am tired!!  So thankful that I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me!  And that His strength is made perfect in my weakness.  
  The last few days I've been in "survival mode"...just finding time to make meals and do laundry has been a challenge.  Timothy, Elijah, and Abigail, who are still "pock free" have been tremendous helps!  The boys have carried out the brunt of all the chores around here and Abi has been helping me as "nurse".  
But through all the work and trying to get everyone comfortable and everything necessary still done, there have been memories made and I am so thankful for the blessings that have come because 8 children have chicken pox! :)

I have all the sickies based out in the boys room.  There are 7 beds in there and having them all in one room together has worked well.  They keep each other company, I can keep just that room cool if they'd like, I can serve them all their meals in there, and Timothy helped me set up the computer on the tall dresser.  Some have been too sick to do much of anything, so they've enjoyed listening to Story Hour cds, music, watching the Duggar family shows, and listening to the Bible (blueletterbible.org).  They've all enjoyed hearing the Bible read and I have loved hearing God's Word so often throughout the day as I've been doing housework/tending to the children.  Today, in just the time that Daddy and the well ones were at morning church, we listened to the book of John, Acts, and Titus.  This afternoon, we got through most of I Corinthians, too!  
Yesterday, we heard Matthew.  I always learn so much and find so much to meditate on as I hear those wonderful words of life!  I think this will be something we will incorporate on a daily basis even after everyone is feeling better.  
Beka and Isaiah each received letters from a new pen pal this week and felt well enough today to write them back.  The day after my birthday, some of the children made a big banner to hang in our dining room along side Daddy's father's day banner.  I've been reading books to some and played Uno with those who felt well enough to come over to my bed.  
Much time has been spent giving baths and making sure everyone gets fresh, clean sheets and pj's each day as needed.  With the summer heat and fevers, we've been going through gallons of cold drinks each day.  I've had to clean more than  few spills. :)  
Eliseo is so cute.  Some of the children are just covered head to toe in spots and he'll see one of them and call out, "Mommy!  Rebekah has a pock!"   :)
I have asked most of the children if they want me to connect the dots on their back to see what picture it will make.  So far, nobody has agreed ;)

We have several "groups" around here today...the older ones who haven't gotten sick, the little ones who are not sick, the ones who feel really miserable, the ones who are feeling just better enough to be whiny/clingy/grumpy, and those who are mostly feeling better and getting back to "normal".
Timothy, Elijah, Abigail, and Samuel are the four that have yet to get it.  Eliseo's mostly over his and keeping Samuel company all day.
I've been making multiple meals/snacks throughout the day.  The well ones are hungry and want normal food, the sick ones aren't quite up to that.  Tonight, I made up a few dozen cinnamon/sugar doughnuts that I think everyone will be happy with for supper. :)

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.
Samuel who was standing right in front of me the entire time I was taking pictures shouting, "Cheese!" :)
Sweet Isaiah has so many on his face.  He's felt so miserable, but never complains!
This is Nehemiah right after I told him that I think I found a few spots on his back.  He was excited.  He's strange.  He takes after his mother.  Today he is covered with spots.
Susannah looks pitiful but hasn't seem to feel too bad.
I know it's blurry, but I LOVED this shot.  Eliseo was pushing Samuel on the swing and they were both laughing so much.
Noah wanted me to take a picture of his back because, "Mommy, I NEVER get to see my back very good...can you take a picture of it?  Wow!  it looks like my face and tummy :)"

Benjamin's feeling much better...he didn't get many spots.  Beka got up for the first time today, so I think she's on the mend.  
Thank you so much for praying for them!  
And thank you for all the birthday comments/emails.  It was a wonderful day!  I can't wait to have another birthday  :) Hna. Meche came over after the children were in bed for the night and stayed with them a couple hours while Daniel took me out for a chicken sandwich and a shared Mocha.  Mmmm!  And just being with my children and hearing them say "Happy Birthday, Mommy!"  makes me feel so very blessed!
And when everyone is better, we'll have some birthday banana splits!  :)

God is so good!


  1. Jaynee, Boy I was tired just reading your post. You have been busy. I loved all the smiling faces and pictures of your sweet kiddos.

    Wish I had something more encouraging to say but I'm pooped tonight and I think my brain stopped working about 1/2 hr ago :-)

    hugs sweet friend~ Cinnamon

  2. Happy Birthday Jaynee!!! Oh, poor little things. I feel so bad they have been feeling so badly. You are doing a good job and memories are being made for sure!!! You will be of so much help to your children when they are walking through the same things you did! :) I wish I could bring a big huge meal to help you guys!!!! Take care.


  3. WOW, I have been reading your posts and thought of how it would be for our little ones to come down with it...then last night I got a call that it just started in a family from church, and other families are trying to expose theirs!!! ahhh!!!! =/ hope you all are on the mend soon! --mandy

  4. Poor little ones, those things don't look very comfortable. But on the bright side - you only get chicken pox once! After this they won't have to think about chicken pox again - at least not till they have children of their own!

    I just wanted to let Timothy and Elijah know that Eric received the Awana Clubber of the Year award for his group (5th grade boys) and we are so thankful to God for all the progress Eric made this year and for your boys who graciously helped him with his assignment. I love how God puts loving people in our paths even when they're thousands of miles away! Thank you all again, you're such a blessing!

  5. I hope everyone is all better soon. Do your children ever frown? YOU all most have the happy gene.

  6. Cinnamon, Hope you are feeling more rested today.

    Arlene, please tell Eric that we are so happy for him! May the scriptures he's learned continue to take root and grow in his tender heart.

    Dawn, Oh, they certainly do have times of fussing/grumpiness. They love having their pictures taken and easily smile for the camera. :) Overall, they are very happy...they keep me laughing most all day long :)

  7. Ah, this too shall pass. Hang in there.

    My children love to listen to the Bible too. I am amazed by that, but so thankful.

  8. Hi again, I visited the site blueletterbible.org so that I could play the Bible for my children but could not figure out how to do it. Can we listen on computer or do I need an I-phone/pad?

  9. OH, what memories those pictures bring back. We have pictures like that of our kiddos, too. I tucked them in between their scrapbook pages to keep them safe but not let them be seen by casual readers. Some of them were pretty nasty.
    Praying for you and hoping that all is over and done with soon.

  10. They have a daily Bible reading program that I subscribed to (it's free). It tells you what your days reading is and then gives you the option to listen to it too. I'm not sure if there is another way to get to that feature or not. :)

  11. Sorry your kids have been sick. Something to try for fun. Pour calmine lotion in a bowl and get out the paint brushes and have the kids paint their pocks. take care.

  12. Hopw your kids get better soon!! :)

    Just wanted to ask something to Chad and Jessicas family! :)

    I loved reading your blog! I totally understand that you did it personal! But I was wondering if maube could get an invite? I love the things you stand for.

    From cathrine.

    My e mail is. Cathy_loves_jesus@hotmail.com

  13. Catherine~

    Jaynee was so sweet to email me and share your comment. I did stop blogging for now. I am not doing private at the moment either- so sorry!! :) Thanks for checking on me. May the Lord bless you.


  14. Thinking and praying for you from Australia. Xoxo

  15. Hi Jaynee! I haven't been by in a while, but I haven't forgotten you, friend. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!

    So sorry about all the sickness. I pray many blessings for your family.

    With much love!

  16. God Bless you too Jessica and Jaynee and your beautiful families too! :)

  17. Jaynee,
    I have enjoyed "meeting" your large family. God sure has been good to you! Happy late birthday. I hope you are getting some rest in between all the kids with chicken pox. I've looked at your furlough schedule and I might be able to come to one of your meetings in TX. would love to meet you someday. God bless,

  18. 'Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Continuing praying for you all.

    ~Rebecca, Mama to 10 little ones in Alberta, Canada.


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